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It's Pentecost Sunday – I'm lost for words What an extraordinary day Pentecost is. I mean, we've gone through from Christmas and the coming of Jesus to be part of our world in a place of such a mess and we've gone through to Holy Week an Good Friday and the Crucifixion our sins paid for, forgiveness offered, and then life bursting out of the tomb, the empty tomb, Easter Day Ascension and the confidence we get knowing that Jesus has completed his work. And he says before he ascends back to sit at the right hand of his Father, and to pray for us, he says, it's good that I go because I'm going to send you the Holy Spirit, and go into the city and pray. And the disciples go and they pray and they're all together united, and there's a lesson for us – we need a united church in prayer, and these 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come we do unite in prayer – there they are united and the Spirit comes. But of course like all the things God does it's not a one-off. This is the beginning of the greatest movement of people in human history, that has done more good for more people than anything else that has ever happened In this movement of people nations have been transformed, people have begun to care for the poor. Do you know in the second and third centuries AD the church was expanding at this colossal rate and the people outside the church were struck by the fact that Christians worked with the poor – because other people didn't. And that continues today. When the Spirit comes, Christians come together, they love one another more truly, they confess their sins, they humble themselves before God, they pray, they celebrate, they worship, they share their faith and they transform society. The world changes. Pentecost is amazing because it started what a colleague of mine calls the Jesus Movement. And in that Jesus Movement we are to be Jesus to the world today, because he has put his Spirit within us. What an extraordinary day we celebrate today. May God be praised and his name be glorified.

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