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Ferran Practica Exam

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It's felt like a victory rally For coalition of catalan pro-indipendence parties It's succeeded in turning this election into a vote on wether they origins should break away from Spain As the result came in they clame the head one a mandate to set apart two world independence the pro-independence movement hearing of Catalonia Aplacing this as a completely victory but it is not the win They wanted in outside they got them Majority of seats in the catalan's goverment but not the majority of votes They even have to team up with the small anti-capitalist and separatist party to have the majority of seats But Catalonia's president painted as ambiguest result as a clear success "We have won the plebiscite this is the important thing" "We have a clear absolute majority in votes in the catalan parlament to go ahead" The spanish government would say he and his movement failed But in the absent surreal referendum his supporters believe they can push their head "We don't get a majority in votes, we should question again the population of Catalonia" -The spanish government don't want to have a referendum. - That's the problem. -What happens after tonight? -A new government and the beggining of the process of independence, I think -Even of you don't have the 50% of the votes? -Yes, because I think it's not fured counting votes, if it's not a real referendum All objective is to declare independence Without the consent of Spanish state It's the tactic of the pro-independents movement To try to impress Madrid Into allowing a proper referendum Sam Barriage, BBC News, in Barcelona

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Ferran Practica Exam

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