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Obama Has Staged Shootings Before, Is Sikh Event False Flag?

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So "Fast and Furious" had Obama on the verge of getting impeached by Congress and the Attorney General [Eric Holder] had been held in contempt. They had staged a False Flag terror attack on the Mexico and United States. Shipping up to 20 000 guns and hand grenades to Mexico to create havoc and blame legal US gunshops. Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen the clearly staged "batman shooting" a few weeks ago, ahead of all this gun legislation right on time, we have seen the new "Sikh shooting" in Wisconsin and all the conflicting reports.. I must automatically look at these as staged events, because our government and other governments have been caught hundreds of times doing it. They dont care about us. A collection of really hardcore vicious criminals have gotten in control, its that simple. And if you just search the term "False Flag," you will get the, wikipedia, you name it, with links to admitted mainstream news, breaking down hundreds of false-flags - staged terror attacks. The point is they do it, they did it with Fast and Furious. Including mass shootings that are in operation Northwoods. And how to blame drugged up patsies. You know, guys like the "Joker killer," who cant talk in court everytime, he is so drugged up. Oh, history of human experimentation. Thousands of US troops KILLED in chemical, biological, radiological tests. They tell them, we are going to test the flu on you - and nerve gas them. Project SHAD (Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense) and stuff like that. Sydney Morning Herald - Bioweapons on troops. Documentaries. US town sprayed.. I mean, look it up. Ohhhhh, but they wouldt stage a False Flag to go and get our guns right when all the legislation is introduced in the UN treaty that still aint dead. Nooooo... Oh nooo, we should not look at that. Just a week ago or so, on July 25th, a little over a week ago, 8-9 days ago.. Mike Adams said hey, they are clearly gearing up for this, if everybody starts carrying a gun, or at least a large percentage, these guys will get taken out [crazy mass-shooters]. And that has happened in a lot of atempted mass shootings, in a big one a few years ago in Colorado, somebody had a gun and stopped him and he only killed one person. So an important article by Mike Adams: Another false flag attack appears imminent; here's how to protect yourself and your family - excelent article. Natural News . com; Continuing here, ladies and gentlemen, you can type in foster children killed in secret tests. Or foster children tested on. I am talking about pesticides untill they died. And you get PBS, you get as well. But there it all is. Just thousands of them. Ohhh! Look right here! Remember all those tens of thousands of missiles, including some of them heat-seeking or radar guided, that Al-Qaeda who took over Libya was given? Including chemical weapons? Even mainline israeli news debkafile is reporting, and they have got sources inside Mossad, that the chemical weapons are being used by Al-Qaeda and are to be blamed on the Assad regime. Absolutely, that is why they keep hyping up that they have got chemical weapons. They ship in Al-Qaeda to bring that country down and that is a big False Flag. Oh, they would kill a million Iraquees for oil and for power, but the globalists running things, they would not hurt us. No, no, no, no.. It doesnt matter if eyewitnesses, multiple eyewitnesses now, saw four shooters, and peoples families saw them, they are trying to get them change their stories right now - its all there. So, that is why we must look at this as a False Flag. The timing, all of it. Please get this video out to everybody. You would be a naive moron, not to understand that they have been hyping that mass shootings are coming and that they want TSA on the streets and regular military, and now, that is magicaly starting to happen. We had an article about that today, before all of this even came out. Before the shooting even took place. Look into it, and find out that it is a program! When you are awake and paying attention, its like a slow motion movie, its so obvious, ok? But if you are not paying attention its like in hyperspeed. Alex Jones signing off for and, "because the is a war on for your mind," We have serious totalitarians taking over, all of us are in danger, I am risking my life to do this, please, get this video out to everyone, its the only way to stop them from staging more False Flags. You have got to expose self-inflicted wounds, False Flags, staged events - or the globalists and their crime syndicates will continue to use it, just like operation GLADIO, that is partially declassified: Hundreds of staged terror attacks including mass shootings all over Europe to be blamed on the political enemies during the 70s 80s, LOOK INTO IT! Alex Jones, signing off again for

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Posted by: on Aug 8, 2012

They carried out fast and furious to blame the right to keep and bear arms - did the same criminals stage this? We would be crazy not to look at this crew of anti freedom scum as the number one suspects.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." -- David Rockefeller

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." — Adolf Hitler

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