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Why zebras don't get ulcers

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If you are a normal mammal, what stress is about is 3 minutes of screaming terror on the savana After which, it's other it's over with or you're over with For a few weeks, every year or so, Sapolsky shifts his lab to a place more than nine thousand miles away, on the planes of the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya East Africa You live in a place like this, you are a baboon And you only have to spend three hours a day getting your calories And if you only have to work three hours a day You've got nine hours of free time every day to devote to making somebody else just miserable They are not being stressed by lions chasing them all the time They are being stressed by each other. They are being stressed by social and psychological tumulte invented by their own species. They are a perfect model for westerner stressful late disease. Because what stress is about is somebody is very intent on eating you or you are very intent on eating somebody And there is a mediative crisis going on When you ran for your life, basics are all that matter. Lungs work over time to pump mammoth quantities of oxygen into the blood stream The heart races to pump that oxygen throghout the body So muscles respond instantly You need your blood pressure up to deliver that energy You need to turn off anything that is not essential, growth, reproduction You know your running for your life. This is no time to ovulate, tissue repair All that sort of thing... Do it later if there is a later When the zebra scapes, its stress responds shut down But human beings can't seem to find their off switch We turn on the exact same stress response for pure psychological states thinking about the ozone layer, the taxes coming up, mortality through to your mortgage We turn on the same stress response And the key difference there is we are not doing that for real phisiological reason And when we're doing it non-stop After a while, the stress responses is more damaging than the stress for itself Because the stress is some psychological nonsense that you're falling for No zebra on Earth running for its life would unterstand why fear of speaking in public would cause you to secrete the same hormones that it, doing at that point to save its life.

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Video Credit: Stanford University, Robert Sapolsky

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