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The Redesign of our MIND

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  • Invite a user to Dotsub Presents for The Venus Project One way or another, we will end up in a system that's not based on money as we know it today. Why? Because that will be realized, in the future, by historians as the total and pivotal cause of the destruction of civilization as we know it. Presents for The Venus Project We're not born with prejudice, and bigotry, and anger, and greed. It's really generated and nurtured by the environment that we live in. That's why we feel that unless you change your environment, and change the experiences, we'll get the same aberrant behavior within people, unless the environment is changed. Presents for The Venus Project People always ask, "How much will it cost to put up these new cities?" "Do we have the resources to do it?" That's the question. Not, "How much does it cost?" That's the old question, during the monetary system. Presents for The Venus Project I don't want to see humanity suffer, I don't want to see the population start to shrink because of our lack of energy and food. I don't want to see these things happen, but I know, sadly, that a good portion of it is gonna happen, until people start to wake up and recognize a new paradigm that's on the horizon that we must drive forward to as fast as humanly possible. People don't understand the tremendous advantages, that technology, if used intelligently if we use the same kind of intelligence that we use in military development, we could have solved many social problems years ago. We don't. Because of the separate disciplines of science. The Venus Project The Venus Project is not only about cities though. If we took the same people and moved them into beautiful cities, without a change of direction, a change of social design, and a value system, we'd still have wars, poverty, hunger, crime, and territorial disputes. Presents for The Venus Project So, I hate to sound condescending and negative, I hate to throw out all this rhetoric but, I'm fairly irritated at this point, and I try not to be. I just want to make it understood that the entire system that we live in is a sham. It's a false system. Falsivity defined by the fact that it cannot be sustained. It's that simple. And we propose a Resource Based Economy. I hope everyone watching this film will go to and understand what we're doing. I hope everyone out there will understand that, either we change or we die. Presents for The Venus Project It's amazing how simple their associative system is. People say, you know, they think they had a conscience guys who turned the gas chambers on. They had no conscience, didn't bother them at all. Not at all. The guy that didn't sleep well was the humanist, troubled by all this. See, the humanist doesn't understand that a human being can be conditioned to cut up people, torture them, do anything, anything, without feeling any kind of pain at all. In fact, waiting for the next event. Nobody out there is to be blamed for their behavior, is what I'm trying to say. Wake Up! Time is Now! Join the Movement The Zeitgeist Movement For The Venus Project

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Duration: 4 minutes and 5 seconds
Country: Brazil
Language: English
Producer: Dennis Yee Avatar ( TZM4TVP )
Director: Dennis Yee Avatar ( TZM4TVP )
Views: 34
Posted by: ltiofficial on Dec 14, 2018

Made by: Dennis Yee Avatar ( TZM4TVP )

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