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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Short video (Global Lives Project, 2013)

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People have been collecting yartsa gumbu for 15 years now. The caterpillar-fungus is found from around 3500 meters to 5000 meters high. Are the people from Bajyo coming or not? -I don't know. Maybe they are on the way. Most of the houses are locked and... ...people are temporarily shifted to highlands. Alright! Are there any people walking up? They might be coming from down below. — From Kalung? I am the only one who collects yartsa gumbu from our house. Because my wife has to stay at home... look after our three children. She has to look after the fields too. I decided to abandon my studies when I was 19 years old. Oh cute! Give it some salt...give some salt. Shall we go there...there or there. Where shall we go? Before in this highland, it looked like it was cultivated. Even when we were walking, we could see lots of yartsa gumbu on our foot steps. Only if we see well can we find yartsa gumbu. If not, then there’s no chance to spot it. Even if you study engineering or have a degree ... ...there is not much chance of getting proper work. Within these two months, if we earn millions of rupees... ...then what do you want more than that? Did you find it here yesterday? — No, I found it higher up. ♪ Hello my friends and brothers, let's dance in the drum beats.♪ It's dark here…can't see clearly, right? How shall we deal? Do you want to sell by the size or mixed altogether? Hello...this has not fallen from the sky. Look my shoes got torn and my trousers too. I worked hard to find it. Give me Rs 2,255. It's actually 2,254. Forget one Rupee. Turn off the light. For me 100% income comes from yartsa gumbu. But it might not be same for other people who work in an office. Because they get a salary every month. Through income from yartsa gumbu, I am able to support my children. There is no alternative income except from this yartsa gumbu.

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes
Year: 2013
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Norbu Lama
Director: Rinzin Norbu Lama
Views: 303
Posted by: globallives on Sep 7, 2013

Short video of Global Lives Project's Lives in Transit series participant, Mingmar Lama in Tsum Valley, Nepal.

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