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2018 - Party Central Training

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Hey, guys, thanks so much for joining me today. I just want to welcome our directors and our organizational leaders to the training. And I know we probably have some business leaders as well. Thanks so much for joining us today. We're going to go through just some quick things because exciting. You guys are now invited to the Playground for Party Central. I just want to go through a few things with you today and start out the training. And hopefully, you'll join us for a few weeks coming up. All right, so we'll go ahead and get into it. Today on the agenda, we're going to summarize what's coming up in the next few weeks so that you know what's planned. We're going to talk about what this Party Central Playground is and give you some important information to help you navigate through that Playground. We're going to show you how you can provide feedback as you find things as you go through the Playground. And then we're going to talk about the dashboard and the navigation. So just a little bit of scheduling information, it always helps to know what's going on. So the business leaders joined the Playground four weeks ago, right after you guys got the video telling in the worst and over kind of teased about the Playground and then today, of course, directors and organizational leaders are joining. And then on July 26th, we'll invite the entire Salesforce to play in the Playground. And then in September, after the August sales, that's when we're going to start the roll out and we'll talk about that more as we get closer to it, but I just wanted to give you guys sort of an idea of what's going on. And then the training schedule for our Directors and Org leaders. Today, we're, of course, going through the things I shared with you, we'll have more training next Thursday at noon, the 28th of June. We'll go over dating a Party, adding guests, entering orders. And then we won't have any training Thursday, the 5th, because it's right after the holiday. I know a lot of us are traveling. And then on July 12th, we'll finish up your specific training with guest and host access and closing the Party. And then the next week, we'll start training for everyone. All right. So what is the Playground? Just went up, take a few minutes and talk about why we're calling this a Playground? And I love this image for that because when you think about a kid who goes to the Playground for the first time and they're looking at all of this really big equipment and they see the monkey bars and they're may be afraid to try them and they see the swinging bridge and they might try to go across it and really slowly and very carefully, and then after they've been to the Playground several times now they're running across that bridge and they're flying through the monkey bars because they've had time to play and they feel comfortable. And that's exactly what we're trying to give you, guys, is a chance to play and play, and feel comfortable, right, because this is a really big change from the system that we've had now for so many years. And you need the time in there to feel comfortable. So even though you're going to go and you're going to notice there are some things that aren't quite ready and I'm going to go through those with you, it's just important that you play around, that you click around, that you get comfortable so, you know, don't think of this as, "Oh, if I have time, I'll do it." You try to actually schedule sometime over the next four weeks to go and play around. And it's going to really be helpful to you and then also to your teams and your organizations as you help train them when they come into the Playground. All right, so again, this is a demo. I think of it as a training ground, a preview, a test testing environment. It's not real. Okay, so you can't put real parties or orders in it because it's not connected to anything that's live. So this is just a play. And there's no links currently between the system and My.Tupperware or My Sales, or Now all the data that you enter into the Playground, just want to give you a heads up, it could be lost at any minute, right, because as you guys are playing we're actually going to be adding things to the Playground because we're still in our development process. So for example, next week we're going to be adding a few new functionalities into the system, and you might notice that you entered some orders this week and now they're gone next week. So if that happens, if you happen to go in and something's not working quite right, like you're trying to add an order and it's not quite working. You know, give us a few minutes or give us a few hours, we're probably just adding some things to the system, come back, and start again. All right? And then, of course, at the end, when the Playground is done, we're not going to be moving any of the data that's in the Playground into our live system. So just know that all of that is just to play and you don't want to go in, for example, and a bunch of customer information because it'll be gone. When you do log into the Playground, you're going to get a pop up, just reminding you that each time, you know... Don't forget, this is a Playground. It's not real, all right? We don't want anyone putting in a Party and expecting something to happen, something to ship. So I mentioned, we're letting you guys in early, so there are some things that aren't quite ready because we're still developing them. And this is just a list of some of those things that aren't yet ready for the Playground. So fundraisers, cash & carry, sales aid bonus points. You can say that a Party is TupperConnected, but you won't be able to view any of the display of that TupperConnect Party. We're not going to be standing emails right now from the Party Central Playground, no SMS for invitations. I'm going to give you some fake credit cards to use, but we don't have Tupperware Card payments that are, you know, cards that you can use for that so that's not turned on right now. And then you won't be able to see any shipping information and the global navigation, we're still cooking on that one, so those aren't quite ready for the Playground. So this was in the email that you got today definitely save that email, also this training that we're doing today is going to be in the training section of My.Tupperware and the digital and social media section just for Directors and up so you can go in probably early Monday and be able to see this here. But in order to get in, you're going to go to and then your login information is your Consultant ID and the password partydemo123. And we just ask that you not share your login with anyone that this is your login. We're going to give everyone a chance to play in the Playground on July 26th. We'll invite, you know, your teams and your organizations, but for now this access is for you. So please, just keep it to yourself. Now mention some testing credit card information. Obviously, you're not going to put your credit card in when you're placing a test order in the Playground, so we have for you some test or fake credit card numbers that you can use. You can choose any of these. And just know that when you place an order up to $1,000 that it will be approved. If you try to place an order for more than $1,000, it will be denied, it will fail, and that's just because we use these cards and we need to see them fail for certain things, we need to see the error, so we have it set up that way. So just try to keep those orders under $1,000. And then, of course, we want to get your feedback. And so it's very important that if you find a bug, if you have a question, if there's a comment that you go to this form that we've created and put in that feedback. And it's just at, and additional few questions that we'll ask you to fill out there. You can even attach screenshots, and that's very helpful to us because then we can go back in and see what you guys are seeing. All right, so let's move on. That's all the important information I have to give you today. I just want to show you a couple of things for this week and I want to start with the dashboard. The dashboard is actually where you land when you first log into Party Central, and you'll see that you have your navigation on the left, you have recent order in the middle and you have your open party is over on the right. So this is really recent information that is pertinent to what's going on for you. And I want to focus in on the open parties. I'll zoom in on that. This is on the right. And you'll see that each party that you have listed here, that's open, it's going to have a little block, right? It's going to start with that blue square that has the date and the time of the party and then each little block has the party's description, it has the reference number, the host name and address and has your RSVP information, and then it also has the status and the sales. So this is a really nice little summary of each party listed right there on the dashboard for you. And if you look at the mobile view that you have that same view there, right? On the dashboard, you're going to see those open parties first at the top and your recent orders at the bottom, so that looks the same on both. If we look at that open party section, you'll see at the top, it says "Closed Parties." If we click there, now we can see our recently closed parties as well, and the same on the mobile view. All right. So the date book. Let's talk about the date book just a little bit. So over on the left in the navigation, the second option is my Date Book, and when you click there you have three different views that are given to you for your Date Book. And when we say Date Book, this is really all of your parties that you have planned in this little digital Day Book online, so the first few is the Agenda View and that's what we're looking at here on the screen and it's just a list and it shows you those little blocks for each Party that is coming up. And you can change the date range. It defaults to its day plus 30 days, but you can change the date range here in this box on the right and that will change which parties you're seeing on the Agenda View. Looks the same on the mobile except the dates that you choose are up at the top. The next view is the Calendar View. This is probably my favorite view for when you're dating a Party, maybe you're sitting, maybe at a Party you're asking people to date into the next Party, and you can open up this Calendar View on your phone and show them which dates are available. I really like this view. Obviously, this looks like a calendar. At the moment, it only shows you parties. You can't synchronize it with another calendar or add anything else. Right now it's just parties, okay. That's how we're getting started. You can use these little arrows on the right underneath the Action button, so you go back a month or forward a month then you can just use that to navigate the Calendar View. And it's the same on the mobile view as well. And then finally, we have the Map View. This is really cool. You can see all of the parties you have coming up as pen points on a map. And you can change the date here, the same way you did on the Agenda View. You have that little block or box on the right under the Action button. And it looks the same on the mobile device. And I'll show you guys next week. It's really cool too when you click on the little pens in this Map View, it opens up a neat view of each Party. So I'll show you guys that next week. And, of course, you can see that yourself if you go in and play. And then we'll move on. The last thing I want to touch on today is navigation. You know, it helps to be able to know how to get around. So the main navigation for Party Central when you're on the desktop view, it's over on the left, it's that sort of tealish green bar on the left. And the first thing you have there is the dashboard and then you have the Date Book as well and then my customer, it's there and my history. The next piece of navigation that's really important is this plus symbol on the top right-hand corner and that we call the Action button. And this Action button is actually kind of smart. It knows what page you're on and based on what page you're on the options available to you will be different. When you click that Action button, it drops down the options that are available to you and then it changes to a dark blue X. And if you're done with that navigation, you can click the X to collapse it or you can choose which option you want from here. These are just a couple of ways that you see that action options on the dashboard menu, you can see, you can do a New Party, a New Fundraiser, and a Non-Party Order, but if you're inside the actual party, then your options change to at Order, at Dating and Guests, and Close Party. Now if you're on the mobile view, obviously there's no room on the left for that left navigation so it's collapsed up into this little hamburger menu. Those three horizontal lines in the top left, and if you click on those lines it will expand that left navigation out. And if you click on Party, it's going to open up the options. And right now those options don't quite match what you see in the desktop view, but you should see those options matching very soon. The Action button is also on the mobile view, but instead of being in the top right-hand corner, it's in the bottom right-hand corner. And when you click on it, the options actually pop up. And that's all I have for today. I have some time for questions. Jermaine, do we have any questions in the chat? Hi, Anna, yes, we do have a few questions that I come through most of them, but there's a few that I haven't got to just yet. So let me just start at the top. First question was from Ellen S. Well, would be able to search for close parties, no longer showing on the dashboard? Yes, so one of the great things about this is the search. And, you know, the search is going to work a whole lot better once you guys are entering in, you know, more information, fuller information about your guests. So you'll be able to search your past parties on even more in details than you were able to in my sales. So you'll be able to search based on the customer, the host, all kinds of things, there will be a search there in my history on the left-hand side in that, that's the bottom option in the left now. Okay, we have another question from Sarah Branston. - Her question is... - Hi, Sarah. Will sales aids party be an option when it is live? Yes, so it's not in there now, but that is one of the things we listed, that's not available yet, but it will be available. We're not going to take anything away from you guys. And a new question just came in. Will the current customer/lead contacts be imported into the customer search? Okay, so the way that the contacts work is that your My.Tupperware contacts manager is going to be the master. We'll call it the master, okay. So anything that you put into Party Central is going to move over there, but as far as moving in the other way that won't be happening when we go live, right? Mm-hm. Okay. Another one just came in. Will there be an option for when people do not have an email for us to use? All right, so one of the questions that we've been getting from a handful of people is about this guest email because it is when you go in and you play you'll notice that when I enter a guest whether I'm doing it to invite them at the beginning or whether I'm adding them to enter an order for them, we are requiring the email address. And I know there are definitely cases where that could be a problem, we have some communities, some people who sell to some communities, of people who don't do email, but most people who tell you they don't have an email or just telling you that because they don't want to give your email, their email. So this is something that I will tell you that we're thinking about, but I also want to say it's really important that you try to make them feel at ease about giving you their email for several reasons. You know, one, this is how... You are going to completely change how we communicate with them. When they place an order today with you and they give you a piece of paper, they have no idea what's happening with their order or anything unless you're calling and unless you tell the host and the host is calling them, but now when you enter into Party, all right, the order and the Party Central, we're going to send them an order confirmation email. And when it ships, they're going to get a shipment if confirmation email. And we can't send that out if we don't have their email address. And then we're not going to automatically add their email to some sort of list and start sending them in emails. We're not going to do that. So that's something that we want them to feel really comfortable about that this is not a way that they're going to get tons of email from Tupperware, that's not what we're about, guys, right? You know, up to them, whether they want to get emails from you, but we're not going to just start sending them emails. I know that there are some people that are going to have some concerns, again we're thinking about it, but I would just urge you, you know, this is important information to have. I'm not really sure what else to say about that, but just now we are thinking about it. I think there were all patiently waiting because the questions are just floating in that... Oh, that's fine, that's fine. Okay, Michelle Berry. Hi, Michelle. I guess, I noticed one of the features on the order summary page. She asks, what is the notes... I'm reading the right thing here. It is your notes, shipping notes, okay. What is the notes feature for within the order area? The notes feature in the order area? - Yeah. - All the little, yeah. So that's just for you to enter in, little notes. You know, you have the notes section in your contacts, manager of My.Tupperware. I don't know if any of you are using that, but it's really helpful to add information about the guests, anything from, you know, they have three kids and their names are Johnny, Susie, and Bill to they're really interested in expanding their Modular Mate collection. So this is just a place for you to put, you know, information so that you can remember when you talk to them next. Mm-hm. Okay. Next question is from Adela Stamp. She asks, will the shipping charges increase per customer order? Oh, we're not making any changes, Adela, to any of the shipping charges or how any of that works, right? We're just changing the system and where you go to enter orders, so all of that direct ship charges if you're in the US, the other down the regular party should be none of that changes, this all staying the same. Okay, next Alan Annes, I believe this is a follow-up to a previous question about contacts and email. And she simply asks, will be able to import? Will be able to import? So remember, I said that the contact manager in My.Tupperware is the master, and I believe you can import from certain email address books already, so you can definitely do that from there. Google, Gmail. Yeah, that's it. I'm sorry. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Yahoo, that's it. Those are the three. So you can do that already. And again, that's your master. I mean, we're going to keep the contacts synced up between Party Central in there. Okay. I have a question from Arlene. She asks, will we still have to have the $175 put into the Party manually for it to be considered Party? So that question's a TupperConnect question, right? So currently, when you have a TupperConnect Party and that is not changing at all with Party Central, right, it still works exactly the same way you still need to have, your paid My Tupper site, you can invite people or your host can invite people through TupperConnect. We will still have that $175 requirement because remember, TupperConnect is in addition to the Party, it is not replacing the Party. So that will not be going away. Okay, another question this time from Melanie Miller. I believe this also ties into a previous question. Her question is, will the email address be our property or will the Tupperware use it for their emails too? Okay, so that's a really pretty big question, right? So when a guest gives the host or gives you their email address then obviously that's something that's going into your contact manager for you to be able to send emails. And if they do opt in to email us, any emails that we would send would be on your behalf, but we would never that they don't belong to us. Those email addresses aren't something that we're going to use. They came through you, right? So I won't answer property questions, but I will tell you what our actions and our intentions are, and that is that we would not contact those customers unless one, they opted in, and two, it was on your behalf. I hope that answers the question. Okay, one moment, I'm scanning for additional questions. Michelle Berry asked, will you be adding a shipping instructions area? A shipping instructions area? That's a good question. If you kind of understood what's Stein Ove said in his little teaser. There's going to be some really cool features for guests at your parties and Party Central and so they'll be able to see the shipping on a screen instead of just hearing about it from you on a paper order form. We do have the ability to put instructions there if we need to. So that's something that, you know, that would be a great thing to go put into the feedback form so that we don't forget just that we can think about that because I'm thinking, yeah, we do that on and it might be a good idea there to. - All right? - Okay. Last, a few people have commented about issues getting passed the address field. This is an issue that actually just started occurring this morning and we have identified that issue and we are working on resolving that. So we are aware of that and will be resolving that for them. Yeah, and that goes back to what I said at the beginning, guys. So if you run into an issue, remember, this is something we're in and working in everyday. Just give us a couple of hours or hopefully, you know, half a day at the most, for those little things and we can get them fixed, all right? Is that it? Awesome. All right. Well, thank you, guys, so much for joining us. Again, I'm going to post this or have Madeline post this in the training section, and we will be back here next Thursday at noon and we will go over some more information about Party Central. In the meantime, have a lot of fun playing out there and giving us your feedback. Again, thanks so much for joining us. See you guys later.

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2018 - Party Central Training

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