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Invite Obama and McCain to U.N. Climate Meetings

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Today we'll be talking about the very first thing the next U.S. president can do to repair America's image in the world, and start to repair the world itself. A presentation by Ok, so here's the deal. These guys, are spending this year talking about what they're going to do as president of the U.S.A. to help take on the country's biggest problems. And these guys, the United Nations, they get together once a year to talk about one huge problem, a planetary emergency that we call the climate crisis. In the next year the UN is trying to create a new global deal that gets the world out of this mess. Right now the U.S. is not in the game. See the U.S. never signed the first draft of the global climate deal, the Kyoto Protocol, when every other developed country did. And as the world works to update Kyoto before it expires, Team Bush has been blocking progress. And a global climate deal won't fly without U.S. participation. The U.S. emits almost 25% of the world's global warming pollution, with only 4% of the world's population. But on the flipside, the U.S. has the money and the talent necessary to drive a clean energy revolution around the world, and create new green jobs that can lift millions of people out of poverty and beat global warming. Now the clock is ticking. We've got just one year to finalize a global climate deal. The next one has to be done by 2009. And there's no time to lose. The time has come for the U.S. to join the world. But how? We need Obama and McCain to commit right now that if they're elected president, they'll go, in person, to the next UN meeting this December in Poland. Bush will still be in office, but the next president can still go and make a strong statement about how the U.S. is back in action, ready to support a strong climate deal. If the next president commits to getting the U.S. back in the game, it will be a major turning point in the negotiations. So, to the next U.S. president we're asking, will you stay or will you go? The answer will tell us a lot about how serious the candidates are about stopping global warming and repairing America's image in the world. But noone likes to go to a party if they haven't been invited. So let's make sure both McCain and Obama, whoever becomes President, feels welcome to attend by sending them both invitations to the meetings. Thousands of invitations. This is our planet and its up to us to save it, and it's up to these guys, woah not that guy, these guys, to help us. Going to the UN climate meetings will be the first big test after the election, and we'll be watching. Get the U.S. back in the game. Go to to record your video invitation today. Thanks a lot.

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Posted by: on Oct 8, 2008 has just launched a new campaign to send McCain and Obama thousands of invitations to the UN Climate Meetings this December in Poland. The U.S. has been a big missing piece to the puzzle of the international climate negotiations - now is our opportunity to change that. Visit to send your own invitation.

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