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Do Fate and Karma Play a Role in Accidents? Sadhguru

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what a hi yeah that the a city it's becoming in the backside and he's ninety eight I thought I think that's a day and the effective work the forensic people of that issue that the top kate right now the native of human mind a sense the more mediocre the peace the mind the more mediocre the human mind these the morning to go to a statement the medical significance isn't it too it's the the more within two months the morning sees left the race most efficient like the way it is but mediocre minds of all reasonable can commit a collapse wants his people to live we have to see people die yes that's what will happen because for so many reasons one thing that would be winning a seat that none of that the news there's every possibility that the find people francie people saw the accident coming critics say that created for themselves at the last moment usually the of the people are sleeping so when you glad it gets will not only tax on the bus France the people probably a good looking and the vote and this site coming the let this means that many maybe they got sick there's so many things and the dynamics of the collision itself that is so many aspects to it it depends what got me what that means the DNC to needed big bills that not problematic York when you crash the whole of see just gets thrown for work including the seat that's ever been in a President that but woolsey to be common question for the funds yes because it is not properly secure that it is just get their know that do you notice it's a big sulfide just get there if you collect that the issue just kept going to the front some activity that correct was it a non-resident open so that is so many aspects to it now that you brought up by members of the cult I understand what it is can a joke about it it's okay monica and no one can say that so on a quick happen after seven days one boy came out in all respects but you must understand the dynamics of collapse while some doctors why it doesn't fall on this person it has something to build with so many aspects it is not a question of who pays it is just that certainly let let let let miss groups say the you wrong the day to day that roof caves in can't save you and bill Clinton what about reported crime the issue of mister d'amato moments the maximum accidents one reason is because that the population of the kader was heavy at one time that is also the visa but between the two not existed the maximum accidents the country fatal accidents happen in about the cops in all this this is because of the way the top candidates if you want it done here it goes up to ten feet that's how it is getting a response isn't it's cochran you want to take it down again even post and the daily and tell us so things happen like that now that that's an important to become it's different but even then it goes to a popular that's existed the economy by that even them but it costs had a not that percentage of accidents but its population also today among the moderate cut some other demands have the maximum accidents in the country be in on this the for that they sing about the quake has the maximum accidents but he doesn't have the property once again you want a break here it goes on stops there usually accidents happen you know the issue then you then about maybe probably you may step I'm that accident the plaintiffs so you do it is of a of plotting to sell the fear of God in singing you don't have it isn't it so all that's enemy you know him to be forty heard of him before Henry ford died and went to heaven they put him in the fifth of the Fed and the and a portable case the chairperson of into some more press within the first ten he from rating system how can this be I made but it often him Wyoming the fifth avenue he's in the first half he meant that I must add saint Peter the key part of the head how can this be possible I made by the cops but I mean the fifth avenue he's in the first ten so Peter said that if you're not going to go on it's up to you we won't talk to him it's all his decision so he got an appointment in Mexico and the lemon pig how can this be I'm an effective but that costs just might be model he's enough to get me the first level of have it why am I here on fifth eleven and he's given first seven what it is so God said see him doing I understand you made a good cops people in an interview cost that's fine but people look at you guys who got a vote of fifty nine vote the judge of that then David blood and that he's got the obvious that oh my God it's not great what I find so many inmates with that so water quality of fate he's just unconscious creation I'm not what appears to be unconscious this and conscious is creating something he thinks which is not a conscious processing of life it is tending to leave you with a setback since constantly so now I don't want to vote because of you out there the stool bring all the unconscious manages a pure black and pure consciousness you don't exist yet as an accidental human being he exists your body intent not by accident senility first step Paul being split it remains somebody says I'm walking is to the trip up what it means seas it means he is taking his destiny his hands he's decided that vehicle he's not willing to allow the forces of nature to push in this that that way he has decided he wants to go this way and that's the way he's going to go that's what it means being honest but it's a plus so the more important issue are the more you're subject to these forces of fate and destiny the moral conscience to become you will see everything becomes more and more conscious process think he's just unconscious creation a funeral hello all right

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what role fate and karma play in accidents and fatalities. Sadhguru explains that what you call fate is simply an unconscious creation. (SaO21)

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