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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:45:08 - 12:57:53

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Go back to your places please Yes, Jamila, you can go to the bathroom. Yes, Ibrahim? You can go when your friends are back. Mrs. Zohour, when will he take this off? — Why? You want to go to the bathroom? — Yes — Adam... Adam, she needs to go to bathroom. Go. Why in there? How's our little famous girl? — They want to film us! — That's ok sweetie. Open it. Wait a minute... —They will stay? —Just a bit. Stay for a bit. My father may come right away because he always comes early — Come on Jamila, lift it up. — They want to sleep over? —Yes. Fasten your buttons. — Yes. Tell no one! — I didn't tell anyone. If you came to go to the bathroom go like that. Is that OK? Anything bothering you? — Does anything bother you? — No. Are we finished? — Miss, can I draw like this? — They put a microphone on my sweater. Hurry up, please quickly open your book. Today, our lesson is about Palestine. — Palestine — Yes Who can tell me any information about Palestine? Raise your hands up if you will. Miss, Palestine is an Arab country. — Palestine is an Islamic Arabic country. — Yes. Miss, Palestine.. and also Jerusalem. — Another one! What are the most significant places in Palestine? — Jerusalem. — Jerusalem, Jerusalem. — True, but what else? — The Aqsa Mosque. — And it belongs to whom? — Muslims Is it theirs now? Or did they take it from them? — They took it from them. — So... Palestine is an Arabic Islamic Country. Palestinians were living like any other people... satisfied and happy in their own country. True? But they lived in a safe country until who invaded them? Everyone. -The Jews. -They took their land and their houses. And the things they lived off of. They were living in peace and safety. Suddenly who showed up? — Jews — Jews came to them, and what did they do? — Occupied... — How much land did they occupy? — How much of Palestinian land? — Lots... — They took lots of lands, didn't they? — Nearly half of Palestine... — Only one can speak at a time. — Miss... — Yes, please go ahead. — Miss, Jews established the State of Israel. — Ok... — They put a mic on. — What? Yes dear, tell me what were we talking about? — What did they do? They occupied... — OK — They want to film me! Let's begin, please sit properly. Now, I will repeat. Israeli came by force... and occupied Palestinians' land. They kicked them all out of their home country, their lands Their homeland, and they displaced them to other countries, and Palestinians ended up living in camps. out of their country, true or false? —Yes — Well, so... Jews came loaded with weapons... they attacked Palestinians threw them out of their houses, lands, homes and so they became homeless. They took all the lands And now, instead of the Palestinians living in their own country, who live there instead? — Jews — Israelis — Jews are now living in Palestinians' houses. And Palestinians are as I told you before... living in camps far away from their own homeland. What's the role of the Muslims now? The Muslims role is not to allow or accept what happened to Palestinians, right? Right. The Muslim should not allow others to attack his brother or his land. Or his Muslim brother. What should he do? Or accept the Muslim countries to be occupied. Should he stay at home afraid? Or go and defend the Muslims' countries? — The Muslims defend Muslim countries. — I did not hear you. — Defend Muslim countries. The Muslims should defend Muslim countries. The Muslims should do his best to win back lands that were taken by whom? — By Israel — Israelis took it from Palestinians. Ok, now we will start solving the exercises and take... the anthem related to the lesson on page 44. Yes? Number 1: put the right word in the right place. Which page miss? Who wants to know must raise his hand up. The occupied land. — There are 3 spaces, I will start. — Palestine is an Islamic country. I will start then comes your turn! Palestine is a foreign or an Islamic country? Islamic... Islamic Good. One minute. You write down while I finish. In their houses? — Jews live in their own homes or the Palestinians'? — In the Palestinians' houses. Yes Can they speak Arabic? Ok Should the Muslim people avoid or defend? Defend... defend. — Please Miss, I need number 1. — Yes, sweetie. There are three dots, what should we write? Defend. Yes Maise? Please, grab a piece of paper and start writing down. The Muslim people don't care or plan to get Palestine back? Plan... OK, did we all finish question No.1? Now, look how funny this riddle is. This riddle is only for clever! — Are we done? — Yes. Here we go, a word consists of... 6 litters, 6 spaces, here's No.2 — I got it. — We'll solve it together. Palestine 1, 2, 3, 4. Palestine. 5,6. See how fun this game is! If you split the word in half. Put the first three letters together and the second three letters together. What will we have? The first set will be a currency... fils. Fils, Palestine. — What is the currency? — Fils. And the second half? The second half... is a material used in construction, what? — What is the name of this material? — Teen (mud). Teen. Teen. So, if take the first and sixth letter... Take the first and sixth letter, what? We have a word... That means creation. Fan (art), fan... If we take the first and second letter... — We will have a name of a flower... — Ful, Ful (Jasmine). Great! And if we take the... First, fourth, and last letter... — We will have a word that refer to cleverness. Faten (clever), great. — Faten. — So what is the whole word? — Palestine — God Almighty said in his book: " In the name of Allah" Glorified be He Who carried... His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far Distant place of worship the neighbourhood whereof we have blessed... that we might show him of our tokens! He, only He is the Hearer, the Seer. So, what happened in Jerusalem? — You know where did the Prophet Mohammed go? — Miss, to the... — From the Harram Mosque. — The Harram Mosque is Saudi Arabia. — Where is the Aqsa Mosque? — Palestine. So Allah is talking in the... Isra Chapter, verse one. Ali, what do you want? Ali! So... The night of Prophet Mohammad's ascension to the seven heavens when... Allah sent Prophet Mohammed on the Buraq. — When was it? — It was at night. It was in the Isra night. Allah Sent him from Saudi Arabia where he was living, right? Allah took him to Jerusalem. He was living in Mecca. So, he went to Jerusalem on the Buraq. What is the Buraq? It is a creature from heavens that Allah created...

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Duration: 12 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 12, 2009

Jamila Jad in school

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