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Yogis, Mystics, Saints & Sages. Sadhguru

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The word yogi means The word yoga means Union Or in your experience everything has become one thats called yoga So one who has experienced this oneness is called a yogi So once you have arrived to such an experience you are generally referred to as a yogi A mystic means oh this is like MBA,PHD Mystic means, in his prescense he does so many things that nobody understands So many things happen that nobody is able to understand Like the program you are not able to understand Thats why I am a mystic So, A mystic means What are considered to be deep mysteries for lots of people is normal life for him So he is referred to as a mystic People call him a mystic, because they are describing that he is not just a saint A saint means somebody who has attained to a certain level of pleasantness he has attained to a certain level of pleasantness, where he can only bless people he has no technology He has no technology to offer, he can only bless people There are lots of saints like this, they are very pleasant beings They bless people, they give some offerings to people Their prescense is good but they have no technology they are not really for your ultimate liberation they are people who enrich you on the way there are lots of saints like this so a mystic means he has technologies to take you into mysteries of life so he is a mystic They said The Sage, Sage means somebody who is in a certain state of wisdom its something to do with life its not just an inner attainment. it has got something to do with living life So if someone is wise with life around then he is called a sage Do I qualify or No?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru explains specific differences between yogis, mystics, saints & sages. (SaO81)

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