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Why I advocate TZM - Federico Pistono, Italy (response to common criticisms)

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ALL IMPERSONATIONS ON THIS VIDEO ARE BASED ON ACTUAL CRITICISMS I HEARD FROM PEOPLE Since I was a kid, i used to look at the world, and you know, ask myself questions and... Yeah... Questions! Questions... Questions need answers! And think! Think! Please, don't, I don't... I don't wanna think! I just... Don't wanna think! Don't bother thinking! ''It's useless!'' I've been thinking, you know! I've been thinking and, if you are like me, you walk down the street, and you see things not working, like: Poor people! You see poor people on the street, dying of hunger, cold, dehydration, and... And you kind of wonder Why? ''Why is this happening?'' ''It's human nature and those people deserve to be there!'' Ok, wait a minute... If fits, people in the society, and, this people don't fit, there must be a reason, and the reason, must be connected to society, you know, how it works, how it's designed to work. And, if it's designed not to work, or just to work for someone, then it's not really a fair society! Is it? ''Oh, you can never fix society, you're too small!'' ''You're just one! Who do you think you are?!'' ''You don't count for shit!'' ''The only time you count is when you turn 18 and you can vote!'' ''That's your ability to choose!'' Wow! Turning adult is awesome! You can put an 'X' on a piece of paper! Amazing! Wow! That's cool! But, what if you actually think about problems and how to solve them? Is there any way now, in society that you can kind of interact? You see all this pollution! Wars! Wars over oil, over territorial disputes... And the People dying! All those things happening... And you kind of wonder: Isn't there a better way to do things? WHERE ARE WE NOW? If you look at the trends how things are working, and what's happening now, you kind of see a pattern: The level of technology, rises exponentially, so it keeps growing and growing... You have: Technological unemployment. 90% of the people worked on farming, a hundred years ago, and now it's 2% of the people in developed countries. And, of course all the other people, they had to move to another sector. Then, it was the manufacturing sector and then... Technological unemployment again! So what do you, you move those people to the service sector. And what does the service sector do? Some people they have some kind of utility, you know, they help like, social workers... Oh excellent job! Voluntary work! Oh amazing! Helping! Helping other people!? But then, you've got all these other jobs like: Advertisement, anthropologists,... Oh wait, wait a second, Anthropology that's interesting... That's...! Yeah... But, how do use anthropologists now? I have some friends, some researchers and Phds, in anthropology and social sciences. You know how the system uses, the people most likely to be able to help others, because they can understand how, social interactions work, and how societies and cultures interact? They use them for: Exploitation! Profit! How to get into your mind, and make advertisement, and flashy things, and so it gets into you! OPTIONS I see only 2 options. Two options! One: We keep the things as they are now. So Status Quo. We keep it going... And what happens, you have: Natural monopolies and oligopolies... A bunch of corporations, taking over everything, and they have... Patents! Patents on everything for profit! You have patents on: Medicines... And then patents on: Seeds and synthetic life... Even on biological life... Do you really want that kind of world? You make the planet inhabitable?! You pollute everything to the point of, not being able to breathe and drink and do anything, without killing yourself? And give everything and the control, to corporations?! Or isn't there a better way to do things? STOP COMPLAINING FIND SOLUTIONS Why do I advocate The Zeitgeist Movement? Well, first you kind of have to understand what the Movement is and what it proposes! ''Getting rid of property!'' Really? ''Getting rid of money!'' ''Transhumanist!'' ''You're a communist!'' ''Anarchist!'' ''You're a socialist!'' ''You're a conspiracy theorist!'' ''New world order! You want reinstall a new world order!'' ''That's what you want?!'' ''You're a kook!'' ''Central planning never worked, and it killed a hundred gazillion people...!'' ''Like socialist Russia, in China, in Cambodia...!'' Stop! Step back! Take a deep breath! Think! What is the Zeitgeist Movement about? It's not about getting rid of money, getting rid of property, central planning and all those things! No, no, no...! The Movement is about really, a change of culture. Why don't we base our activities on, what the planet can provide? Instead of just taking? It's changing our values! It's about realizing, that we live in a finite planet. And that we have to, live in symbiosis with the planet, and with other species. And to do that, we have to use the most efficient, method that we know of. And as of now, it's the scientific method. ''Science? Are you crazy? What has science ever done for us?'' ''Science? Science is cold!'' Science is whatever works best! That's basically science, you know! Whatever helps you, is science! ''Science is the atom bomb and weapons, that's science!'' No! That's, geopolitical will, exploiting scientists. That's not really science, you know! That's not how science works. Science is a method, of arriving at decisions. So that when you need something, and you have to kind of, figure out what's the best way to do it, then you use the scientific method! Try to figure out, what is the best way to live, with others, peacefully. ''But in the real world! Not in the utopia!'' ''Let's build the Fresco┬┤s city! The circular thing that everybody wants, and it's perfect and everything is recyclable...!'' Yeah, you can live in your soap-bubble, for a while maybe... But then the bombs start to fall, and explode around you... So, you're inside your little, soap-bubble thingy, and... That's just not gonna work! You have to make it, World Wide. Declare all the earth's resources, common heritage, to all the world's people. ''You wanna impose on people? You wanna take away my rights? Impose no property?'' No, no, no...! That's not how it works. In the Venus Project, people can have property, if they like to. If they want to. There is no rule saying: ''Oh you don't have property! No! No!'' ''You want property? You want... You want your own tshirt? No way! No! Sorry!'' ''We decided on 'No Property', and we are gonna impose that value!'' No dude! You're getting all wrong! It's not about getting rid of, or imposing anything! It's about, evolving out, of the need, for useless, cyclical consumption. That's it! You wanna keep your tshirt? You keep your freaking tshirt! Who cares? The point is: You make resources available, efficiently, using the most scientifically advanced, technologies that you have, to provide needs, to people. The idea is to live sustainably on the planet, peacefully, with the others. That's it! How do you do that? Well, you design flaws out the society. ''You want a perfect society? There's no way you can have a perfect...!'' No dude! We don't want a 'Perfect Society'! We just want to get rid of the things, that are really, really wrong! ''What if i don't want to, get into your little game of, you know, the perfect society and live sustainable?'' ''I don't give a shit about the flowers and the planet, and the people!'' ''I just want my rights! And my property! And my things...!'' Ok! Ok! Fine! I'm not going to impose anything! This is a peaceful movement. Because the shift, can only happen if, there is a cultural shift. Emergent! Emergent is the opposite of imposed! All those things that have been tried before, were ideologies, thought, through, by someone, and then imposed on the population! That's not how it works! And that's not what we propose. You don't have to tell people how to behave! You just have to teach them, how the world works, and how science works, and how human relationships work, and how they are important! Violence, breeds violence. That's a scientific fact. So how do you get rid of violence? You design society, so that you can take away, negative retroactions. You know it just... It just makes sense. It's about finding a way, to provide, the best for everyone, using, scientific knowledge, and, the most relevant, technologies that we have, in an emergent culture! You can take all the technologies you have, you can just throw them out of the window! They're just a piece of junk, if they don't have people! The purpose of technology is, to free people, from those jobs and those, worries and stress! And so you can dedicate your life, into something more meaningful, like, social relationships! Spend time with your family, with your friends... Study, play music! What you want to do, really! So it's not 'work', it's activities! Voluntary work! It's, something that you wanna do! ''Oh people won't do anything!'' Yeah! I would! I would! Fuck! I'm working 9 hours a day, every day of the week, and I'm still doing other activities, and I'm still studying other stuff, and I'm still, active in doing things! Because it's fun! It's fun to learn, and do things! It's fun! You know, it's... human! If there is anything about human nature is: Curiosity! The pleasure, of finding things out! TO SUM UP On one side, you have: Possible self-destruction... A handful of corporations controlling everything... Totalitarian governments... Patents on life and seeds... And money, profit... Destruction of the suitable environment for us and... Yeah... Doesn't sound very appealing! One the other side you have: Human evolution! Exploration of space and... Human knowledge, and... Music and poetry, and human relationships... And what's the nature of the Universe and... You kind of weight those things together and... I wonder, which one would I chose! I know, I'm over simplify! It's not that simple! But, if you really think about it, it is that simple! Cyclical consumption of goods and services, for the sake of profit, in a World that has finite resources, on one hand. And sustainable living, based on, what the planet can provide, living in symbiosis with it, and living peacefully, with other people! This is the kind of paradigm shift, that we are talking about! Maybe what we are proposing here, may not be the best way, and surely is not! And it's not perfect! It's not perfect! Just a lot better than the other. If you don't like something in the Movement, join and help us make it better! Like science! It's not about the people on the top! No! It's about the ideas! It's about this paradigm shift! JOIN Join us! Help us! Help us make a better world! But for real, not just small talk! What you got to lose?! Like, your Planet?! That's nothing!? Your Life! Your Future! Join us! It's fun! Here it's something really important! Ok, check this out: If you are not having fun, saving the world, you shouldn't! You shouldn't save the world! You should just, keep going and destroying your fucking life! That's what you should do! You need to have fun, saving the world! Otherwise, i don't think it's worth it! I'm having fun! So, let's have fun together! My name is Federico and I'm from Italy! But really, we are all citizens of the Earth! Love you! JOIN THE MOVEMENT THEZEITGEISTMOVEMENT.COM

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This is a response to the most common criticisms and misconceptions regarding The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, and the Resource-Based Economy, part of "Why I advocate The Zeitgeist Movement" campaign launched by Peter Joseph. This is the working-location. Finished and proofread translations will be moved to the repository-section:

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