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2012_02_06_weather forecast

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Hello, there. The extremely cold weather is set to continue across Europe as we go to the new week with some significant snowfall coming in through the West and also with low pressure through the Mediterranean. Some very strong winds, gale force winds, giving some very rough seas as well. So we're likely to see a period of snowfall across parts of Spain and the Pyrenees, still bitterly cold in many areas, and with the winds picking up of course that will make it feel even colder. You can see some light snowfall getting across into Scandinavia as well, but the temperature's down to minus 9 in Berlin. It is really extreme at the moment. Some bitterly cold- almost dangerously cold weather- out and about with us. Strong winds continuing. And look at this in the Mediterranean, this is with us through the weekend and into the start of the new week Heavy rains, very strong winds and some small significant snow for the likes of Italy, Greece, the Balkans, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and it's creeping its way north with a northeastern wind as well, across into Turkey- sorry, yes, it's very unsettled weather across Turkey- and also the western side of Russia could see some snow for a time. Still, only minus 12 a high in Moscow. So that cold weather is with us- stays with us- until the middle of the week as well. So pretty chilly in Madrid, No doubt some freezing fog around us to add the woes of the snow, the ice and those bitter winds which make you feel even colder than the temperatures would suggest

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Posted by: totleigh on Feb 5, 2012

2012_02_06_weather forecast BBC news

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