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Orizonturi Foundation

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First of all, welcome to our guests our colleagues and to our guests from the United States, David, Betsy and her parents. It is very difficult to say in a few words everything that Horizons has meant, means and for sure what it will mean to me. In, I don't know how many words, Horizons has been my life...for more than 10 years. How was the literary circle at the beginning? How is the magazine? What do you consider to be the bridge between the past and present? For sure; at the beginning, the literary circle was set up as an initial form of tharapy because the main founders were literature lovers...and makers. I'm thinking of Mr. Badersca, Mr. Cojocaru of Mrs. Aurora Sarbu of A. Ciurusniuc Does there continue to be a bridge? There is for those working presently. With all the financial difficulties we have, we have to perservere to find sources for our magazine to continue continue to appear. As well as the other projects that are currently unrolling within Horizons Foundation and those that we want to develop. I'm thinking even of restart it. I'm thinking of the... the ergo therapy activity which will be implemented if the relationship, the project, with the greenhouse is restarted in a partnership with the city hall. As in sports, "If you win, continue. If you lose, continue." I would like to say a few words. Before getting to know this organization, as Mr. Jacota said, I heard certain prejudices concerning mental illnesses among my colleagues from various art organizations. I did not listen to those prejudices because I knew that you cannot judge a person because of his illness, but rather because of his ability to think, because of his personality. I very much enjoy it here. Here, I found people who can create beautiful things, who can think of beautiful things, people who can do so many good things for other peoples' personalities. It's not the illness that speaks, but rather the person's personality and his way of thinking. What was our friend Dave saying? What I want is, to create a bridge between friendship and tolerance in order to reach a common "code." A better world, more peaceful, more, among us. Is there friendship? Is there tolerance? There is friendship, as well as tolerance. I look forward to the days that I come to the foundation. I look forward to coming. Here I improve my mind, particularly in the English course and the blog course which has fascinated me. I entered a new world. Here I succeeded in meeting new people, only good will and the pleasure of speaking. Is there a difference between the literary circle from the hospital and that one at our center, provisional center?...I hope? Yes, there is. What would it be? You feel more free, more detached. Was it different in the hospital? Was there pressure? It was the pressure of the hospital. Is it better in the community? Yes, in the community it is much better. What pleasant memories do you have? I think the trips! I heard about the foundation some time ago... From where? I had some admissions to psychiatric hospitals because of alcohol... When I first came to the foundation I participated in some volunteering courses that took place here. I met more people then. A pleasant memory that I have kept in my mind and impressed me very much was the project that I conducted with volunteers from the volunteer course at high schools in town. Most of all, I liked the passion..the courage of the young people with whom I worked on that project. Participation in the Blogging the Dream project has impressed me as well. I would have liked to talk about many things, especially since many memories attach me to this place, where I have spent much time the past two years. We evoke the past also to make those who come here for the first time to understand something about the Horizons Foundation. I mention the display board with all the covers from each of our magazine issues. We started this record book of activities in June 2007. Here, two years have passed and hundreds of people have come to this place during that period of time. We should have asked each of them why they participated. I want this record book to be as full as that display board. Thanks to this place, many activities have appeared.

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Country: Romania
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Posted by: oso on Sep 30, 2009

A video made by the members of the Blogging the Dream project in Campulung, Romania.

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