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2017 GSA General Election Masoud Khademi Candidate for Vice President External

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- Hi, my name in sarah prescott, and I'm vice chair of elections and referenda committee Hi everyone, my is Masoud and this year I am running for Vice-President External -right, so I will be asking Masoud 3 questions -question 1 and question 2 were communicated in advance but the last question is not being communicated -each question is associated with a time limit which I will note before asking the question. and the time will starts once I finished reading the question. -Masoud, you have 45 seconds to answer this question; please introduce yourself and tell us what motivated you to run for this position? My name is Masoud , I'm a third year PhD student in department of Civil and Environmental Engineering I'm also a Research Assistant at Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group Let me be clear on this question In any imperfect situations , we all probably more inclined to complain about the problems rather than taking action and solve the issues Now, considering the current quality of life of an average grad-student here at U of A and his/her academic or professional success I strongly believe, there are lots of rooms for improvement but to get there, We need people to step in and take actions That's why, I decided to run and be part of the solution and part of this positive change -thanks you, you have 90 seconds to answer the following question, -What do you view as the most pressing issue in your portfolio, and how would you approach resolving this issue? There are numerous issues facing grad-students. from Lack of subsidies in their food court and residences, Power imbalance between the supervisors and students, Unclear future for the tuition fees, the whole range of mental health issues, Inequity in terms of funding and work load, and so many others but the most pressing ones that I'm gonna tackle this year, are Ensuring Safe, Secure, and Sustainable residence experiences for everyone who lives in dorms and family-houses also providing a high-quality work space for all grad-students The other thing is developing more Predictable & Affordable tuition and funding packages the other thing; last but not least, I should say We are trying to advocate for those International students who would rather to stay in Canada after they are done with school I think, nothing can be done in isolation and to get all these goals we need to build a collegial, respectful collaboration with all university stakeholders, and sometime with the provincial and federal goverments I believe our main role as a DEO (Directly Elected Officer) is To Be Graduate-Students' Voice and bridge their concerns to the university administratives and push them as hard an we can to get the RIGHT job DONE - okay, finally and you have 45 seconds to answer this question -if you could either become any super hero or have any super power; which would you have or become and why? If I'd take one of these two, I would have the... being the super hero is not my choice, but having a super power I'd be more inclined to have a super power and in that case, what I'm planning to do is go all around the world , and eliminate the poverty from scratch Get rid of the poverty, Once forever -Okay and thank you for your time and best of luck in the general election Thank you

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Posted by: masoud.khademi on Feb 22, 2017

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