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PA_SD28513_Russian Social Media Interviews - Varia 2

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In the Church there is a society of loving kindness. In other words it is a women's organization which, most importantly, helps us to be the daughters of God. And, in order for the Spirit to be with us in order for us to be very loving, and full of loving kindness, this is very important, because as we know all relationships must be built on the principles of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, love. And it is the Spirit that helps us achieve these virtues when we become daughters of God, and when we conduct ourselves like daughters of God. But the society of loving kindess also takes many measures which help us. We can share recipes, we can share experiences with each other so that we don't feel like bad wives. And as women we can support one another and take in each other's experiences if we don't have enough experience ourselves or if I have some kind of experiences or questions I can always turn to one of the other women in the Church. And this is very helpful. I really love this life, especially after some people who were very dear to me were lost, I understood just how dear life is, and how we must love it and how life must be lived correctly so that we have no regrets and the Gospel helps me understand exactly why I want to achieve what I want and if I don't get what I want then I just feel, that it means that I didn't need those things and all these things simply make me happy when I look back and I see how my life changed after I started to observe the commandments and live according to the Gospel. I can see for myself just how free I have become, how satisfied with my life I have become, I just wanted to share a little bit of advice: it doesn't matter if a person is religious or not religious maybe he's not even a Christian, or maybe he is a good Christian but he just belongs to a different Church It seems to me that the most important thing is if the person truely and completely loves God, if he loves truth and if he simply wants to know for himself... I'm sorry, I'm a little tongue tied... Should I start again? Or is what I already said enough? Ok. Just one moment while I figure out how to express my thoughts. Ok. I would like to share just a little bit of advice and in general, it does not matter if the person is religious or not religious, if he's a Christian or if he believes in something else entirely, it seems to me that the most important thing is to search for the truth. When a person is honest with himself and he really wants to find something with which he will be happy he won't rely on stereotypes or on the opinion of other people. He will search for himself and will only take into account his own personal feelings. About the ministry, yes? Ok then. Do you know what I like about this church? I like the fact that everything that works is based on the ministry. Firstly, it was of course Jesus Christ who showed us how important it is to serve other people and that it doesn't matter if you know them or not, or if they are your friends or not, because when you do something good you get naturally get a very warm feeling within and the other person also receives a small part of this happiness. And that is exactly how the Holy Spirit works with us. So I think that when a person does something good and helps other people it is one of the most powerful ways in which to feel the Holy Spirit. But, another thing that I like is when we constantly help specifically members of the Church, families, devotional service for people who we may very well never see again in our lives, this is also very important, because it works to build our character. I don't know exactly how to say that. But, yea, like that. What is happiness? Most people would probably say that every person should determine what happiness is for themselves but, generally speaking, I believe that the word "happiness" is associated with other words, like "freedom", "peace", "love", and very wonderful feelings. I think this is what happiness is. But for me, happiness is when I know that I am loved it is when I know, that I love very dearly, it is when I know, that yes, I have made certain mistakes but I know, that I am forgiven, and that I corrected these mistakes. It is when I simply want to sing. Maybe it is when I may not want to sing, but I know, that I have everything. And to add one more word to the list of words that I associated with happiness I would add gratefulness. How to find hope? Yes, many people speak about belief, but I believe, that hope is expressly demonstrated in belief, meaning, that if a person simply believes in something, but he does not expect these things, if he does not look ahead, then this belief will not be strong. What is very helpful to me in my life is having a sense of purpose. I would even say that in these situations it is important to be farsighted and not nearsighted. You must always look ahead. You must always keep in mind what things may be waiting for you, and as the president of my mission said once, he said, that you need to simply visualize these things, and then everything will work out. How would that question sound in English or in Russian? In general I would say that the answer would be normal. By the way, Ok, I'm ready. I remember how about 9 years ago I saw a prophet for the first time in my life only on videotape. And it was a speech by President Gordon B. Hinkley. He was speaking about morality. He was talking about we shouldn't be on the ropes, that we should be wonderful, how we shouldn't ruin ourselves with all kinds of piercings, and that despite my age, this was very popular in my day. I felt that this was very correct. And more than that, I really felt that this person was very exceptional. I can't explain why, and it wasn't because he was interesting, or because he had a prepared speech. These were just very special feelings and afterwards, I became very interested in listening to the speeches of other Apostles and Prophets. Is that good? Ok good. Good. Thank you.

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Interviews with Russian-speaking members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in the Salt Lake City area.

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