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Colossi of love: Kamaki pt.2

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And so .. they had the swagger, cigarettes in hand when walking And as they should, passion in dancing that was an easy tool to use to achieve success with tourists What ways exist is someone wants to do kamaki? Well look, there are kamakia and KAMAKIA. There are 3 types; The playboy, the Casanova and the gigolo. Ok so for example, what is a casanova? A casanova could be with a girl in the morning, and a night with another, without profiting from her sexually or economically. We could just be 2 friends. And a Playboy? for ages 20 to 21 years .. And the third one? which i dont remember the name? What is that? The gigolo. Yes the gigolo! for ages 25 up to 60. There was a group called "the pilots" who had motorbikes and they went around looking .. looking at bars to see which of them had 'stuff'. With that they meant tourists. They had a little pin on their shirts of an aeroplane. They hit on the girls and they would ask them .. "Where are you from?" she would say for example "Im from Norway" "Where do you live in Norway?" she would say "Oslo", he'd say "I fly there!" I once told a girl I was a pilot and i fly through the valley of Korinthos with an aeroplane .. The girl had no idea, so we talk and everything was fine. When she left the other day with her tour, they stopped with the bus in Korinthos .. They stopped for half an hour to drink some coffee and such .. She went to the valley of Korinthos and looked down into the depths and started crying! And she went to her tourleader and said "tell my boyfriend on Rhodos to never fly though this valley ever again! It's dangerous!" My friend, you like the Greek music? I hope so .. because it is the time no to also listen to a little bit Greek music eh? There were the "Greek music" kamakia .. which started in the bouzoukia music bars .. And they had specialised to hit on one specific type of girls Then there were the other kinds, ones who were more international, better dressed, that weren't very poor. had a hand in other languages ​​.. Who went to the more international and modern clubs, the more expensive clubs. And they had another type and class of women. Other groups were hanging on the beaches. Well trained bodies, they played games on the beach .. the ball falls next to the tourist .. And from there started the game. Do they speak English?? I dont know, but they dont look Greek to me. And now what, now that we dont speak English? Well talk to her in German, which you know a little! The other looks like she multilingual, ill tell you what we should do .. You go talk to her. Goodbye, Goodluck. ... You too. Good eh? ... Do you speak English? Yes .. Moi no speak ... Im sorry. Parlez vouz Francais? Oui! Oui .. ah .. moi no parlez Francais. Spechen Sie Deutch? No .. Ich speak Deutch! ... Dont you speak Greek?? The what the f ***? Hello darling how are you? Where are you from? Im Greek. Well you see, I have my ways!!! And if she doesnt talk to me, i continue .. in my nice flirty way. Why you hurry?, Please stop, id like to talk to you. Let me just say something. I want to give you something. Lets go drink a coffee! You dont know me, but i dont know you either! Usually they'd go for the "white" ones. those who hadnt been roasted brown by the sun a lot yet. Because when a girl was already a little tanned, it meant she was here already for a few days. The "fresh product" was a lot easier. If it was her first time on Rhodos, or just for 3 days it was obvious for me. They had the colour, the walk. With that i mean that if they walked in the middle of the road, a bit dangerously .. She was here a bit longer. When she goes neatly on the side of the roads on the curb, she was fresh and you go for it. Its all in the walk here .. Do you ever tell lies to the girls? Huh .. you think we'd tell the truth? We never tell the truth. never? Ofcourse not If they knew what we are, they would never come. To say that we are poor and have no jobs .. You cant say, "come and drink 5 bottles of champagne with us" she wont come because she'll think "You want to drink champagne with us, but you have no money, and im just a nurse, or secretary" "What do you expect from me? Me to pay food, drink and also have sex with you." So we do it differently, because sex can also happen with just a can of beer on the beach. For sure they told lies. That is in the game. They probably hid the truth like saying the had a job .. When usually their job was ONLY kamaki. There were no other jobs on the island. That was it day and night. For the preservation of myself .. I had to tell lies. For victory, you have to tell a few lies. More hiding the truth, not hard lies, but nicely done. Even if we told the truth, they would still like us. But lies make it easier on us all. In club kamaki, the first word had the workers. The dj's, barman, waiters, bouncers and after that the `street` kamaki Yes, workers had more success than the street kamaki, but i believe its not because of the profession itself. I think it was because its different and nicer to meet a customer for example who you talk to .. And make a date and she knows you work there etc. That was way more trustworthy than someone on the street. its better to work in a hotel, or a bar. So that there exists some sort of trust. So on the street Kamaki is not possible? Yes it is possible but you have to be very good at it. Have a very good way, to hit on the girl But it is a whole lot harder still When youre doing kamaki and you see here while working in the hotel .. Things are different .. you can easily meet, she trusts you .. She'll go out with you .. And nothing else matters. Gianni Klouvas, was a big name on Rhodos in the world of discotheques. He started with a club called space. And then he built the club "Highway" Which was a little bit outside of the city It was huge! Giannis Klouvas, was a very active entrepreneur. He had brains .. I had been to London, because i always look for the latest in architecture and lighting etc. and I saw the hippodrome of London. And I decided to make a club based on that on Rhodos. It was a very tall, round building. And it had multiple floors. And a technical platform, which could rise with all the smoke etc. And it as spinning .. haha yeah, in the time of disco! In Rhodos there came a place called the "highway" which became the prototype for many clubs in the world. The sound, the lighting, it was especially the first time in Greece. i brought the plans of what i wanted, from London to Rhodos .. I gave it and the people understood it. And the local Greeks, building something like this for the first time, did a fantastic job. It was beyond anyone's wildest dreams. The start of the "Highway", was a light show. With music mixed with Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" If i remember correctly .. We had put this song together, and with the lights, the people could dance on the floor. The people ho came just to see the club, were in many many thousands. If we went outside, and we picked from all the people, the happiest looking groups. Faces for good times Faces that would give trouble. Pretty boys and pretty girls. The line in front of the club was .. i cant even explain .. From whatever door i went outside, there were people giving me thousands of drachmes just to get in! It was the only time in my career as a DJ, that it took about half an hour before the first people dared to dance. At one point I felt bad .. But i got over it, didnt lose my confidence, to analyse the situation. Then Giannis Klouvas asked me "Taki, what is wrong?" I said, Gianni I think once they close their mouths they; ll dance .. They were so in awe of the club. They were scared to dance! So dont worry, they just havnt seen anything like this before. From then on out, the dancefloor of "Highway" hadnt ever been empty again. Day and night. In those days, we didnt only play the fast songs. e also played slow songs, so that Kamaki and love could happen!

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Greek Kamaki Docu

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