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I must warn you Watson, he has a very difficult character. I would even say, unbearable. What do you mean? He’s weird, he has weird habits, he doesn’t like people. That’s good, I don’t like people either. It’s here. So, you haven’t changed your mind? I don’t have any other choice. Mister Sherlock Holmes, is he home? Come in, he’s upstairs. Please. Good Day. Good Day. I found it. What exactly have you found? A formula, I found a chemical agent which only precipitates hemoglobin. May I introduce you? Doctor Watson, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. How long ago did you come back home from the East? Not that long, how did you know that I have been to the East? It doesn’t matter. Tell me Dr. Watson, do you know the significance of my invention? It’s an interesting experiment, but what’s the practical use of it? Oh my god! Exactly practical, you just don’t get it, the opportunities available within the judicial and medical field. Give me your finger. Oh no. Just one drop of blood. Look at the water; it still seems to be transparent. The ratio between blood and water is almost nothing; it is one to one million. And now… What do you see? Now imagine that they find a brown spot on the clothes of the suspect. What is it? Is it blood? Is it rust? Is it fruit juice? Or is it paint? No expert can say what it is. But with the help of my chemical, we can find out in a minute. Yeah, really, I must admit I was wrong. This is all very interesting Holmes, but I brought Watson to talk about something else. You said you could not afford this apartment. Yeah, it’s pretty expensive. And Watson, you guessed correctly, he just came back from the Eastern colonies and he’s looking for a cheap place to stay in London. I think for the both of you this would be cheap. Yes, if you still need a companion, if that’s okay for Mr. Watson... There are two separate bedrooms and a shared living room. Of course, you have to get rid of all of this. Well, this is pretty nice, I’m okay with everything so I can move in tomorrow. So it’s perfect. I understand you Mr. Watson. You’ll get to know Mrs. Hudson, she’s a nice old lady and she doesn’t meddle in anybody’s business. But I am different. First, I smoke. I also smoke. Second, I play the violin. I unfortunately do not play any instruments, but I like to listen to good music. Third, I do chemical experiments. You have the right to do that, especially since they are pretty successful. Fourth, many people come over to my home. I’m afraid nobody comes to visit me, except for Mr. Stanford. So the average number of visitors will be very small. And Mr. Holmes I share a quality with Mrs. Hudson, I will not meddle in your business. I like to meddle in other people’s business. Did you hunt this on your own? Yeah, I was lucky, even though I’m a good shooter. By the way, Mr. Holmes… How did you guess that I have been to the Eastern colonies? It was a simple train of thought. Stanford introduced you as a doctor, but your stance looks similar to someone that has been in the military, which means you were a military doctor. Your left hand does not work well, which means you’ve been wounded. You have to remember where the British army has recently fought a war. In the East. Yeah, It’s pretty simple. Mr. Watson… Yes, Yes Is this a novel? Yes. You read novels? You mean to tell me that you don’t read novels? This is Dickens. I don’t read, I have never read, and I will not read, I don’t read fiction. What about History? Philosophy? History, Philosophy, I don’t touch that. What about Aristotle? Joan of Arc? Copernicus? Copernicus? The last name sounds familiar, what has he done? Oh my god! He discovered that the earth revolved around the sun. Or have you never heard of this before? My eyes tell me that it’s rather the sun that’s revolving around the earth, however he may be right, what’s his name? Copernicus. Excuse me Holmes. You are a smart person anybody can see that once they meet you. You know chemistry perfectly, how can you not know things that are common knowledge to school-aged children? When I was a student, I used to know it, but eventually I forgot it. Are you showing off you ignorance? And you Watson? Can you distinguish the dirt from Regent Street from the dirt of Picadili? Or the ash from Hawaiian cigars from the ash of Manila cigars? Or can you tell me what is written on the third paragraph of the Punishment code of the British Empire? But I am talking about general things that everybody knows. But I’m not everybody Watson, the human brain is like an empty attic, where you can store whatever you want. A stupid person puts together useful and useless information in that empty attic, and there comes a moment when it’s no longer possible to store any more necessary instruments, or the necessary instruments are buried underneath useless information. I do it in a way that in my attic there are only necessary instruments. There are many of them, in the ideal order and always within my reach. I don’t need unnecessary stuff. The science of Copernicus is unnecessary? Okay let’s suggest that the earth revolves around the sun. What do you mean by “let’s suggest?” The earth revolves around the sun, but it is not necessary for me to know. How terrible would it be to be live in a world where you can’t talk about poetry, about art, or about politics, where everybody only knows the necessary information to only solve their problems. Watson, excuse me, Mr. Watson. Watson, calm down. The thing is, there are not many people like me, I might be the only one.

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