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Robocraft: What is League of Mechs?

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What is up you guys! This is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the news like no other. Welcome to the League of Mechs where tons of hope and light has shined upon the Robocrafters So what is Robocraft League of Mechs? Why is this update the community update? Since the last update, artistic players were satisfied Players were able to build art bots and were able to matches with friends without restrictions. The only thing missing that the community have been craving for was competition. Competition was lacking since there was no way players could say "They were the best at Robocraft" There was no leaderboards or even ranks among friends Is Robocraft fun to play? Yes Is it competitive? Now it is and in a good way Or is it? Let's start off with the biggest impact of Robocraft which are the mech legs Mech legs are the new movement item added to Robocraft It is the second for the most movement health but it is classified as the tankiest item since it contains shields as well Mech legs are available from Mk1 through MkX-1 and change in size the higher the Mk. This part is very mobile and has the ability to and crouch while standing The higher the mech legs, the more connection points there are and the more shields are added for more protection The only downfall is CPU which is about 4x the normal range for a movement item in any Mk This is not necessarily a bad thing Mech legs provide movement, shields, and tough armor which are pretty much a good trade off for high CPU All in all, this movement item is a great addition to Robocraft and like the rest of the community, it is sparking ideas and inspiring different types of vehicles Now for the competition that everyone has been waiting for League League is the definition of ranking You can rank up by securing victories in Battle Arena Not all the time. Securing victories will also allow you to gain stars and move up different rankings. The rankings are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Protonium We won't go into how it works yet. I will leave that for another video since it is a big topic You will also gain a cool holobadge to show off your ranking The major impact to Robocraft is that Battle Arena is now the ranked game mode because it is a strategic style of gameplay Players will always be challenged. What do I mean? Battle Arena will matchmake players around there skill level The higher the ranking, the more challenging your future battles will be This can be great for competition, but not so great when you are trying to grind for RP since your enemies will be tougher to defeat That pretty much sums it up for today's update I do admire the mech legs that have brought a new mix into Robocraft League is something that will grow but only time will tell So what do you think about this update? Are your bots better with legs? Let me know in the comment section down below and be sure to like and subscribe for all your robo needs and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Oct 26, 2015

I present you good news about the latest update. A lot things are changing and here's the juicy part. Mech legs. These are the new movement item to Robocraft along with league Ranking system. Learn what this update has changed.

NEW Ranking system allows you to be ranked. This is huge for competition and will help decide who is the best Robocrafter. Are you one of them?

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