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La réconciliation des hommes et des femmes - 4min

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At certain moments, during constellations, it is important, to do an exercise of reconciliation between women and men, because, in the female line, there is a lot of, a lot of fear remains and there is still a lot of anger towards men, against the male line and against men in general. So it is normal that you feel closer to these women. So it's a personal exercise of reconciliation, but it is often a more collective exercise between entire lines which should be done That's why it's so important to attend training for constellations because, sometimes, we do a more global exercise, where we do a constellation which reconciles women, or occasionally, we create a circle of men but something moves in the soul of all who participate. And that's why it's important. Often it's not necessary to go into the details of what has happened because we know, we know what's going on. Women have suffered from male violence and stupidity for centuries. So they have started to get their revenge in the last few years and they are going to continue to make men pay dearly for what they have done over the centuries and we, we can already start to try to get even more ahead, to create an era where women will no longer submit to male violence and where they will no longer take their revenge, but the step just after that, where reconciliation is possible. And one day, we will understand that the one and only solution is reconciliation. Sometimes we also call that forgiveness. We must be reconciled every day. In the morning when you get up, first reconcile yourself with what is. Be like the sun, bring light to everyone : the good and the bad. That's how you should get up in the morning. And to do that you must have goodwill towards everyone, the good and the bad. All in the same boat, there you go, you're fine with everyone. While most of the time, you get up in the morning, you're still annoyed with the person that you were annoyed with the day before. And that's not good. You can't make any headway like that. That will only prolong the violence and the resentment from the past. There's only one way to overcome that: Every morning, it's a new day which dawns and it really is new. We decide that it is new. And the type 1s will say : "Yes, but where is the justice in that?". Justice, you can leave that to karma or if you believe in God, in hands of God, or whomever you like. But you, you don't do that. You, rise above all that. You, be like the sun. So, have a nice day.

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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Feb 27, 2014

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