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Líder indígena estadounidense reclama la aprobación de la ampliación de la Ley de Violencia Contra la Mujer

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A top Native American leader is urging House lawmakers to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and allow tribal governments to prosecute non-Native men who abuse women on tribal lands. Jefferson Keel, president of the National Congress of American Indians, made the remarks Thursday in his State of the Indian Nations address. He said the death rate of Native women on some reservations is 10 times the national average. Nearly 60 percent of Native women are married to non-Native men, and according to Justice Department data, non-Native men carry out nearly 90 percent of reported rapes against Native women. Keel said tribes still remain powerless. Today, tribes do not have the authority to prosecute non-Natives who beat, rape, or even kill women on tribal lands. State and federal authorities are often hundreds of miles away, without the local resources to investigate crimes. And in recent times, U.S. Attorneys have declined to prosecute a majority of violent crimes in Indian country — most of which are related to sexual abuse. No other government would stand for this violation of sovereignty or continued injustice. No other should, and no other government has to. The solution is simple. Congress must reauthorize the landmark Violence Against Women Act and assure that tribal governments have the authority to prosecute non-Native men accused of violence against women on tribal lands. The Senate has passed a version of the Violence Against Women Act that allows Native American courts to prosecute non-Native domestic violence suspects, as well as providing new protections for LGBT victims. House Speaker John Boehner signaled Thursday House Republicans may be open to considering the Senate version after initially blocking the bill’s reauthorization over the expanded protections. Muchas gracias por ver este reporte de Democracy Now! su informativo independiente diario. No aceptamos publicidad o financiación corporativa por lo que dependemos de la donaciones de telespectadores como usted. Por favor, haga su contribución visitando, necesitamos su apoyo hoy para continuar ofreciéndoles estos impactantes reportajes en profundidad.

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Posted by: democracynowes on Feb 15, 2013

Líder indígena estadounidense reclama la aprobación de la ampliación de la Ley de Violencia Contra la Mujer

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