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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~22:56:24 - 23:11:54

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I was going to go, but I didn't... there was trouble, there were a few things going on I know, there was a lot going on Yeah and I stayed away. I was going to be performing late at night Afterwards, late at night wasn't it? So we performed with the guitar...on the street, drinking Maria Laura said it was really nice... Who? Lala, Maria Laura Yeah, we usually do that, on the street With the amplifier We put the "ampli" on the street...Tum te tum tum tum And the neighbors, what do they do? Don't you have any annoying neighbor who complains? Not at weekends, the slum is under control Ah weekends are ok... We only stopped because of a guy who dealt there. We heard the police had got him, then we got the news they had killed him so we stopped, not out of fear but out of respect and went to sleep... My...gosh... Look at that the guy... He is the one who was singing here Yeah, I know. he looks like... Looks like who? You wouldn't know him... You said "he looks like Eminem" so I said wow...far off hein? What is your name? Mine is Luis Is he your brother? Friend! Fabiano Vieira de Morais Júnior Oh complete hein...darn Do you live here? We live in Interlagos Interlagos? I live close by, I live in Guarajá nest door...before Guarajá Iporanga Is that Interlagos? Why did you say Interlagos then? My mom and dad come from Interlagos bro I thought you said you lived in Interlagos I live close by, don't know anything around here bro Where are the guys who were singing? Where are they? Circulating... Do you have a band? I have a reggae band only it is a bit broke because of the drummer Drummers are all... Do you rap? Also Sing us some rap... Not possible You sing some rap there We don't know how... Be quiet... It is a crazy life...blackman in the is a crazy life ... don't are singing there Now you sing I can't sing...I already sang there, didn't you see me singing there? I think you saw me singing there No way, I am exausted already, I am tired. I on off already man You have been singing since when? Me? Since yesterday at midnight...until today Don't you stop filming? Alright mate? Hey? Don't you stop filming? 24 hours...Does that one sing too? ...and my grandmother is from Baía...brasilien Can I take a sip? It is a mix...It is a very mix... no, it is a very mix up. Don't people call you japanese? That is the thing... Did that come for us? No, I bought it... Paulinho is over there, tell him to find something nice for us Say to him "Rael asked if you could get something nice for us" Who is Paulinho? Paulo Manuel, there is Paulo there Really, M? But was he in the scheme...? Ah but he is here, isn't it João? How was the show? Short? Enough to play a bit... Annoying...but it was nice But that is how it is because they have an order for is their last day It all has to be done by eleven and we went a little bit over, but that is the way it works man Ah, I really enjoyed have to let me know about the others Ok... we will let you know about the others Especially in my neighborhood There will be one...the closest is on the 26th, in a space in Interlagos, in a new place that opened on Robert Kennedy A real show big The stage is about four times this one here How nice...I'll be travelling around for six weeks in June and July... No you had said, I think that on the first you will have to be travelling, isn't it? Right. No it's the 29th really Will you do the others? You are missing how many? Eight I need... we are short of money You've done two? Now...ten minutes from now we will have done two and we have three teams ready to do others and we need to find five more teams In other places... And find the money...we have money for one more and that will be in London and then finding... Ah but you will find it, it's a good thing. And the idea is to show it to whom? How will you articulate it? Well, the idea is to have in several place like this, it can be in museums but i think it's nicer if it is just in public places Like an empty flat, in a building with easy access. A tube station, inside a tube station... It's crazy... Space in an airport, like where people have a lot of time in an airport It is like that in several countries, that is the idea... Nice, nice, I'll be showing in different countries...nice Even here in São Paulo, we are looking into venues here. We have an offer from a gallerie that has a huge covered area in Califórnia (avenue) they are ready to...accept Nice...I wish you good luck...nice initiative were a big help It took a while, also to make it, but I think it isn't for the fact that I am appearing but also because you are covering what really happens in the world man... I was't worried about the fact that I am appearing here but with the things that happen where I live, what I do, where I go... Here is not where I live, I don't even know the people here but it is where I move in life really This was great, this was another world for me for sure. I've never seen this São Paulo... This São Paulo... You weren't there for capoeira down were sleeping weren't you? But you'll see, you'll see... Tomorrow I'll start watching and editing And that material will I have access to it or not? You will, you will... it depends... well, now... No, no, I am not in a hurry at all We, we want to put it all online, every 24 hours When the technology is exhibited You can imagine more things, otherwise it is too heavy Exactly, but we will make a DVD with a compress version for you, for sure It is going to be nice Sure... Where is Quiquo? Where is that drink you had bro, just to close up the night Even though I will carry on now... Don't know if we all fit in there man... We do man I still have seven minutes to go... There are several countries... That is more or less what he said...several people from each country The majority are from Asia aren't they? Six from Asia and four from the rest...the corners of the world 24 hours on your back... Let's go No, yeah, I get it. They even filmed me snoring man. I snored, afterwards you'll see it. I don't know if I snore... Oh Ramano... satisfaction there man... You're crazy man Did you enjoy it? Man, not only did I enjoy it, I appreciated it because I...I don't have time even to enjoy it Israel I went there for you bro, from here bro Call me crazy talking like this You know bro...feet on the floor are feet on the floor, but hit me head on and you're gone It's a rap Lion...lion... Like it or not, we are family. The cumplicity is big...imense But what matters is to do it. You go home and get some rest Go with God, go in peace and at the launch of our cd "Produto Louco" (Crazy product) and I will call Pedro for sure, you get it? I will definitely invite you Probably...I don't know about the others who are out of state... but at least it is not mine not my street, you can be sure you'll be there and it is like this...we'll introduce will not be this old sound I had the damned sound changed, my thing is PA only man That sound bro Where is my cap bro? Which one, the brown cap? The green It is an is an is an assault And then what? Bro, Pedrão look. It's like this...He is the president of the ONG and the founder of Produto Louco I sing with him and there is a kid who sings with us... and it is up to him. He is my right arm, left, foot... Quiquão...? And then what...Black...Crazy Black...I invited them here if God blesses our cd Let's go? Get out of my way bro We'll agree on midnight bro. Only four minutes to go We'll have to go... transfer. Got it, thanks Have a good trip guys And I apologize for the sound No, what is that, with God bro Strong bro. Ok...thank you. Go with God Ah so it took a while, we'll leave it at that. I'll stay for three minutes bro You are, you have to, right? Give me that coffee, go go go What is up? Chop chop chop Girl, immense satisfaction man Me too. Congratulations We'll see each other, later on. Oh congratulations to you bro You'll let me know, since I'll be involved Will I be involved? Bye, see you later, hein. Satisfaction...oh what is that? Thank you very much You are very welcome. It was a pleasure Oh come on Ok, worth it... Ok, ok bro... we'll see you around later on, I'll want to see that thing of the people's museum Bye gorgeous, pleasure is all mine hein? Good luck Bro, solid Oh it even made noise... Very good show bro Solid, real solid Firm took a while hein? Rael, I thought...I tought... It will switch off, it will switch off No but let me have a look man... It will switch off, it will switch off, but let me see... He'll switch it i need to say bye to anyone? Wait, wait... That is it everyone, solid. Seize the day and let's live, wake up to life, wake up to life Wake up to life right? No, it's smooth, it's smooth, it's smooth Hello mate... He is going to drive us... Ah will he? So wake up to life too right? Is that it? Will you have everyone there? I'll be there, me and Black It has been ages since I go to a dance Oh Paulinho, what happened man? Were you fined? Will I be able to date there? I don't know, let's get into the van...and then start to switch off Solid No, no, no...we are missing one Congratulations, I love you all We are all togetther Rael, Rael, Rael... I'll be the last one to speak just to say goodbye to the group Thanks Rael Solid man I miss you already. Solid bro, I haven't said goodbye to you We can have a beer Get over there, you live close by don't you? Oh it took a while Solid bro But you know it was the fourth time for us today Four to two is ok for you? Four to two is ok for you? You don't even have to say it Hey I am liking that girl in the green eyes. Ô I am liking you. Hey oh (whistles) No Pedro, damn... Oh I like that girl there Tell her, bro. Tell her, take the chance and live Pedrão. Pedrão. Take it easy, take it easy. See...

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