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Blogger de Voces Bolivianas Nicomedes Flores

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Hi, my name is Nicómedes Flores I am the director of the Manuel Gandarillas Rehabilitation Center for the blind ... and right now I am working with free software on this computer, with Linux and, as you can hear, it has a voice that we call "the Worker" which has the virtue of being able to speak and reproduce what is written and among the functions that we are developing is the ability to use text processors ... that is, office software and also chat, email, and online browsing Another function that is being used is the ability to blog via email like I'm doing now. [voice of the computer] I am going ... online Now I press 'enter' and via my email I can begin to publish blog posts For example, in this case we are going to first ... [voice of computer] ... and so I'll finish writing the text in order to share some more "experiences". In this case I press Alt-A It asks for confirmation and I press enter to send it. Another virtue that free software gives you is that it offers more accessibility. More accessibility for a ... blind person who in this case can get around without any problem. Actually, it hasn't been so difficult because I have had the support of my friends at SolMujeres and also in using Blogger thanks to Eduardo and so it's become a team effort. Even a person who has physical limitations can still ... have access to technology in this case free software and Blogger ... and all of the virtues and benefits of these types of programs. Well, I invite all my blogger friends ... to visit me at where you can get to know me and we can interact. I also write a lot about my personal experiences ... and I would like to know about the experiences of other friends. We can invite ... many others from around the country to also [blog] and share our experiences.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Bolivia
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Eddie Ávila
Director: Eddie Ávila
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Posted by: oso on Feb 1, 2009

Un blogger no vidente, Nicomedes Flores, explica como usa software libre para poder publicar en su propio blog.

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