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Neal Newhof: Life is like a yo-yo

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Salam Aleykum I'm glad to be here I live in Baku about 5 ½ years and I of course hope that I could speak Azerbaijani, but I still have some difficulties therefore I'll talk in English cause I want to talk heartily therefore I'll speak English maybe I'll speak little Azerbaijani ok in our life we have difficulties there is one famous American woman she was both blind and deaf from childhood but she learned how to speak her name's Helen Keller I was reading a book to my children about her last week and her quote in summary means: 'if life was easy it would be boring' -repeats the quote in Azerbaijani- we have difficulties in our life we need to be flexible I'll use this small toy we call it 'yo yo' to explain something in my life that I've learned and that I'm still learning ok? so we need to be flexible if we are not flexible we can become angry and bitter about life this first trick I'll show you is called brain twister brain twister like our minds can get confused because of difficulties maybe in your life you're experiencing difficulties or some confusing situations how are you responding? for example in my life maybe I'd better speak in Azerbaijani I lost my mother when I was 11 I was oldest of 4 boys I was confused with many questions what do I do in this situation I don't understand I took my questions to God and He was able to give me hope and peace in this difficult situation and then, shortly, thereafter my father got married again new mother had already 4 children she was divorced and we became 8 children I was not ready I noticed that I've faced with difficulties again what do I do? again, God was able to give us peace to help us learn to forgive each-other and to love each other in 2005 my father and mother adopted 2 kids yeah, we became 10 children I was confused: 'why dad?' but these children were in poverty and in trouble thanks God my father and mother took care of them ok so I could have become angry and bitter in these situations but God was able to give me peace and I could learn to love my big family next I had engineering background at the university while studying at the university I enjoyed engineering but I wanted... oops... I wanted to travel the world to go around the world like that small trick travel around the world in one summer I went to Istanbul and when I graduated from the University I noticed that for one year program I can teach English in Baku therefore I came here we need to be flexible my plans were to become an engineer but sometimes we need to be flexible to change in our lives sometimes the change is the better thing for me coming to Azerbaijan was the best thing are you being flexible and looking for open doors in your life? when I came to Azerbaijan I didn't know what I might find here I knew I was going to teach English I was single I was teaching with other single Americans one of whom was very beautiful young woman who I became very good friend with we got married when we went back to US so we must be ready for new things to happen in our life some people let's see next trick some people call Paris Eiffel you see - Eiffel Paris the city of love I call Baku the city of love in America after our marriage we continued to think about Baku we're dreaming about Baku but we needed to live in the present -translates into Azerbaijani - and so we continued to make the best of where we were at that time

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Posted by: tedxbaki on Dec 22, 2010

Neal Newhof performing at TEDxBakı

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