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I want a home... an Alun work January 1, 2008 Bijie City, Guizhou Province 9:00 a.m. Heavy Snow 4`C below Zero Have (you) got business today? Not yet. When did {you} come out? A little more than 9 a.m. So (you) still haven't got business. Not yet. How old are you? Already 13 and nearly 14. Name:Yang Guo Age:13 year-old Address:Dawan Town, Dafang County, Guizhou Province Occupation:Hauler Background:Father is mentally ill. Mother remarried in 1998. How much is the coal for 1 catty? 36 (yuan) for 100 catties. How's the quality? Such as what you see. Find a hauler for me. No plroblem. The "haulers" are right here. I want 200 catties. Let the 3 kids carry. The inside of these coal is all black. These coal is pretty good. Find some small change for these kids. Hurry up, kid. Three kids carry. 11:25 a.m. Yang Guo and his companions do the first business. How many chunks left? 4 chunks. Ugh! Let me do it. This broom doesn't work well. Yeah, of course! The broom will definitely not work well after you get the money. What are you laughing at? I know you kids. Let's go. 2 yuan for you. 3 yuan back to you. How long have you studied in school, Yang Guo? Unitil second grade. How about you? Third grade. And what about you? I finished second grade. How many sisters do you have? I only have two. How long have your parents been out (to work)? More than 8 years. They never come back? No, not even a call. Have no idea of their situation. Then how do you and your brother make a living? My younger brother is raised by my grandma. Oh, that's the case. How long have you been a hauler in Bijie? More than a year. Name:Zhang Ping Age:14 year-old Occupation:Hauler Adress: Meihua Town, Nayong County, Guizhou Province Situation:Parents have been out to work from 2000 and never been heard of since. 2:45 p.m. Because they are too young, very few people would like to hire them. They have been waiting for more than 3 houres, but there's still no business for them. Yang Guo and his companions are suffering from hunger and cold. Finally, they decide to pool their 2-yuan wages made in the morning to have lunch in the "hauler station". You're late. The meal is still not ready. You came Bijie when you were 5, right? Yep. When you began to work at 8, what did you do? Killing chickens for other people. How long have you been a porter? 3 years. How much can you make a day? Only 5 or 6 yuan. And sometimes I even got nothing a day. How's your dad? Crazy(mentally ill). How's your mom? She married someone else. How old were you when your mom remarried. 3. Only 3 years old? Is it hard to work as a hauler? Very hard. It's always too heavy. Do you want to go to school? Can't afford it. So still want to go to school? Yep. Kid, where're your grandparents? My grandpa died. How about your grandma? My grandma went far. Do you have uncles? Yes. How many brothers do you have? One. Are you the elder? Yes, I'm the elder brother. How's your brother? Who raises him? My aunt does. Do you share your earnings with your brother? Of course not. You can just take care of yourself now. Do you want to go to school? I want to but I don't have money. Now the schools (in the countryside)... What do you exactly mean? Why do you come out to work as hauler? My parents went out(to work)when I was very young and never come back. And someone in my family... I was infuriated by my aunts. So I left home. 3:10 p.m. Yang Guo and his companions have the first meal today. You three may club together. Let's go. Will you still come here after the Spring Festival? No. Then where are you going? Go to Fujian What will you do in Fujian? Making bricks. 3:45 p.m. Yang Guo and his companions rush off to the coal station To earn the supper and lodging expenses. A few days later,it will be the Spring Festival. It's a far, far and unachievable dream for child haulers like Yang Guo To happily spend the (Chinese) New Year in a warm and harmonious family which is full of love...

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Posted by: lock on Mar 16, 2008

3岁时,爸爸精神失常,妈妈嫁给别人了,家中还有一个嗷嗷待哺的弟弟. 扬过,一个13岁的“背篼”少年,9岁离家外出背“背篼”已经整整3年了。“3年了,我好想有个家,有家什么都有了”.....

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