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MESSAGE 02 관점의 변화1

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People say that the church of Korea is in a downfall and the leaders of the chuch also are struggling, but when we look closely in to the essence of the problem, it is not one individual's problem. All the noise babbling about who has stumbled, what pastor has sinned, what church has a problem.... But you have to be able to see the 'essence' In the days of Martin Luther, the church was very corrupt. People could even find corpses of babies in the underground of catheral and monastery It was the nuns throwing away their babies after they were born. The clerics at the time were so obsessed with wealth, power, and so the 'religion' was very corrupt. But Martin Luther didn't go about and say the Pope is wrong or the bishop and cardinals were wrong. Rather he said the problem stems from the wrongness of how we understand the word of God. Luther put out so called 'Martin Luther's 95 thesis'. It suggested 'The righteous shall live by faith' So how the priests taught people were 'When your good doings come to right amount, you'll earn salvation and so will your anscestors. When the golden coin drops to the offertory box, with the sound of the coin ringing the ancestors not yet saved will be sent to Heaven.' Basically, they taught people their good doings may become the grounds for their salvation. People just believed this because this meant if they did good things, it becomes a reason for their salvation. Luther went through this and thought the doctrine must be wrong. He urged that the righteous may live not by our deed but only by grace alone, through faith alone, So we can only 'receive' His grace. This meant a big change in the ecclesiology. 'Doctrine' is the very basic logic. The basic logic of knowing God is the doctrine of Christianity. Right? When somebody corrected the misinterpretation of the Bible, and turn it all over letting others know what has been wrong, there came a new history. When looking through the history, we can find that traditionally there have been two standpoints in Christianity; the relationship between 'Romans', and 'James' In Romans it says 'the righteous shall live by faith' However in James, it is said that “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” So it's saying that it's wrong to 'not act' just because we believe in God. But after the Protestant Reformation, this kept him back. Luther emphasized being saved by 'faith alone', however in James it said faith is dead if not accompanied by action. This got into his mind and he called this part of James ‘a right strawy Epistel’. He said James is of course one of the books of Bible, but it's like a strawy Epistel. And he hated interpreting the book. It's not difficult to understand why Luther had to say that at the time, but if you think it over, is James wrong? No, it is not. But this controversy regarding James and Romans, actually goes far back to the controversy of Augustin and Pelagius. What Augustin said was 'grace alone', which exactly matches what Calvin said. 'salvation only by grace and faith' Then Pelagius appeared and said 'No, not only by faith but since humans have free will, they must’ carry out justice and live for sanctification. After the debate over these two ideas, people took the opinion of Augustin and it became the mainstream of the belief. But everyone, is Pelagius all wrong? No, the 'most' of Pelagius' opinion has some problem, but we can't just ignore all of it. It's like we can't ignore James. But you see, in the history of Christianity, when people have more weigh on 'James' God emphasizes 'Romans' and vice versa In the 18th century, Protestantism terribly collapsed. Because people belived if they could all be saved if they believed, their living as a Christian was well weakened. Then John Wesley appeared and said “A true Christian should struggle to realize the entire sanctification in one’s life. And to be a genuine Christian, people should advance to the space of that sanctification.” God gave us free will. And he refuted Calvin’s doctrine. Do you know what of the Calvin’s doctrine that Presbyterian Church and main stream of Christian Church deeply believed in? It was that humankind is of total depravity. And then that God made limited choice among corrupt men. It means not all people are saved. And more specifically, limited chosen men are unconditionally predestinated. And then God pours his irresistible grace to them. The chosen cannot reject god’s grace even if he wants to. And he is protected by god until he finally reaches heaven. So he can never fall off to hell because God protects him throughout his whole life. And ultimately he is lead to Heaven by God. This is called ‘perseverance of saints.’ Who have the authority to lead? God has. So the most basic of presbyterian doctrine’s is absolute sovereignty of God. God chooses who to be saved, predestinate their life, gives theim grace, leads till the end until salvation. So in a certain sense, humans are very passive. But in holland, Almanian refuted Calvin's doctrine. Almanian refuted Calvin's doctrine one by one. Almanian refuted Calvin's doctrine one by one. First of all, he argued against men being entirely corrupt. What he said was that men has ‘original sin’, but God gave us free will so have the right to choose choice to free ourselves from absolute corruption. And secondly, he argued against 'God unconditionally predestinating humans'. His opinion was that 'God doesn't predestinate, He just foreknows everything so it seems like predestination.' Then, he argued it is not limited choosing, the belief of salvation is from the men's selection because God gave us free will And men can choose whether to believe with his free will.' So it is not irresistible grace but resistible grace. Resistible grace means that men can refuse God’s given grace. Almanian also refuted the perseverance of saints. He argued if chosen men fall to sin, then he could be separated from God. So think about this, Almanian emphasized men’s free will. But Calvin’s doctrine emphasized the God’s absolute sovereignty than men’s free will. I am the Presbyterian pastor. Do I believe Calvin’s doctrine, or not? I do. Because in my experience, and in my confession of faith, Calvin’s doctrine is more correct. Because as I said before when I told about the doctrine of predestination. I couldn’t be here as a pastor if there weren’t God’s choosing and God’s leading and God’s grace. So if you don't think Jesus chose and called you, it doesn't make sense that you chose Jesus with your free will. And I am not that kind of a person who could follow Jesus. In fact I think what Arminian said is important to consider. Why I have come to this conclusion is, well it ’s true that Calvinism stands right. But Arminian make sense too. When Protestantism emphasized ‘faith alone’ people weakened in action and devotion, so God worked through Wesley at the time who based his Christianity on what? Arminianism. On the belief ‘People can work towards sanctification by their free will and their own choice.’ by their free will and their own choice.’ This emphasis revived churches of England. So it means the emphasis on ‘more devotion sacrifice, and living rightfully for God chosen with the given free will’ brought up the revival. But you see in Korean church, when Koreans were are in poverty, having nothing to eat, especially in 6.25, Korean war, emphasizing the grace of God saying ‘ You shall be saved if only you believe in Jesus, open your mouth wide and I will fill it’ … so is this wrong? Is it right or not that ‘those who are sick would recover, hungry would be filled and the grace and blessing of Jesus would be upon you’ It is right. This is right and people needed the emphasis of that point of view at the time. Then what happened was, gospel became a cheap article. People were not willing to devote themselves to Jesus anymore and kept to it till now. And now, they are locked up in the frame of very selfish belief. People applied the gospel in a way that was beneficial for them. The basic problem of church losing power these days is misunderstanding of the Bible thinking they are already saved and doing nothing. It’ s similar to the case of Martin Luther's not tackling pope and his people's ethical problems. Rather he went straight to tackle the actual doctrine the church was holding. So Luther didn't go about individual's ethical matters but went straight against the doctrine. Everyone, the downfall of the Korean church is not a problem about which pastor has done wrong. There's fundamentally a problem in the 'truth'. The reason for us being 'here' in corruption is misinterperting the word of God, and not accepting it as we should. So, what is the fundamental problem? I see the problem as the wrong interpretation of the essence of the Bible that is widespread in Korean church. You know, if I were to preach in front of some ten thousand people, what should I talk about? The gospel, of course, and then there has to be something after that, and then there has to be something after that, What to emphasize, Calvinism or Arminian? Throughout the whole history in an absoulte sense, I would go for Calvin, of course, that has to be, that goes first. Without the grace of God, 'free will' doesn't do. But the problem is that for each era, we need 'balance' and we need to realize why something is going wrong. In the 18th century, the world needed the emphasis of Arminian. And in the time of Martin Luther we more weight needed to be on Calvin. So now, which part do you need? Today, we need the emphasis of James, in Korean church. So after all, Romans is right, and James is right. And as for now? The church of Korea needs James. This is just a matter of where the emphasis is on. There is a problem to the gospel general Christians believe in. And I would have to tell you, that I'm not going against Calvins doctrine. You see, gospel has been overly down priced for years. People do not usually understand that God deals with those who has once been saved till the end. that God deals with those who has once been saved till the end. This is just not right and we have to wake up. So the change comes depending on where you put more weight. See now we can see why the gospel has become so cheap nd now has come the situation where we have to be so happy with the teenagers just by going to the church once a week. So if this is the reality, it makes sens that the verse in James “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” is emphasized. It's not complicated. Looking through the history of the church, and look back at the steps God worked through, we can easily find the answer. Answer lies nowhere complicated. So now is the time your actions should be stressed. And this should come its way at the podium of the church.

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관점의 변화

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