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I have no power to tame you or domesticate you or mitigate your first instincts This task is impossible I've tested my intelligence on you also my dumbness Nothing worked with you, neither guidance nor temptation Stay primitive as you are Stay as erratic as you are Stay as aggressive as you are Never believe what a man says about himself that he is the one who makes the poems and makes the children It is the woman who writes the poems and the man who signs his name to them It is the woman who bears the children and the man who signs at the maternity hospital that he is the father I have no power to change your nature my books are of no use to you and my convictions do not convince you nor does my fatherly council do you any good you are the queen of anarchy, of madness, of belonging to no one Stay that way You are the tree of femininity that grows in the dark needs no sun or water you the sea princess who has loved all men and loved no one slept with all men… and slept with no one you are the Bedouin woman who went with all the tribes and returned a virgin Stay that way Samra, O childhood dream Impregnable, miserly lips Approach me not, remain as A thought of beauty for morrow. My heart is full of sweet void so enter it not. I fear it would choke Beneath your moist, perfumed kisses And vanish over the horizon Through your kohl-anointed lashes. What has beauty taken From you and your plaited trees? Its lights? I would gladly die for the light Born of your languid glance. Your mouth replies to a smile: ' Go, paint the corpse's flowers.'' The earth as you pass is an awakening from the deep slumber of dream, Joyous as if your flashing smile were some small chink of hope. Samra, remain one among the unattainable; The object of my lip's desire and of my distraught gaze; That morrow for which we long And death, stealing forward, grasps.

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Posted by: layalnaji on Mar 13, 2016


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