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Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 19:15-19:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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I will embellish them later. ― This is white. ― Well, you can do what you want here. ― Red. I like the color. You can draw now. Whose is this? It’s mine. Here you are. Are you sick? Are you done? Wait, wait. Zhanna. Look here. ― Zhanna, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? ― Yes. ― Are you done? ― Yes. What else can I draw, if I do it this way? Please decorate it, OK? They are yours. This is. That’s all. Well. Sit. Will you show? Nice. Nadya, look, Zhanna drew it. Look, I drew it. Look, he is doing it worse! ― Give me! ― Here! Don’t touch! ― They made it for me. ― Here. Decorate it, OK? And do it nicely. Mommy, I will open. Mom! Now they will to us, they will say… Hello, mommy! Mom, mom! ― Mom, come here, look! ― What is this? It is mine! Lena decorated it. ― Zhanna, hello. How are you? Did you miss your mother? ― Yes. ― Oh, sweetie. Hello, Romochka! Let’s go home. Did you take the shaver? ― Yes, so what, do you need it? ― Yes? ― Mom, come here please. ― What, Zhanna? ― Come here, please. ― Gulshat? ― Hello! ― Gulshat! ― Yes, Kairat, let me come to Zhanna. ― Oh, who built it? ― Us and Ilyas. ― Oh! What is this? Is this the Eiffel tower? Who built it? What did you do here? Who draw it? Lena. You should paint it now. The color pencils are there, on the window. On the window. Ilyas, how are your lessons? Is everything good? ― Well, Zhanna, sit here. ― She can sit on my place. I want here. OK, draw. How are you? Are you spending your time well? Oh, Ilyas! Attaboy! Good boy! We got money. Now, it is going to be two hundreds. To you two hundreds and to her? For the teacher… For cards for the teachers and a hundred and fifty to you for teacher’s day. Zhanna, will you write at the office? Yes. Write, let me find the key. Zhanna! What? Come, write at the table. I'll draw very quickly in my room for her. But now…. Oh, great, and decorate it. Let’s go. Oh, beautiful. ― Pink is your favorite color, isn’t it? ― Yes, it is. Let’s, write it quickly! Write it quickly! It is awesome! Zhanna, good girl! Look, do not paint the circles. Do you see? ― I am not painting. ― What did you do here? Here, here, here, here, here. I do not have white. Leave it like it is now. Here, look, paint with yellow. Where? Now do one dot here. Paint it with yellow. And here all petals. Draw this with pink. ― Pink? ― I will leave the colors to you here. Do it with orange. Like this. Small. These. Small ones are these, big ones are these. Put only white here, OK? OK. Ilyas! Ilyas! Ilyas! Ilyas! Ilyas! Ilyas! ― What? ― Come here. For one minute. Lena! So, here is… Lena! Are you all there? What color should I paint the nose? The nose? ― Black. Where is your black? ― Here! Here, all the colors that are needed. Look. ― That? ― That is here. I do not have black right now. You might have. Yes, you do have black. Paint it like this, OK? I'll paint it with this. What colors are here already? Paint it with this. Yes. What are these? Oh, ears. These are not ears. I know. These are ears. ― Where is the second ear? ― Wait, do you have a pencil? Regular pencil, Zhanna? Regular pencil. Yes. Maybe. Are you done? ― Wait. ― Here you are, look. Draw it this way. Gradually. ― Well. ― Yes. Well. And this way. And this way. These should be this way. Flowers, flowers, as you want. Yeah, here as you want. This can be… Wait. Let’s do white. And then these ones, look. Draw this one this way, OK? And here you can do imprinted, any color, OK? You can do any color here too. OK. Enter here only when you are clean. For how long should I write? What is there? I cannot do it. Do it tomorrow! Tomorrow I will not have time. Len! Lena, please cover me in doing my homework. How will you write at school? In no way. Look, Zhanna! ― Zhanna! ― What? Look how I will do! Let’s go, I will show. Look! This is! What are you doing? You are… Come here. Ah! Can you write for me? ― I cannot. ― Will you do it like this?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 127
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 19:15-19:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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