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Coach Sina

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"Ove" is don't You con't toushing but feelen!! I eeeveryday open a life. For what??? For benny famous?? Ah yam famous. For I be rish?? I am rish. For I be happy ?? I am happy also. BUT!!! If youzss.. Wek'Up tomorrow... Have great life.. And come me thank you Queen Sina This enough for me! I dont need noting I be more happy Automatic!! Face to face I be moore happy ffff of you! of other! of sheez! of them. Ya'hh or No!! I rown lier..I don't need lier Yes,Yes,Yes I wanna more famous ..of course For I seirch of the wold who is it love me Who is it "underess stand" to me is very difficult Difficult! difficult! fand people thiz word! Naaw!! Todaaye! LOVE YOU DIFFICULT Thanks for God I m lovely ! Eeevery place people love me But I want more...other....people ... BE LOVE ME MORE! And they whant toch OOORR you Fff for with me feenally queen sina with lovers together Fantastic!! Yes fantax.. if todaaaay I see you adviiiiiise I give you dancing..I do music free Tomorrow I call u...I say u come with me Fillen together and onjoy together is be happen Is be happen LOVE! Relay'nship.. Roll'eye n'ship...okaaay? I wanna drink someting because I feel tire, I have to singing maybe noow For no body borren more..I give advice WEAKUP UP!...UP!...UP!...UP!...UP!...UP! Fellow yourr have to lewren you have to education You have be tired for your be one time Queen or Kiiing What you tink of king of queen of the word's Are milliardaire,are miniardaire?? ey'zy?? Is coming from skaaaye?? NO BABY!!! NO!..NO!..NO!..NO!..NO!..NO!... Iz coming for work heart work! I am wizz tits Time Five Yours All Do Four Yours All Dendecraysh Am Starting education Travelling Rangwidges Eeeeveryting now, I funded this I was wore'kip money..kip money...give money..give money Give Bobby...give myfriend..give peobple I fund this now! I was give advice of the old pierson of the word I found now my greent people and the word give me advice also If u do good u will be fund the good, if u do bad be find and you be meet more bad If you do good you will be meat good and we'll be take it good If you are bad you will be c just a bad and you will be take it bed... That's all that's story...Finish! Don't say here and talk with me bitch you say my boossy my azz my pups ??? Fuck you!! You are lowzer women Mouhim hna Hzaq liha lefreyekh meskina Masebratch bezzaf ala chakhsseya

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Posted by: lourayad on Jan 2, 2019

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