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TROM: 2A-A - Requirements - Documents (2.0)

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[ Documents / Educational System / Work ] Ever since you were born, without your knowledge, others put you into the monetary system. Birth certificate, name, then ID, and so on. All are written papers, (mostly) on a computer, and printed through a device. What is seen on those papers is called language, which we will discuss later. You need to be aware that those are just papers with some marks on them. No such paper, document, receipt, voucher, etc, have any actual value... all value lies in imagination. If you accept an ID to be your identity, it will be. Speaking of names, your name is chosen by others, and is another line of marks, in the form of language. You are also limited with your choice of a name, because you can use only a certain number of letters, or groups. These letters will be converted into sounds, and you will recognize yourself through them, the same goes for others. Personalized sounds, for individuals, that can be changed by different procedures at different stages of life. Many people have the same name, so they aren’t actually personal. So, we know the reality about names. They represent a group of letters (marks) through which you identify yourself, and the documents have no value if you do not assign it. In fact, paper containing such marks, is as valuable as a marriage certificate, or any other document accepted by the monetary system. The scary part is that the system is based on these papers, and they can be "falsified" easily. Because of this you can suffer, severely. This is an ordinary suburban house, and this is the owner of the property, Mrs. E. Hornstein. About to let herself in after a day at work. She doesn't realize she's about to become a victim of crime. The hustlers were about to steal something very valuable from her. No, is not her car or her cash... They're going to steal her identity! This is the "I.D. theft hustle" ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in this country, and globally. In general what happens is the hustlers get hold of basic bits of information about you. They may get part of your credit card, they may get your national insurance number... ...anything they can find. Then they use this information to obtain credit. I get loans, credit cards, all in your name. Now when I say credit, you've got to think about debt, because basically they're mounting debt that you will be responsable for. The hustlers have collected application forms for loans, credit cards and refined companies. They are furiously applying for credit, and this is honed in his name. But how do we get details to fill in the forms? Two nights previously our hustler Paul had an ambivalent task, to bin rummaging. Under the cover of darkness, Paul finds the alley behind the mark's house where rubbish is thrown. Having retreived the binbags, he starts to perform his dirty deed.. He looks for any discarded documents he could use for I.D. theft And Bingo! It looks like he's hit ?. Two of Mrs Homstein utility bills have been discarded amongst the rubbish Which as experts will tell you, is a common way to lose out to I.D. fraud! One of the ? that the criminals use to get hold of this information is to get through your bins. It's not at epidemic levels we want you to think that everyday someone is going through your bins, but it could happen. If you put any bills, any personal details in your dustbin, there are people going around late at night taking your rubbish away After sending the forms off and waiting two weeks, our hastlers have now received three credit cards with a total credit limit of 10,000£; in the mark's name Mrs Homstein. Rather than spending all this money, fraudulently ruining the mark's credit rating Alex and Jess are on their way to confront Mrs Homstein, to demonstrate how shocking this crime really is. They have packed a purse with receits, documents and the credit card obtained in her name. At the mark's address our hidden cameras watch the action -Hello -Hi,hey you are Mrs Homstein, i just found your wallet outsides It is ? Isn't that your wallet ? Ah .. It's my name , but it's not my stuff . We just found it on the floor outside .. Oh my God ! Somebody 's .. Ohh .. This is so my name ... - But it's not your credit card ? - They're not mine .. - In fact ..- How strange ! Mrs Homstein .. To be honest with you , we didn't just find it .. We actually made it . What ?! Well.. We also made this .. This is a loan , taken out in your name , for 10,000£ . It's been accepted. - You've made this? - Yeah ..- Why have u done that then? Can I get a jump ? - Come on inside ! - That's alright .. we'll wait for you here . I'll show you exactly how we've made things . We used these , that we found in your bin . Password , your name , your address , This is another, credit card bill , That's my sloppiness , doing that - I throw everything away - Bank statement as well . Why is he throwing this stuff around . So from that , we were able to get credit..-Three credit cards ? 10.000£ -Frightening isn't it ? -It's terrifying ! At least Mrs Homstein didn't actually lose her money to our hastlers. Which is more than can be said for many victims of this worrying crime ?Cause I refuse to use credit , so I rather see an end, to find out why? And they send me a long list, and against variations of my name on my old place Where I lived before, previously. There was about 5000-6000£ worth of debt. Cause these people that moved into my flat, had actually used my name to open up different accounts . Opened up , ??? account , Avon account , Gratins , Freemans all the electrical places and that's how she's got about 5000-6000 £ worth of goods, onto my name. But I felt like a criminal When this ??? came in you know...You've been refuse credit, sort of thing I thought why ? I knew I wasn't in debt. In the past you may have noticed , that we've been quite eager to accept checks from people that we hustled . And there is a reason for that. A check once written , is as good as cash But to a bunch of hustles , it can be a lot more than that . I don't write checks , because every time you write a check you leave an auto trail On the check is your name and address , your phone number your bank's name and address, your signature , your account number your routing number That alone is enough for me to draft on your bank account . There are many ways a hustle can misuse a check . And throughout the past year , ours were happy to help by handling over a pen . These ladies gave Alex a check for a deposit on a flat that was never up for lease. This man payed for some old brick ??? that he thought it was genuine game show ???? And of course at the start of the show , These customers came to Alexis fake ? innocently wanting to pay for their Christmas shopping. All these people thought they would safe paying by check And usually they would be Except they made the mistake For signing with a hustler's pen . Now what I have here is one of the checks that we've got It's for 50£ may payable to Mr Ian Steel . Ok this is been written with our pen. So if I take our pen , which is got an eraser on the top of it Which we took out when we did the scam . If I use that eraser I can basically get all the information out And the only thing of course I am gonna leave there Is the signature. And now I can use Use a real pen. Pay Alexis Conran , me, 500£ And now I have this [ Alternative Solutions : ] Individuals must be kept track of in a system, to report on environmental capacity, to have a medical record, an identity in that group. But this falsehood must be separated from reality, to be accepted as a status agreement identity. Your identity will not be present in front of others, only Software, which will keep track of everything for your benefit. This identity will not be mistaken for you, just an identity inside Software, for your health, and a record of individuals in the system. This will work towards earth’s carrying capacity, to support X number of individuals. or of a guy's name that ? need, it doesn't tell you a thing! Jaque Fresco, the JACQUE, this doesn't stand for anything! So if these letters stood for areas of interest, do you know what i mean? ?, Chemistry Symbols, new symbols.. You have a new name, symbol 34D;whatever it is, that will tell you what the person is like instead of you saying "Where do you come from","Where were you born?" "What are your major areas of interest", that name will tell you that. "I'm an aeronautical engineer". You know what that means "I'm an aerodynamist","I'm a Chemist",you know what that means.. So if a guy comes and says :"I'm a Chemist,and i'm D4". That tells you a lot! If a guys says :"Well, i'm just a painter and i paint... whatever i feel like painting", well, that doesn't tell you very much about the person! So I would say the names of people will tell you all about them in the future. Otherwise it becomes cumbersome. If you want to manage the Earth inteligently "You can't go on inventing latin names for flower that's 3ft long" No, kinda? feels good cause he composes it of latin symbol, in Medicine they add that too! It's amazing how the imagination can grasp the individual of the human species; how pieces of paper, with some marks on them, can compel, force, excite or scare a human being...

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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