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That Matthew Show

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INTERNET! Stop! No more throwing things. It's wet and... INTERNET! This is ridiculous! INTERNET! Dude. O.K. Seriously. No more food throwing! Food.Stop-it! Stop, ah, all of you. AHHH!! Stooooop it! Charlie! INTERNET! O.K. Stoppit! It's all over me. I'm gonna bring in a contract. No, er no, no! Stop! Charlie I mean it! Seriously, we are going to like, stop this, show if you guys don't stop. How do you suggest we do that? I don't know. What kind of authority do you have over us? (Howling and laughing) Don't chuck that at me! That's dangerous! Is that a challenge? No! I accept! No! Stop Charlie... ...I mean it! No, I'm just trying to make you paranoid don't worry. I mean it No, I'm just trying to make you paranoid don't wo- Wuh, wah, well, what's the point, open you're hand! Alright get the... ...away from me now! Will you leave me alone go the... ...away from me right now. ...Now go away. I swear, I'm gonna find a teacher and kick your... This is for the INTERNET! INTERNET! INTERNET!!! *whining* Are you still filming? God... Dude! O.K. We are done throwing things at me. Alright, I am making this clear. If any of you continue to throw food at me, from now on, I swear we will stop the show. I don't give a... Internet! gah rwhtjtyjtjtrghepfhnb!!! We're done... bastards. Seriously, tomorrow I am going to bring a... ...contract and I'll make all of you guys sign it. Seriously tomorrow, cause I have the inner Jew in me with the lawyer stuff. I'm gonna bring in a contract and I'm gonna have all of you guys sign it. UGHOOOGAUH! INTERNET! Why are you getting me wet!? Whogawhat? ...I need to take a drink of water. Stop. O.K. Seriously I'm going to bring in a... ...contract and have you sign it. What if I don't? I'm gonna make you sign it, or you'll have to go somewhere else or something. Because don't want you here, if you are going to be a... ...the whole time. This is really ridiculous. I'm going to make you all sign a contract. Especially you, I am going to have a extra clause or two for you! He is a... ...I hope you hear that Charlie. That's it stop it, turn it off. Can you not tell how... pissed I am? Oh my hair is horrible! elbirroh si riar ym hO! (dee duh der) Stop! Stop it! * ∞ Contract, bring it, I'm gonna make all of you sign my contract, etc.. There's an extra plause for Charlie! (Wtf?) I'm going to make you guys sign a contract! Especially you I'm going to have an extra clause or two for you. I did your mom so bad it was good! WHAT!?!?

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Duration: 4 minutes and 20 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Me
Director: Me
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Posted by: chubo747 on May 14, 2009


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