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Event Kanban Rules. You can deal with an event in order to generate the Kanban for you. What are the criteria for that? The events could be triggered right within the sales order or within the production order in case that you have, let us say, either a discrete or process manufacturing, you may want to initiate a lean process to be started. Depending on this rule that you make, depending on the item that you choose, if it is a BOM line or if it is a Kanban line or if it is a sales order, you have a capability to have the system to automatically create adequate Kanbans for you. Then depending on how you created it, the pegging would be different. The pegging could come from the sales, production, batch, or another Kanban processing. They are being triggered automatically and you can do it from many different ways as I explained. We are going to go back to "Production Control" and under "Kanban Quantity Calculation", you notice that you have so many different options, which we are going to come back shortly to it. One of the pieces of information that we are focusing on right now is going through the Kanban rules. You have seen that so far so many times. You have seen how to create a manufacturing base in fixed. Briefly, you have seen the schedule, which you could indeed add additional Kanbans to it. However, this time, I keep it as "Manufacturing," but I change the replenishment strategies to be "Event" type. Similarly, you need to have a first plan activity. Alternatively, you could have multiple activities as well, but you have to specify the material handling unit for that. For this, usually, as you notice for the Event Kanban Rule, system automatically picks and choose the proper default settings that Microsoft thinks is beneficial. However, you can override it. When the handling units are received, based on that events, perhaps you need to empty it because, usually, this is going to be automated. You do not want to set it to be manual. Remember, that is not necessarily the end of the world. If the company wants to change it, they can. Here, I am going to go to the "Details." As you see, since this is an event based, you have now a criteria to choose either a product, a product family, or set one for all products, in other words, for all the events. I pick and choose a product in order to continue and see the similarities and differences between different replenishment strategies. Pick and choose, let us say, the same item number "4401", choose a color of my choice if I wanted to in this scenario, which is required because it is a product master. Perhaps, effective date, expiration date, replenishment plan, which we have been talking about, let us say, is going to take one day, then we are going to go to the "Event." As you see, you got the Sales events, BOM line event, Kanban line event, stock replenishment event. Depending on which one you choose, you may have the capability to see where is the source requirement reservation. If it is indeed a sales event, you can associate it to be done at the sales line. These are the options. The sales event, should I set it to be manual? Should I do it based on a batch processing? Should I make it automatic or automatic with capable to promise? I am just going to pick and choose it based on a batch. I am running a schedule. That automatically creates those. However, let us take a peek at other options when it comes to the BOM line event. You have only two, either it is not active or has to be done automatically. It makes sense because the BOM requires certain raw materials. If you are going to have a piece of information to be produced using lean manufacturing and you will have initiated that from production order on a discrete, that has to be set to be done automatically. Similarly, I am going to go to the "Kanban Line Events" and within each Kanban, depending on information you have based on that bill of material, you may want to associate to be done automatically, manually, based on a batch, or basically not active. Stock replenishment, depending on your master planning is going to say it is not active or it has to be scheduled based on a batch. Minimum event quantity, you say, has to be at least three or you can change it the way you want. Dependency to the source requirement. At what stage should I actually have the event to be notified? These are event driven in other words. Picking at the starting, finishing or ending. These are literally the Kanban handling units that must be indeed received. At what stage are you dictating those? At the time of picking, starting, finishing, or end? Depending on your strategy that you had at the very top, you could consider that Kanban to be emptied. Sometimes, you may not want to have a very busy set of Kanbans that has never been used. System can indeed delete unused Kanban that has been generated by producing and triggering the events coming from the source. You have that capability. I am going to save this and later come back to the sales line. Remember, you have a sales line that you could automatically associate that with.

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