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HoU 3 - The Prophecy

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 3 - The Prophecy (Veno) This is 'Veno'. Excuse me on my, previous 'farewell'. I was, speaking about, Anu so (laugh) and Anu Here. from the perspective of as i am, communicating and placing everything here as me and then speaking. So, I Veno, am continuing. So as I have said, Anu and the Anunnaki was and the.. 'king', race, god, of this particular, existence. As per, unspoken 'agreement', and acceptance. ok. Now, there was.. 'a prophecy', spoken. Before i get to the prophecy, let me here the- let me communicate to you about this. The moment, Anu, designed the human, race, to become 'slaves'. ok? When he, placed in the, Atlanteans, into the human physical body with the mind consciousness system. He had an Atlantean with him. Now this 'specific' Atlantean, placed, had the ability to basically place everything into the future, of existence, and see, Where it's going to be going? But only this particular Atlantean, had the ability to do so. So, this Atlantean after and now, Anu had designed and manifested his 'race', just to be slaves. His 'point of fear' that I have mentioned previously, because of the prophecy was the moment where he designed, the human race to becoming, a manifested 'design', for him to be able to exist 'infinitely', and for him to 'return' one day, to his own 'kingdom'. Wherein that whole, 'Jesus crap' comes from. So, this particular Atlantean, informed Anu, Now this was 'when', the human beings were merely designed slaves, said that: 'there will come one..' 'who will remove, existence, as it is - in one moment.' Anu was like: 'What? Impossible!' 'No! this is not going to happen.' 'This human beings is My Creation.' 'This existence I will make Mine.' 'I am That One.' 'That will be, all of existence as me.' That's the only way, of this 'prophecy' that this Atlantean had seen in the future, will not manifest. So, now you understand, why Anu did what he did. Why he had become, Why he had made then the human race, as infinite existence here on earth, for him to exist 'infinitely' on earth, and in heaven, in existence. So that, this 'prophecy', may not fulfill itself. Therefor, human beings had, because he.. Then he asked that of course the Atlantean: 'is he able to be pinpointed?' The, specific, apparent 'One'. She said: 'No'. He's just, 'One'. he's not of, anything. He's not..of your race, or of our race or of any, race in existence. said: 'he does not, exist yet'. Anu went: (stare) 'Impossible!' So, he said to the Atlantean: 'I'm not taking you into consideration', but! actually in truth, he was petrified. Because what did he want to become in existence? god! of all of these existences. God, earth, heaven, as one. So he 'set himself up' that way. and that's why human beings have become 'so extensively' enslaved. With mind consciousness systems, 'soul construct', the reincarnation construct. That earth and human beings, within which they exist will become the absolute 'prison'. Why? so that he can make sure, that this 'One', doesn't come, from either earth or heaven, and the only way he's able to ensure that, is if he establish everything as, 'a prison'. From that perspective, he enslaved 'existence'. said that: 'there is No Way..' 'this One, is going to change existence, and remove existence.' 'as we know it, in one moment. it is impossible.' So he designed the human race, through a period of 'time space continuum' to prepare 'existence here on earth' for him to return. So he has, 'power' of both earth, and heaven. So. and that's what he did. He, enslaved, this particular existence, within which he existed. He, 'enclosed it'. In other words, all the other existence is still existed, of course. But he 'enclosed them', he just wanted to make sure his existence is 'clear', because this.. Atlantean, tells him that he is one, so Here is his only one existence, so he must be probably, be coming somewhere 'from his existence'. So he is enclosing it. this is 'mine'. Therefor, split heaven earth, manifest 'earth' accordingly. For humanity to be enslaved for him to return, so that he can be god - of his existence. Later on, of course he started pulling in all the other, beings from all the other existences when he got more 'fearful'..of it. Then, you know, he kind of, started thinking outside the box say: but this One meaning that means 'all the existences'. So he enslaved all the other existences appropriately. God, there was multiple different way he did that, to be able to mention them right now. Probably be a list of about: 520? 521, 522 thousand ways. (chill) He enslaved different, universes, galaxies, existences, extensive. Ok, this is..Veno. and I'll continue, in my next interview. Thanks. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave, DesteniProdDemons: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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