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Unit 102 interests/activities extra

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Interests Activities Vocabulary Cooking Shopping Shop .. in .. Clothes (pointing to) dress beautiful like (this one) pay .. £30 .. visa finished man shop boyfriend .. girlfriend .. both in (pointing to) trousers shirt (have a look) trousers .. shirt (this one) like bought shirt .. £25 trousers .. £40 give (money) CASH .. enjoy .. shopping Gardening flowers plant (pointing to) grass mower tree (cutting) (looking at it) beautiful cycling countryside 5 miles (up the hill) (down the hill) enjoy next day work (there and back) home Theatre stage audience people .. watch drama (pointing to) actor (now pointing to) actress beauty beast look beautiful .. enjoy some (there) deaf people stage (there) interpreter signing (towards me) watching .. understanding .. enjoy pay .. £7 deaf (us) .. half price museum building (pointing to it) history (going back before) (pointing to there) plane (this one) America British plane (this one) Germany people (in queue looking) have .. poster .. information .. history TANK soldiers (there) different suits .. different World War 2 night class (me) (go) night class learn .. sign language teacher .. teaching learning signs one-to-one .. signs .. practise 2 hours .. every week this Thursday (me) learn English (my) girlfriend (go) Rotherham .. College learn what? italian cooking she enjoy learn cooking (her) start (last) September .. up until (this) July finish Camping people .. walking .. walking .. countryside walk (about) 10 miles (there) put TENT tent (putting up) (me) finish .. looking .. beautiful views Mountains (there) river Lake (me) there fishing fishing .. (caught) fish .. off .. cooking .. eat (me) stay .. there .. 1 night next day (me) tent (putting it way) closed .. rucksack (on back) walk .. walk .. 5 to (about) 10 miles (pointing to me) again tent (setting it up) hiking .. walking about (different places) 1 week (me) enjoy (very much) (me) scout remember (long time ago) young (me) enjoy scout (very much) (me) go .. every friday (me) in .. what? (pointing to it) HUT scout (pointing to row) row .. row .. row training .. different .. activities have .. event .. summer .. event go (whereabout) park (small) (pointing to few) HUT meet .. meet .. different scout group .. activity .. different morning .. canoeing walk .. mountain .. map .. nagivating .. (we) enjoy same (same as) girls brownies (theirs) different activity now (me) BSL dialogue practice (you) yesterday what do? (me) yesterday evening .. go .. college (I see) you learn what? (me) learn spanish language (seriously) you learn spanish long? (me) learn spanish language .. 1 year .. now 2nd year (ok) you yesterday what do? (me) yesterday morning .. go .. training centre .. (oh I see) what for? (me) learn italian cooking lovely (you) learn cooking .. how long? (me) start .. last september (thumb up) lovely now .. interest night club (in) (pointing to dance area) dancing (pointing to bar) bar (pointing to people) people drinking enjoy (pointing to it) table round(drinkers) ..talking (pointing to table) people .. (pointing to people) deaf .. signing .. enjoy deaf .. enjoy .. (floor) vibrating .. music travels to body .. then head enjoy stay .. till .. 2 morning till 4 morning .. (next to it) cinema (in) watch .. film (me) in .. want .. watch .. funny film (pointing to person) friend .. been see film been watch (what) HORROR .. (me) dont like (me) like COMEDY (pointing to friend) dont like .. comedy pub (in) order .. drinks pint .. LAGER .. pint BITTER .. bottle STELLA (drinking) taste .. different .. spirits .. (pointing to it) VODKA .. WHISKY .. BRANDY .. TIA MARIA food .. out (pointing to it) food .. have .. eat .. IN and OUT girlfriend .. boyfriend (next to each other) waiter (came) menu discuss .. order food what .. drink .. (came) drink .. food (us two) eat .. drink .. enjoy menu (looking at it) (me) night .. watch .. TV .. program watch .. EASTENDERS .. CORONATION STREET .. different programmes night (me) bed .. book .. read sleep weekend .. (me) go .. gym .. keep fit (in) (pointing there) STEPPER .. (next to it) bicycle .. (over there) weights (pointing to this .. this .. that) different training 5 mins (there .. next .. next) finish .. sweat-pour .. (over there) swimming .. (next to it) sauna (me) there .. there .. three times week have .. member .. pay £240 .. one year can (go) three .. four times week (me) interest DIY make .. table .. wood (pieces) together ... (me) make chair .. different day-trip (me) in coach (travelling) sea-side same .. Blackpool arrive .. beach (saw) people going into it sand .. play (pointing to sea) sea .. swimming donkey-ride .. (over there) fun-fair afternoon .. go shopping shopping .. buy things .. next (pointing to it) money in machine (over there) fish chip then different now BSL dialogue practice last saturday what do? (me) last saturday morning .. me .. sister (us two) go cinema (I see) see film what? me .. sister .. see .. funny film (us two) enjoy .. watch last saturday .. you .. what do? (me) last saturday .. gym (you) gym .. how long? (me) one hour .. keep-fit .. (you) pay .. gym .. how much? (me) pay £20 monthly .. (me) go three times week like .. wednesday .. friday .. saturday sometimes sunday (I see) you .. £20 (thats all) cheap right

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Demonstration of signs then dialogues

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