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HOM 22 - Naked Man and the first

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 22 - Marduk and Survival (Jack) this is Jack again ok so they infused themselves with the water, and the of course no one know how to get them out of it so they- placed a another sound cocoon around the area which was huge which in which the Atlanteans resided which remained them now into the now referred to as water so that if they do dare, in some way, try to escape they'll come out of there they won't be able to escape any further than the sound cocoon that was manifested and that's where the- enslavement of man started the moment the Atlanteans were placed into the ape-man and they were relieved now and then Marduk would come back and basically just check on them check, in terms of the ape-man how they were perceiving their world he programmed into them how to eat, you know what to make to be able to to eat, all those things basically the, survival skills so survival skills, were programmed into the ape-man specifically defined as survival skills because that's what they required to do to survive they were naked of course they required, certain how should I call it, 'cloths' type to just cover up because of the, they didn't have beds, please or sat or anything comfortable as it existed now it- it's in sand and they realized the sand, and what not existed in this world, on this planet it was reasonably manifested it wasn't completely as it is now you know so Marduk started playing with programming their 'minds' the systems which the Altanteans now let's call it "powered" and he play with survival skill, I mean Marduk was quite smart he wasn't- he was really clever he would use basic common sense in terms of he was very good hearted to a certain extent, you know he like: Ok, what would I need or wants or require to survive and then he placed himself as the ape-man and then look at what would be needed first, how to get the food of course would be the most simplest obvious question secondly they found only, where the necessity for the covering came was when these physical form started started getting strange ulcers and things like that on the- genitals it was also designed already then but not yet 'used' it was more, for the necessity to urinate and of course for what is the proper word for "poo" I don't know for pooing and 'excreting' excreting the processed food inside the stomach that would be a rather profound way to place it but everyone does it so I'll just keep it straight, and so those was Marduk's tasks he basically played around with that and he enjoyed himself 'extensively' because I mean you know it's- it's part of him his- his creation as well and he became proud of it 'extensively proud of it', he loved it and and so the- Annuniki the Sirians and the Serpents continue with their plan to, of course 'take over' existence - all the planets all the beings on it and of course to find out to manifest a 'place' which is now called the- which was called the dimensions so that where the beings can go, they die they don't remember what happened to them so that they can be recycle begin and so (sigh) it started off firstly, firstly they have to design this- dimensional extra- layer so that- where they can go and they die- when their systems die, please remember beings don't die the systems die so they don't remembered to be recycled and- that's where they realized that where does (sigh) where the for- it's like a forgetfulness but it's not really a "forgetting" you don't forget, it is impossible because, no matter 'what you participate in' no matter 'what' exists in 'existence', no matter where you've been if you realize you're that you- you are 'that experience', you'll remember it but, to a certain extent it doesn't really work that way what I mean was they required to, have the dimensional beings interdimensional beings like the Atlanteans 'forget who they are' you know when they die not necessary forget what they've experienced later on the Annunaki realize they can't even "actually delete", infinitely the remembrances of experiences- in this world or of beings themselves so they realized that they required to create a dimension another dimensional layer across earth, around earth which is a planet in there they designed a sound frequency system - also crystal four crystals in the four corners of the world which resonate a specific frequency, which is a which is "connected" to a frequency, they're inside when a being crossover the center of their mind so in other words dimensional beings then, also had mind systems they were placed into the center, exactly like the human form system also had that center point but was interdimensional in other words what kept them in place, was those four crystals that was placed in the dimensions 'yet' stretched through interdimensionaly in other words, if you were a dimensional being manifested into a human form that placement would still be there whether you're here or in the dimensions, it is 'infinitely' placed in there a system where you as who you are is completely and totally suppressed you cannot delete Life, you cannot eliminate- you, here exists infinitely yet! you are able to be suppressed that is possible of course in an amount of time but not infinitely either so the dimensional beings and also had then the mind- placement so I'll continue with the mind placement in my next interview thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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