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Pikalevo Putin Deripaska

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Duration: 1 minute and 11 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Producer: орт
Director: орт
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Posted by: konstant on Mar 21, 2011

Prime Ministers personal handling of the business conflict in the town of Pikalevo has set a precedent in the public dressing-down of the countrys top businessmen for neglecting their social responsibility.
More interesting is the fact that one of the people receiving the dressing-down was one of Russias most famous businessmen, Oleg Deripaska, who used to be the richest man in the country until the global financial crisis left him heavily in debt. The high-point of the show was Putin virtually arm-twisting him into signing a contract, which was needed for the factory to start working again. Never before has a person of his caliber been publicly humiliated this way in modern Russia.

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