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Peppa Pig- Gym Class

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Peppa and her friends are going to the gym today. Let's check you've all got your gym kits on. Pedro is wearing a superhero costume. Pedro, where is your gym kit? It's at home. I thought it was dressing-up day. Follow me, children. This is the gym, where mummies and daddies come to exercise and enjoy themselves. Are you all having fun? - Yes, lots of fun! Your gym teacher for today is Grampy Rabbit. Where is he? Hello, children. Are you ready to exercise? Yes, Grampy Rabbit! Do we have to do that? No, that's only for big athletes like me. But not for little explorers like you. We're not explorers. I'll make explorers of you, but look like a superhero.'s just pretend... Pretending? That's good! Right, let's warm up! Everyone, run on the spot! unwrap your arms... Now, stretch! Stretch! ...wobble like a jelly... ...and rest! Now we're all warmed up, we can start. Start...what? Your adventure. I want you to pretend that this room is a jungle. It doesn't look like a jungle. Where are the trees? You have to imagine it: the trees, the rain, the fast flowing river at your feet. Your first adventure is to walk on this beam across the river. That's easy. Ah, but it's night time, and it's windy What? That's how it was for me. It was a dark and stormy night, I was fond of adventure Ready? But it's not windy, or night time You have to pretend! Everyone crosses the pretend river safely Hooray! Well done, my little explorers! What's next, Grampy Rabbit? Your next adventure is to swim across this swamp, full of crocodiles. I can't see any crocodiles... You've got to pretend Let those crocodiles know who's boss Go away, you naughty crocodiles! That's the spirit! Did you ever swim across a crocodile swamp? Of course I did. Were you scared? Not as scared as they were of me... Ready? Don't forget to do the call. Everyone has crossed the pretend crocodile swamp safely. Well done! What's our next adventure? This is a vault. Big athletes jump over it. Like this But you can pretend it's a dinosaur, and crawl through its legs. Can YOU crawl through a dinosaur's legs, Grampy Rabbit? Oh, yes. Once, I was walking in the jungle when I suddenly found the lost world of dinosaurs! And that's it! You've made it out of the jungle! Hooray! I hope you had a good gym class, children. Yes, Madame Gazelle. They're real little explorers now. We ought to cross a river. And we swam over crocodiles. And we crawled under a dinosaur. I love doing gym class with Grampy Rabbit!

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Posted by: totleigh on Mar 9, 2013

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