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Video Conferencing

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Standard video conferencing it is so last century, but we have seen the technology of the future, and it is almost like being there without having to say beam me up Scotty here is John Blackstone. For the film makers launching the shrek movie Taking a meeting has taken on new meaning. It's video conferencing. Film makers across the globe can meet face to face. To be able to see the details on your face or expressions that you are understanding and connecting with what I say, that is part of how we as human beings communication Hey chef are you there? Chef Keller supervises his New York restaurant from his kitchen in California I want you guys to try that over in New York and see what you think. ok, give me some feedback. Margaret a 21st Century video commuter. After she takes her daughter to school in Texas, She reports to work by video conference To her cubicle in California People act as if I am there, they really feel it. Actually I am so focussed on what is going on there that I forget I am in Texas. She works for Cisco maker of an 80 thousand dollar single screen system. It is so real people seem to forget Margaret is eighteen hundreds miles away. Hey Martin, Hi Margaret, thanks for joining us. Margaret became an early user of the technology when she moved from California to Texas and her boss Martin did not want to lose her. I can see her through the window when I sit at my desk She manages Martin's work load as if she was right next door With him hardly noticing she is half a continent away. Hello, he is in a meeting right now, can I take a message. There must be things you cannot do for Martin from here. I cannot get him his coffee - smile For business people who have long wished they could be in two places at once Technology is making that almost a reality The cost maybe high but for big companies the savings and air tickets from here to here can make the system almost pay for itself. John Blackstone CBS News Glendale and Paloalto California And that is the CBS evening news I'm Katie Couric thanks for watching. I'll see you tomorrow Goodnight

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Duration: 3 minutes and 3 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: nikkiabney on Jul 10, 2010

Teleconference using video technology.

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