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Ross+Rachel. Cristina A.

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Ross,I’m a little warm so I’m gonna be taking of my sweter. Now, I’m just letting you know this is not an invitation to the phisical act of love Yeah, that’s hilarious I’m sorry ,I’m done. You know, last night was embarrassing for you too. No, not really, I mean. You’ve seen me naked hundreds of times. But it was the first for the rest of my building. That’s true, but I just don't embarrass that easily What! You totally get embarrased. No, I don’t ,Ross. I think I’m just a more secure person than you are. Is that so.. Yeah .., Hey Lady! I don’t care how much you want it ,ok! I am not gonna have sex with you in the bathroom. So, I’m on my way back to the bathroom. Just keep walking ,alright. Ross, what are you ?., I am sorry Sr. I think that he really likes you Hey, you know that teacher who had a baby with her student What the ...! Hi, excuse me, I’m sorry ,do you have any extra pants. My friend seems to have had a little accident. Welcome to Las Vegas. Did you enjoyed your flight? Yes I did, thank you very much , it was excellent. Hope you had a nice flight. Oh, it was the best. I think the checking is that way. I know it's like,,.. anyway, makeup didn’t cover it. And we’ve tried everything to get it off, and nothing’s worked. And what do we do? oh! ok, thank you Yeah, it’s not coming off What? What else did he say? He said he thought I was funny so, Ok look, let’s just go down stairs We’ll have some fun and you will forget all about it. Ross no! There is no way I’m leaving this room looking like this. Come on Rache, it’s not that bad. Ross, I am a human doodle. Look , just because some idiot drew on your face, doesn’t mean you shouldn't have any fun , ok. Besides no one is gonna even look at you,ok. This is Vegas, hello!, there are thons of other freaks here. There are tons of freaks here, no other. Come on, no one will notice, I swear. It's fine. Ok,there was some staring and pointing. Ok, I need a drink. Hey, you know,.they really overcharge you for that stuff But who cares because it’s all on me.

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Posted by: cristina.aldrete on May 6, 2013


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