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Could you let me continue to have a look at the painting in your hands? who are you? It is not a question of who I am. I walk in the room and you immediately pull me around. I almost had to vomit. Seeing you again makes me want to vomit. What do you want? (Formal) Your Lackey, Chun Shou, pays his respects to master Chen Xiang. Stand up I'll ask you... yesterday night... Did you or did you not take Liu Li's shift as night watch? Did you bump into the 13th Prince? What do you know? (saying indicating great displeasure with someone) I give you in regard to that... (upset) utmost congratulations! (excited) The 13th Prince has been searching the palace looking for you, eh? You're going to take off and transform into a Phoenix. This must be granted by heaven, you know? that is... if you become the mistress... You cannot forgot that I am your personal lackey. Go (Get out of here). Up, huh? Go get dressed up and change your clothes, you got to go see your "husband". Chen Xiang Chen Xiang did you know? Yesterday Liu li had the night watch and encountered the 13th Prince. Virtuous Wife (Concubine) has already arranged the marriage. So she could go learn customs and not garble the good name. This is the future, ah! She is the 13th Prince's wife, eh? Can I chat with you alone? What do you want? (Formal) I know you're angry with me... rather I stole your things... I also do not approve of myself... Virtuous Wife (Concubine) suddenly approached me to ask... If I was the one watching last night I could say I wasn't But if I said I wasn't That is a major crime It doesn't matter if I die. How could I even implicate you? You could never agree to forgive me Then i'll meet my death in front of you! Chen Xiang set your mind at rest Virtous Wife (Concubine) already told me I will not treat you unfairly. Exchange Houses (Prepare for the day?) We give our respects to the Miss, we bow to you. stand up! What do you think? Looks good If I accidentally forget what customs to follow, can you correct me? I will We pay our respects to you 13th Prince You don't have to be so over-courteous 13th Prince, Virtuous Concubine wants you to go back and wait for me. Big congratulation ceremony Take your seats. Thank you, Virtuous Wife. After the Palace becomes your home. After a few things have been discussed with the Capital. The Capital will be where you live. Thank you, Virtuous Wife. The Palace thinks you are very suitable. come give me a look yes get up Get up! Step down, step down I've heard That Liu Li originally came from a tailoring family We think this flowerpot is not use to being spoiled, how unbearably normal. This Palace's custom... had better learn how many traditions does the Palace have? By the time we finish waiting for that Liu Li girl to finish learning. I'm guessing your hair will have turned white. People who stand before a high official... should suffer hardships after Hold still (rough translation) Uncomfortable, auntie (Rough Translation) Very good Excellent choice Wait a moment Halt I wasn't talking about you The person on the other side You are Liu Li's Body Servant/maid of honor? Come with me a bit What is this? This is the Outer Universe (Space) Outer Space? Come over here I don't know what the master of the house likes to eat I personally baked some cakes I want you to help me pick a selection My master isn't hyper critical about what she eats she'll love whatever you make 13th Prince, if you don't have any other business to talk about. This maidservant must ask to withdraw first from this meeting Halt Turn around Come back Sit Try a bite Try a bite! Taste good? It taste good Very good!!! Come, taste another one Appetizing? Excellent! Here, also some of this. Eat a bit of each so you can choose which ones are the tastiest. Walk This way virtuous wife Smile Keep your feet under you! Walk in a straight line! Keep steady! (x3) Come, last one I can't eat anymore We've decided which ones she likes My mistress will be willing to agree to my decision. I will pour you some tea You will treat our mistress Liu Li extremely well. Actually, i don't know why... But i generally feel... That she and that special girl are not the same person Every time I think of that night... I am especially happy not only did she capture my She captured my heart Actually that night... 13th Prince I have other business to attend too, I'll be leaving first If I were you... I'd have told him everything You say you're willing to sacrifice yourself for Liu Li's glory and wealth? You took her family into consideration!?! Took her feelings into consideration!?! Shut up, Maybe this isn't my fate. Why on earth did you take me here? What is up? I'm Terrified Good, good off the horse Fortunately, I found you quickly Today I rode my horse with Liu Li She was angry with me I really don't know how to do it with her. Are you busy? Servant Girl To tell you the truth My parents were yokels I spent my childhood growing up in the barracks So I don't understand what a girl likes What is it? Maid servant Chen Xiang I said it? White Sandalwood Really? good Maidservant Chen Xiang ...

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