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Toastmasters International- CC5

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Pondicherry is the quintessential holiday destination of an average VITian. It is safe to assume that, every VITian will at least go to Pondi twice, in their 4 years of college life. Well, I wasn't lucky enough to make my maiden trip to Pondi, until my final semester. That is in, last January. Now, from what I learnt from my peers and friends, the images that it evoked in me were of, booze, beaches, bitches and later some stitches. Stitches from an accident which I'll mention later. I had a very skewed perception of Pondicherry, imagining it to be a slightly better version of VIT: basically some motels, a village and hopefully, some French women. Yes. . But when I went there, it was a completely different picture. I realized that the French inhabited the portion even more than I anticipated, which might have come across as a surprise to me, but it was an exciting surprise. All of this happened in Auroville, where we spent one entire day, such was our astonishment. For those of you who haven't heard of Auroville, Auroville is a growing community of 2400 people from 50 nations. A universal town where people are able to live together above creeds.... above all creeds, nationalities and politics. The township is based on the principle of human solidarity. But what enthralled me the most were....none of these aspects. I hate to admit it. What enthralled me the most were frequent sightings of French women riding Royal Enfields. This sole thing made my day. Even if I had to go back from Pondi the same day, I was completely satisfied, seeing those French hunks....manoeuvre the beasts. We also explored the places on our beasts, which were mainstream scooties and not Royal Enfields because none of really knew how to ride a bike. The Cherries in Pondi. which brought us to Roma's Kitchen, for lunch. The name sounds quite lavish but at the end of the day, it was a proper shack, a proper Goan shack. We did get a feeling that we reached a hut, but thankfully it was a hut with food. Now going to Roma's kitchen was our own version of Wild Safari, because we had to take a small diversion into the woods. This is Roma's kitchen. You can see that's the hut. That small diversion gave way to a path that had tall canopies entwined together, selectively filtering sunlight, giving the entire forest area a remotely greenish-yellow tinge. As we advanced further into the woods, the forest revealed to us...a plethora of gorgeously sculpted bungalows. One such bungalow...had the shape of a UFO. Now why not in a forest? UFOs really land in the most secluded of places. A true visual delight, Toastmasters and guests. Unfortunately we were on private property. So we couldn't admire those structures to our heart's content. But what we didn't fail to admire was the sumptuous food at Roma's. Look at the food. After having an appetizing lunch, I tried teaching one of our friends, Poorvaja. She wanted to ride a scooty. She hadn't ridden a scooty in her life which was, trust me, as fast and furious as we get, because she didn't know anything and we didn't know anything after the crash. Hence, the stitches. Next destination: Auroville Beach. which broke my 7 year exile from beaches. This is us on Auroville beach. I have a phobia of water. But when girls are holding your hands, you feel limitless. The day was finally concluded with succumbing to our guilty pleasures: that is, Subway and inviting two of our very best friends, who are the life of every party they go to. Miss Bacardi and Brother Teqilla. Lovely Couple. One person among us was a non-drinker, so we somehow cajoled her into becoming our bartender. As reluctant as she was, She did a phenomenal job because I have no idea when I got sloshed. A great round of applause to that talented and resilient woman to bear us. Day 2: Rise and Shine. Tarang where are you? Unlike Tarang, Not all of us arose, were awake or realized except the two of our friends who succeeded in doing that one thing that I have been trying to do for eternity, waking up at 6 in the morning. By the time the rest of us were up that selfish duo was back and boasting about their experience of witnessing the sunrise on Rocky Beach, my only regret in my entire trip of Pondi. In the afternoon, we took a ferry, (that's our ferry) to Paradise Beach. This is the Paradise Beach, after taking a dip. Again, my friend Yash from Civil Engineering background showed his Civil Engineering skills by being very good at building Sandcastles. I have more pictures. Sorry my battery's down. He built sandcastles for one, one full hour. Who builds sandcastles for one hour? No wonder he is... an 8.99. We came back at 10.30 pm, only to find that all the pubs and restaurants were closed. So we finally had dinner after midnight at La Cafe which is open 24x7. Third and the last day, we went restaurant hopping for lunch. Toastmaster Arundhati is never satisfied with life. Soon after that, we hit the bookstore. Yes, we went to Pondi and hit the freaking bookstore. We covered every spectrum that Pondi had to offer even the quirky ones. There I checked something else off my list: That is, getting a gift for my girlfriend this Valentine. Because she'll stay as long as I have a gift. Now you all must be wondering what that book was. It is something that you can't expect. It is something that most of you here cannot even recite. It was the handheld Bhagwad Gita. In Pure Sanskrit. Before you guys judge me which you already have, in my defense, my girlfriend is extremely religious and at least I care that much for my girl. Anyway, I'm a true Indian unlike many of you NRIs sitting here. Even though I went to Pondicherry where we sin the most, I took some pains to buy a Bhagwad Gita. To summarize our trip: Our trip was enchanting, a bit depressing where I missed the sunrise, and if Pondicherry were a woman and if I were single I would have definitely lost my virginity to her.

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Cherries in Pondi

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