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Sundance Sizzles Video Featuring Dell Precision

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[Dell, The Official Technology Partner of the Sundance Film Festival.] Dell has been involved with film makers for many years [Raul Tikoo - Vice President & GM, Precision Workstation Products] we're leaders in industry so it was a natural evolution for us to be the official sponsor for the Sundance Film Festival Sundance is an awesome opportunity for us to showcase technology [Bryan Jones - Senior Vice President of Marketing , Dell EMC] and how technology is integrated and Inter woven into how storytelling takes place and how we create stories and how we help our the human potential through those stories with our solutions with partners such as Adobe and avid or really able to bring tools to the filmmakers that can help them really go edit and create for the new storytelling methods Even in that enterprise will now sure people want to come and hear about technology [Jeremy Burton - Chief Marketing Officer, Dell] but they want an experience and I think Sundance gives both [The Dell Visor] What's really important in the creative engagement is not just using a mouse and keyboard [Molly Connolly - Director of Industry & Partner Marketing, Dell Precison Workstations] It is being immersed into the media that you're working with Dell really has taken a big leap [Patrick Hannan - Worldwide Media & Entertainment Strategist, Dell Precision] in supporting these technologies by trying to stay at the forefront of them Creating technology that we turn VR ready which enables us to allow people to operate safely within head-mounted displays and other devices that use to both create and consume this content [New Frontier powered by Dell Precision] If you look at virtual reality you'll see that it's a way to present information [Skip Rizzo - Virtual Reality Ressearch Director, USC Institute for Creative Technologies] It really drives emotion When you create emotion there's nothing more powerful than there I'm shooting everything in 8k [Mike Libecki - National Geographic Explorer, Dell Ambassador] And I'm able to edit with precision but also on 8k monitors And see full resolution with what I'm doing it's a world of different ways that Dell is enabling me to share my art and talent and passion A lot of the projects I work on I need a lot of front-end power [Vashi Nedomansky - Film Editor, Vashi Visuals] and I like to front-load all my workflow And everything with the best system up front Our precision workstations are not only designed for the film maker and the editor But they're also certified we work very closely with our software partners So that our customers have a tried-and-true high performance experience and that's really important because these people are not just doing it for love many of them are professionals and this is their livelihood Dell precision workstations with Intel processors made our life easy we can build healthcare applications in ways that we're really limited in the past The vibe the creativity the innovation people pushing the art of storytelling forward I'm thrilled to be here and just be part of it working with the Dell team is really incredible because it allows me to focus on my passion it allows me to bring these stories back And connect them with people to say what am i doing to give back what am i doing to be the change we want and need to see on this planet

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Sundance Sizzles Video Featuring Dell Precision

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