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Tashan-e-Ishq - Episode 12 - August 25, 2015 - Webisode

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Love; it's a bit filmy but logical If she can't be my best friend she can't be my love my partner will be she who shares my happiness, my sadness, the good and the bad because a great friendship can solve any problem so yeah, love.. friendship

Yuvraj sir, what is love for you?

Love..Love is fire. Love is a river of fire. To love and to be in love is similar to crossing a river of fire. something not everyone is capable of. you need to be a daredevil for that. and for you twinkle? what is love for you? Love is pain. Love can be short-lived, but pain, pain is lasting. two people meet, they come together, spend a lot of nice moments together, and then they depart. and then, all that's left are memories Twinkle I can't be distanced from you You can't even imagine what I went through When I saw you in that Kunj Sarna's arms.. I had realized I couldn't bear seeing you get married to someone else I did all of that because I was extremely hurt Didn't I get hurt as well? But I approached you to resolve all the issues. To convince you of our love for each other But you, you were busy enjoying your break up party I'm stupid aren't I? assuming you'd never hurt me But you gave me a lot of pain. I was angry Twinkle, I was drunk, I don't even know all the things I said Twinkle please forgive me Oh! so you can break up when you want, and come back as you please? It doesn't work like this. And, this time I can't forgive you Yuvi if you think u can threaten me to change my mind with this, then you're an idiot Stop with this drama Yuvi This isn't a show, I'm damn serious I'm going to punish myself for this Yuvi have you gone crazy? Yeah I have gone mad I hurt you didn't it? Now I must be punished for it and until you forgive me Twinkle, I will keep punishing myself Stop! I forgave you I can't see you in pain Twinkle I can't see you in pain either Impossible! It has been years since I've encountered a match like this! 32 out of 36 stars match ooh! Thank God this is great! All thanks to God Kunj and Twinkle are made for each other oh God Thanks a thousand to you! When everything matches then why don't we fix everything Yes he is right After all we liked the girl already And now their stars match as well Then lets fix this wedding It's a definite yes from us! Sister if everything is fixed then lets complete the introductory ritual too! why don't you let the bride and groom get to know each other? I have a simple motto of life I am young, very young Look I love this pink cloth, so why don;t you try it on please Eww get it away from me hey oh you're blushing, by the way, you look cute while blushing Look don't worry things change after marriage. I mean me and you will assimilate our habits oh and I've already planned our honeymoon. We'll go to Bangkok and Amsterdam!

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Posted by: arshi on Jun 25, 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq - Episode 12 - August 25, 2015 - Webisode

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