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Finland- Strong Performers and Successful Reformers

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I think one of the most important political issues is that we gonna have the system where all the pupils and all the people have the equal opportunities and education and it doesn't matter where are you living or are you rich or poor or are you a girl or a boy we wanna give equal opportunities for everyone. Strong performers and successful reformers in education Finland restructuralized totally basic education in 1970's it was a very centralistic reform, during 1980's we become to decentralized powers to municipalities expecially during 1990's, we decentralized a lot of decision-making powers to education providers, and even of course on our schools and teachers a lot, and that's of course because we had highly trained teachers we can actually give them many many tasks. Finland has consistently been one of the top-performers of all countries participating in PISA from 2000 to 2009. Now I'm going to read a story about some ducks and a fox. We have two ducks and a fox here. Now please listen, please concentrate and listen. In Finland we are moving our educational system, the basic education is very decentralized, so the municipality they are running the schools and they are the responsibles of the school but of course we have the basic education legislation It's in national level, and also we have the national core curricula but the schools and municipalities they have also much freedom themselves. Finland's decentralization of education in the 1990's required a strong, highly trained teaching force. Ok, who has read Naomi Klein's book "No Logo"? It's a bit difficult to say it in Swedish. It's ok, just explain it. It means that people like the brand, or the trademark more than the product itself. It's more important, the logo. The teaching profession in Finland has always been popular And this is what I hear in many other countries where teaching used to be a very popular profession amoung young people I think the good question is how Finland has been able to maintain teaching in school as something that atracts young people and I think that what distinguishes our schools from many others that we have been able to keep teaching profession, firstly intelectually atractive and interesting for teachers, in other words, our teachers they feel that they can use their knowledge and skills that they learned in teaching education fully, they have a role in curriculum, planning and desing, they have an important role in assessing students performance. Teacher as a profession is very appreciated in Finland, but it is interesting that it has maintained its appeal also to young Finns, it's one of the professions actually what comes after doctors and lawyers, very appealing one to young Finns. I think one of the main reasons behind the good learning outcomes and results is the good teacher education, all teachers they have masters degree from Universities in Finland because teachers profession is very highly appreciated in Finnish sociaty So It means that all universities they can select the best students to become a teacher, so of course it's hell because they can select the most motivated and best people to become a teacher. Our idea is that every teacher must be educated in Universities All teachers are master degree, it is very important By this way we hope we conect very well theory and practice. Our specialities is also teacher training schools where students who are in teacher education can practice those things which they have studied in theory in University. So the teacher trainees need to have certain amoung of years of their subject learned at the University before they can enter the teacher training program teacher training for subject teachers lasts four years So inicially they start with theory, they are at the University for some weeks then they come to us for a period of orientation where they meet their mentor teachers they get to see the classrooms and then there's a period during which they teach in pairs After that they go back to the University to get some more theory They also have now some experience They are able maybe to ask different questions because they have some experience from the practical side of things So it's kind of wave back and forth between coming to get the practical side at the school and going back to gain some more information regarding theory

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Posted by: innovacionmestrado on Jun 10, 2012

Finland has transformed teaching and teacher education over the course of 30 years. They have a teacher preparation program that is "research-based" and that has a brilliant effect on student learning. Finland is nunber one in international comparisons.

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