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Alan Watts - It all goes together

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The relationship between the organism and the environment is transaction. The enviroment grows the organism and the organism creates the environment. The organism turns the sun into light but it requires that to be an environment containing the sounds of the tribunal to dismantle the altitude is simply that all one precious because of that organisms by chance came into this world put it rather that this is world is to solve it by which grows older because that way from the beginning just in the same way forget me organisms may entire have arrived in the sea all out of the sea later than the beginning of the sea box from the moment and the beginning that's the way it started organisms like us are sitting here were involved in deceit look at it take to get the propagation of electric cars in in the development of any physical system that may be there's a few years between fee creation of three most primitive form of energy and then the arrival of intelligent life billions of years is just the same thing exercise it's already implied it takes time for a concert but the oak is already and i think so in any longer floating about in space that isn't just they all go together don't differentiate yourself standoff against this are living organism in a world made a lot of dead john drops in stock builders together those rocks are just as much usgs the latest on the are common sense has been raped so that strangers millions in this world and this is terribly plausible simply because it's what we used it that's the only reason but when you're ready stock questionings and say is that the way our prison life is ido everybody does what does that make it real it doesn't necessary today mrs anderson and so then we assist you question his basic design london lives on comm you find you get a new kind of common sense it becomes absolutely obviously that you are continuous with the for example people used to believe that the people who lived in the antibodies would fall off rather scary but then when somebody say around the world and we all got useless and now we we travel around india planes and everything we have no problem about feeling that the uh... globulin none whatever we got heaps well in a few years it will be a matter of common sense to very many people that they're one of the universe wouldn't be so send and then maybe a better as we should be in a position to handle out technology with more sense love instead of grandma

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Posted by: tzmgermany on Mar 11, 2013

An amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts, on life and it's interconnection.
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