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Logic of English 7.1.

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Let's go ahead and use what we've been learning now about the multiple sounds of a spelling and apply that to the long a sound how many sounds can or how many words can you think of that we have learned so far in this presentation to spell the long /a/ sound once again I'd like you just for the sake of experiencing this like your student there's a place for you to write these in your teacher training manual on page 107 now to help us begin to sort this out So, how do you think we are going to spell the long a sound at the end of the word? That's right! Two letter a that you may use at the end of English words Now, I like to use a chart when I help students to systematise how to spell the multiple spellings of sounds, you can see an example of it on page 109 or you can see it on the slide and what I'll do is I'll give students then some sample words to add to that column Ths is very much like the spelling journal but isolated for that particular sound So you'll see a list of words that end in two letter ay as sample words and I'd encourage students then to collect more. Once again this would be a great thing the long a sound at the end of the syllable in the middle of the word it is always a single letter a there's just no question about it, that is the only way to spell the long a sound at the end of the syllable so you can see now that syllables are very important in English for spelling and they're very important for reading and pronunciation as well and they give us some really big clues as to how sounds especially vowels are going to be spelled so that leaves what is the most common spelling of the long a found in the middle of the syllable our spelling journal or to our chart. Now there are few more spellings of the long a sound. Take a moment and think: What are some of the other spellings of long a that you know of from English? Alright, and here they are. We could have with a with a silent final e, we could have an ei as in their, we could have an ey as in they, or we could have four-letter eigh as in eight. Now, out of these four spellings, only one of them is common. Ei, ey and eigh are all very uncommon spellings. In fact, if you want to see a list of all the words that use the list of spelling, you can look in the appendix of ‘Uncovering the logic of English’. It’s also included in our folder and reference chart. But you can list them all in a short time. The only one that’s common is a with a silent final e. And... you'll notice this this is a long ´a´ sound in the middle of the syllable so now we've discovered that there's really only two spellings of the long ´a´ sound we're ever going to need to memorize it's going to be AI or is it a with a silent e and we've taken the amount of rote memory work and we've really narrowed it down and we've helped students to focus in on exactly which place there could be confusion for spelling now these are the words that you're going to need to play a lot of spelling games with and have a lot of because you've had that experience. I found it is almost a universal experience among English language speakers and it's something that I think we all hide from each other too because I don't know about you, but when I'm typing along and I couldn't spell a word so much that the computer couldn't recognize it I felt ashamed or I felt stupid but when you know the options for spelling spelling now you won't often even need to utilize the system where the spellcheck looks up the word and gives you options you'll be able to see if you use that underline function that it is misspelled and go, oh, it must be the other spelling of the long "a" sound and you can put it in and it will not disrupt your flow of writing In fact, this has transformed how I write spell I have this confession of... I used to be a terrible speller and, in fact,

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