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Shabbat Night Live - June 7 - From Here to Eternity: Part 1

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[Shabbat Night Live From Charlotte will begin at 8:00 PM (ET)] Go too, you rich men. Weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are worthless. Your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are filled with cancer, and the rust of them shall be a witness against you. Your love for riches and power shall devour your flesh like a raging fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days. The hire of the laborers who have reaped your fields you have withheld from them by fraud. You have refused to hear the cries of those who have reaped, but their cries have reached the ears of YHVH Tzva'ot. You have lived in pleasure on the earth and have luxuriated yourself without restraint. You have filled your hearts with fat as on a day of slaughter. It is the just that you have condemned and killed, and until now the righteous have had no power to resist you. But hear me, oh ye saints of the most high God. Your patience and endurance in waiting for the coming of Yeshua as the conquering king, the righteous judge is not in vain. Behold, how the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he hath received the early and the latter rain. Likewise, you also be patient; establish your hearts; for the coming of the Messiah draweth nigh. Will the king forever endure the abuse and enslavement of his loyal subjects— those who have bowed the knee to the Sovereign of the Universe? No, and I have good news for you from here to eternity. This is the gospel of the apocalypse and the demise of the new world order. The sun is now setting at the end of the sixth day, and it is now time for Shabbat Night Live! [♪ lively music ♪] [male narrator] It's Shabbat Night Live from Charlotte, North Carolina, with your host, Michael Rood. Join Michael and co-host Chaim Goldman as they welcome from the land of Israel, teacher and evangelist from, Kenny Russell. Now here he is, the Messianic Matador, Michael Rood! And Shabbat Shalom for our fans! Welcome to Shabbat Night Live, coming direct to you from the post-apocalyptic, downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks for joining us for the leaven-free Gospel of the Kingdom. There is no rabbinic talking out. There is no Protestant-ized Babylonian sun worship and no papal bull here. This is a no man-made religion zone, and I am Michael Rood. I am an equal opportunity offender. If you can't handle the truth, go ahead and turn off your televisions and computers because we are earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, and if you think that we've been raised with it here in post-Christian America, then you are out of your ever-loving mind. If you are comfortable with paganized church-ianity and concocted, man-made religion I think you're on the wrong channel right here, because I'm on a mission. I am restoring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith while I warn you of the leaven of Pharisaic traditions and the Constantinian adaptation of Babylonian sun god worship that the Almighty calls abominations, and we are to stay completely away from that. So welcome to Shabbat Night Live. This is going to be a great evening. Tonight on Shabbat Night Live we have viewer mail. We have communications and complaints from cyberspace and beyond. We have with us none other than the author of the astronomically and agriculturally corrected Biblical Hebrew calendar, which I have right here in my hands. Michael Rood is the author of that. We have our Israel update with Ariela Steagall, our special guest from Israel, Kenny Russell, who's going to be beginning his "Get Over Yourself, America" world tour. And tonight, our teaching—what I've been waiting for for a long time. Last week was just the precursor to this—hopefully enough to scare away the innocent bystanders and the pew warmers, because tonight we begin From Here to Eternity: The Gospel of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order. So ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to my guest host— excuse me, my co-host and the producer of A Rood Awakening! from Israel, Chaim Goldman. >>Hi, Michael. Shabbat Shalom. [Michael] Shabbat Shalom, Chaim. [applause] [Chaim] And I got the yellow shirt memo. >>Ah, you got the yellow shirt. You got the yellow shirt memo today. Well, that's great. Well, Chaim, you have 5 boys at home. Did any of them get arrested this week for using a stick, pretending it was a gun or anything? [Chaim] No, but only probably because they're at home, and they're not in the public school systems. Because I learned—we reported a few weeks ago about some boys that got suspended for pointing pencils at each other. [Michael] Yeah, a number 2 pencil. A number 2 pencil. >>Well, okay, and playing Marines and bad guys and got suspended, and I found out that more of that's been going on, and one of the things— this was a little bit back in the fall of 2012. [Michael] Right, because the current administration doesn't want anyone playing Marines and Muslim radicals or bad guys. [Chaim] But I just heard about this. This was back at the end of 2012. A three-and-a-half year old deaf child, who in order to sign his name, needs to do a sign like this was actually called into question that he was making a violent—when he was signing his name—so that he could say it was an officially-registered name in sign language, they actually brought his parents in, talked about possibly having to change his name because they didn't want him doing this in the schools every time he wanted to tell someone his name. But after enough ridicule, I think they backed down, but this is just more of the— >> Ridicule? Let me in there! [laughs] Goodness gracious! We've got complete morons running the department of re-education in America now, which is— by the way, the whole thing is illegal. It was in the homes. It was taken care of by the churches. And everyone was taught to read the Bible, and this was the thing. Harvard University. Princeton. You couldn't even be considered to be educated unless you had a command of the Scriptures. Now it's being wiped out, and the very thing that our founding fathers said— George Washington said that the people of the United States have a superior edge against tyranny in that everyone is armed. And now anyone trying to sign their name, if it happens to be where you have to use this gesture, is now going to be called into question in our schools. We are raising a complete generation of global village idiots, ladies and gentlemen, so welcome to post-Christian America. Well, I'm glad your kids are home and not in jail for playing some kind of good guys/bad guys. [Chaim] Boys will turn anything into a gun. [Michael] You found that out. >>Or a sword or anything. >>That's right. Well, we are very excited. We have the astronomically and agriculturally corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar; it is out now and, ladies and gentlemen, this is a real treasure. This is the full-sized wall version. And in your hands soon will be the—not the pocket version but the travel version— the one I especially appreciate having because I take the calendar with me wherever I go because I'm always teaching out of it. You have the calendar legend because, again, we're raised in the Christian world. We know nothing about the Biblical calendar. When the Scriptures tell us about something happening on the second of Shabbat, you know what you do, pastors. You just read by it real quickly because you don't have a clue of what it's about. Okay? And of course, no one in your congregation does, so we have really been raised in a complete gentile world in which the calendar is all based on the Roman calendar, in which every month of the year is named after a different pagan god. Every day of the week is named after a different pagan god, and this is the calendar that teaches you the Creator's calendar— the calendar that was in place in the time that Yeshua walked upon the earth— when Yeshua fulfilled the Feast of the Lord, and he fulfilled it according to the Creator's calendar that was then in place; so it starts out with a beautiful piece of work, which is the legend on it, and then the different articles here— "Fallen Angels, Fallen Men, and the Creator's Calendar," which describes the pagan calendar, the Creator's calendar, and the modern Jewish or Rabbinic calendar put in place in the year 359. And then we go on down through the calendar— several other articles— "The Lord of the Sabbath has the Last Word on the Lunar Sabbath." That heresy that was hatched in the hill country of America is put to bed. And then the month of the Abib. This is an article that was written several years ago by Nehemia Gordon, and we neglected to put a line in the last one in the right place because there's been some question about the barley being aviv on the site of the Mount of Olives. This is something that Nehemia Gordon is not concerned about, but barley being aviv on the site of the Mount of Olives— this is an issue among the Israeli New Moon Society. Okay? But what we have found—that in the past, for those of you who are studied on this, is that when the barley is aviv in the land of Israel in the springtime at the new moon, that is called the month of the aviv. And many people are saying it has to be aviv on the site of the Mount of Olives at that time. No, it does not. In fact, it would be a mistake to say that, and I have made that mistake in the past. That's why I can say that because if within a day's walk from Jerusalem the barley is found to be aviv there, it's going to be at least— at least 2 weeks before the first fruit offering of the barley in the land of Israel. And this is a painting that is in the Carta Encyclopedia— the Carta's Encyclopedia of the Temple Treasures— and this shows the priest harvesting the barley on the site of the Mount of Olives, which is 2 weeks after the new moon. If the barley was aviv on the site of the Mount of Olives at the site of the new moon, 2 weeks later it would beyond the harvestable stage, and that's exactly what transpired this year. One week after our calendar had stated the aviv barley in the land of Israel— one week later, we were in Israel with over 50 people on our tour, and we could clearly see that the barley harvest— the crop on the site of the Mount of Olives— was past harvestable stage at that point. It already had gone to seed, so these are very important things when understanding how the ancient calendar was kept so that we can understand the timing of the chronological gospels. That is why we began nearly 40 years ago—38 years ago— on the restoration of the ancient Biblical calendar because to put together the chronological gospels— to put things in order according to that calendar— we had to understand that calendar, and that is what has been in the works for now over 20 years in the land of Israel. >>That's exciting. The calendar is out? >>The calendar is out. So get this, read every single article on this, and then when you turn, you are going to find us. Here we are in the third month, which—I think we have a graphic up there for you. The date is June 7 at sundown. It is now the 28th day of the month, and this month we're going to have a 30-day month because the new moon will not be able to be seen at the end of the 29th day, and so now— right now, ladies and gentlemen, we are 13 weeks away from Yom Teruah, the Day of Trumpets, which every year occurs on the day and hour that no man knows because it can't be calculated in advance, and we are also 15 weeks away from the Feast of Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles. This is so exciting because the Creator has put in place the 3 pilgrim feasts—for Pesah, for Shavuot, and then Sukkot— and these are the times when we go up to Jerusalem, and still this is such a beautiful way to govern life and to teach our children year-round, is it not, Chaim? [Chaim] Yeah, I love it. I love the feasts. It's great. It's great to be in Israel for them, but we're practicing even when we're in Israel, so we practice here, practice wherever you can. >> That's right. We've been doing the Feast of Tabernacles and Passover in Israel for years, and without the temple being there, with the priesthood in disarray, it's not what it was but it still was a prophetic shadow picture. It still is a prophetic shadow picture, and a lot of people do not realize that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is the detail of the Messiah fulfilling the spring Feast of the Lord as prophetic shadow pictures, and he fulfilled them to the very day, the very hour, the exact moment in every detail, which we rehearse them in the temple. And then when we get to the book of the Revelation, which tonight we are going to start our series on "From Here to Eternity," the gospel—the good news of the apocalypse and the demise of the new world order— and we see that the book of Revelation is the Messiah fulfilling the fall Feast of the Lord. If we do not understand the Fall Feast of the Lord, the book of Revelation will remain an indecipherable time warp continuum to the entire Western gentile world, and they will keep groveling in these re-named, pagan, sun-god-worship festivals of Christmas and Easter, which come right straight out of Babylon and Babylonian sun worship. So it's time to shed the abominations, come back to the feasts of the Lord— these beautiful, prophetic shadow pictures— and celebrate what the Messiah has done for us and what the Messiah will do for us. It's time to wake up, people! It's time to wake up, America, and come back to the Feast of the Lord! It's time to repent for the abominations, the pagan sun god worship that you inherited as a child and come to grips with reality, because the Messiah's coming back for a bride who's got their garments clean and white and not filthy and stinking from pagan sun god worship. So get real and let's see what we've got going on. We've got Kenny. Kenny Russell is back with us. Scotland via Israel—but I think before we have Kenny on, I think we've got some headlines from post-Christian America, do we not? >>Yes, we do. [Michael] Okay, Chaim, what's going on in post-Christian America? (screams) A terrifying sound. Living in post-Christian America. I'll tell you—as our fearless leader from Washington has stated, we are no longer just a Christian nation. Now we're a bunch of crazies. [Chaim] We actually have a two-part-er, but they're related. The first part we call, "Put Me on the Share Everything Plan, Verizon." And that is what they want done. It seems that the National Security Agency has gotten a court order that they were allowed to and demanded from Verizon— the mobile phone company—to deliver all of the phone records over a 3-month period—all the what's called metadata, which is who you called, how long you were on the call, and— [Michael] What cell towers. >>What cell tower so they can have location. [Michael] So they can find out where you were. [Chaim]And they say this is for national security, of course. [Michael] So we're eavesdropping on Americans—millions of Americans. [Chaim] Yes, they say—and we think that—we've just found out about Verizon. This was broken—the story—actually by the Guardian newspaper in England, not by any US media. >>Oh, not by the watchdogs of liberty in America. ABC, NBC—no, they didn't get this? >>No. [Michael] It was some other country that broke the news. Oh, well, we're very thankful that our news media is right at the cutting edge. [Chaim] And we have to believe that it's probably going to come out that it was more than Verizon, but as far as the story—the other cellphone carriers, too— but the government says that they need this. It's part of the Patriot Act and other things that give them a right to get this data, and they claim that they're not listening in on phone calls. But even if they aren't yet, the ways that they can take that data and correlate it with all of your other data—all the things that they pick up from you as far as the records that they have and figuring out— when they want to know where you are, when they want to know what you're doing— and we already know that the government picks conservative groups and pro-Israel groups. We already know through the IRS that they've been targeting that. [Michael] There you go! Conservative, Christian, Tea Party, pro-Israel— we know who they're looking for, okay? [Chaim] They try to say that each one of these little things is meaningless, but when you put the whole network together, here is an amazing thing. President Obama said this—because he's saying to people, "Look, we have laws covering this. Everything that they're doing is legal. This is not spying on Americans." This is from this afternoon; President Obama said, "If people can't trust not only "the Executive branch but also don't trust Congress and don't trust federal judges "to make sure that we're abiding by the Constitution, due process, and the rule of law, then we're going to have some problems here." [Michael] Oh, if we don't trust them we're going to have some problems. [Chaim] So that's sort of a way of—I think he's trying to imply that we should trust them, but he didn't say that. >> Is that a threat? [Chaim] If we don't trust them—if we get uppity, if we start complaining— we're going to have some problems here, Michael. >>That's right. Okay, so how many of these internment camps do we have now for people that we have problems with in America? I wonder. >>Yeah, right. And anybody that they have that they think is a terrorist. Right? It's about terrorists. Now at basically the same time, we find out that—this is even scarier to me—that the NSA—the National Security Administration has had a program for many years called PRISM. And how this was broken—there was a 41-page PowerPoint, and we actually have some pages from the PowerPoint that our director can put up. It came out that this was a brief thing. It wasn't supposed to come out. It was a 41-page PowerPoint of this thing called PRISM, and basically what it says is that starting as early as 2007 with Google and extending farther with companies like Apple and Facebook and YouTube and others—large ones that they have been going in and mining data at the server level—at the server level of these companies and that we have things like—well, let's see. We have Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Paltalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL, and Apple—basically those who are running the whole Internet. Basically all information—and the information that they've been getting from there— listen to this—email, chat including video and voice, videos, photos, stored data, voice over IP, file transfers, video conferencing, online social network details, and also special requests. Now these companies all claim they had no idea. They're all saying they had no idea this was going on, so we haven't found out yet whether they're complying or not— whether they're part of this or not— but there's been no official complete denial that this is going on, and now we're talking about listening in to phone calls on Skype and other things. This is quite scary what's going on. Well, I guess we don't need like in Russia where we had neighbors reporting on each other. We actually have the government tapping into the servers without the knowledge of these major corporations that basically are running the Internet, and they're spying on every individual in America that fits the profile. They're looking. They're profiling. Of course, we can't profile at the airport. We've got to strip search 90-year-old ladies with walkers, but no, you know who they're looking for. Just like the IRS. It's already been proven what the IRS is looking for out there. Oh, and what about this 4—wait. Just a minute. The $4 million party—okay, we don't have time right now because, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be back with Kenny Russell from Israel, Ariela Steagall with her Israel update, and viewer mail right after this word for our sponsors, which happens to be you out there. [applause] [♪ lively music ♪] [Shabbat Night Live] [Shabbat Night Live From Charlotte] [male narrator] This month, Michael and Judith would like to give you a gift of apocalyptic proportions. For your gift of $120 or more, A Rood Awakening! International would like for you to receive these 3 resources. First, you'll receive Michael Rood's thought-provoking book, "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of the Messiah." In this book, you'll learn the legal ramifications of Satan's rebellion, the deception that has been the dangerously false hope of the modern church, the key event that will begin the last 7-year countdown to Armageddon, and much more. Then you'll receive the DVD teaching, Zechariah's Thermonuclear War. This is the DVD teaching you'll want to watch again and again. Michael explains Revelation from Yehovah that reveals more of the timeline to the end of days. Asia fire offering—I knew this was revelation because there is no way that I could know it. There is no way that I could see it. I had nothing in front of me that would even let my mind go in that direction, but when I sat up on the edge of my bed, I said, "This is not a woman. This is a fire." [male narrator] Finally, Michael would like for you to receive 4 ounces of his exclusive Rood-brew coffee called, Fireball Espresso, a taste that is as complex and distinctive as a thermonuclear blast. But when the smoke clears, it's sweet and never bitter. And as an added bonus this month, Michael would also like for you to receive this beautifully made scarf from the Lydia Project. These beautiful scarves from the land of Israel come in a variety of patterns and colors and remind us to pray for and assist the widows and orphans. They can be used as decoration accents around the home, worn as head coverings, shawls, and so much more. Call the number on your screen or visit our website at Don't miss out on this exciting collection of gifts that Michael would like to send you to bless your life. Call now! [♪ lively music ♪] [applause] [Shabbat Night Live] [Shabbat Night Live] [From Charlotte] Well, ladies and gentlemen, we really do appreciate you. We appreciate our partners, our ambassadors who are helping us as we are broadcasting now in over 156 countries around the world with Shabbat Night Live and A Rood Awakening! from Israel, and this month's gift, "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisite for the Return of the Messiah," is absolutely essential for you to understand. Raised as an ultra-dispensational preacher relations secret rapturist, I was a paid professional false prophet for 20 years. This is where I turn the tables on this heresy and bring out the things that must come to pass before the Messiah returns. We've got a job to do, and we are going to find out as we delve into our series, From Here to Eternity. Please stand with us and be a partner with A Rood Awakening! to help get this message that is changing your life out to other people around the world. Well, Chaim, we've got several letters that have come in. Let's get right to them and see what's going on. [Chaim] Letters from cyberspace and beyond. [eerie sounds playing] Okay. Hi, Mr. Rood and staff of A Rood Awakening. I want to share a testimony. I shared the series of the Raiders of the Lost Book with my co-mates in the church as well as the name of God. Let no pagan judge you and all the latest teachings of Mr. Rood. After 3 months of prayers, the youth department and the elders and deacons of the church made a big move to have a Sabbath service in the church, and now they worship Yehovah/Yeshua. Thanks to the spirit of Elohim. [Michael] Amen, amen. >>I could not express what I felt when the news came to me. We're thankful to Mr. Rood and your ministry, and all the staff have this heart that comes from our Yehovah to share the true gospel of Yeshua, the Messiah. Well, this is awesome. >>That is. That is wonderful. [applause] [Chaim] Transforming a whole congregation. >>It is. And I'm going to be going down to Texas within just a couple of weeks to an entire congregation that's lit up on the Feast of the Lord. They're keeping the Shabbat, and we encourage you to stand with— wherever it is that you find the truth, stand there. Speak the truth because you'll find so many other people that are looking for the truth as well. So don't just bail on everyone. Just speak the word, so bless you, brother. That's from Istong. [Chaim] Okay, from Joanie. Thanks for explaining the plural Mikvahs baptism on the other week's SNL. It is so great to know these truths. It's as if a cork has been pulled out, and I can freely feel closer to my Yehovah. Thanks for expounding on these wonderfully rich secrets that we are now allowed to know and live by. I am sending the lesson to my brother and sister and children. That's beautiful. We also have that on video—that was filmed in Israel— because the doctrine of baptisms plural is one of the foundations of the faith detailed in Hebrews, but most people don't know anything more about baptism than what their particular denomination party line is. [Chaim] A sprinkle or— >>Sprinkle, dunk, or dry clean. Now you're going to find out the full story— and hour-and-a-half of Mikvah, the baptism. [Chaim] Okay, well, this next letter comes from Facebook— someone under the title or organization, Peculiar Treasure. It says, Dear Michael Rood, I want to thank you for allowing me to share in this year's Shavuot celebration with you and so many other Yehovah-loving, rock-filled believers. I wish I could have been there in person, but I'm thankful that you made a way for me to be there virtually by accepting, receiving so graciously my small donation. >>That's right. We made it available for any donation—$1—any donation whatsoever just so that we know who's with us and participating in that. [Chaim] It says, my computer was even willing. It was smooth watching all the way. I was truly blessed in my seeing and hearing. The panelists were all fantastic. I shared Arthur Bailey's message with 2 very special people who I pray will not dismiss it, and I'll be sharing Chaim's segment on my Facebook page shortly. >>A great thing—the Upper Room Conspiracy. I will spend this week reviewing and studying each segment of this week's teachings before they go off-air. I don't know. Have we taken it—it maybe down already. I'm not sure. Thank you so much to all the Rood Crew for all you do. In HaShem Shalom, and also Mike says in another letter, Thank you, A Rood Awakening, for the great weekend of Shavuot. The teaching was amazing. Can't wait to get it on DVD to study it. May Yehovah bless you and keep you. >>Amen, amen. Well, it was a great get together for Shavuot, and we try to make these things available to the whole world as we're doing them; and through the modern media, we're able to do some of these things now. [Chaim] Okay, Brandon writing. We have a lot. Moving through things quick. Mr. Rood, I recently began to watch A Rood Awakening! on TBN's Church Channel on Saturday evenings. This program has opened my eyes in understanding to the truth of the scriptures that I have never received in Christian churches. I now have a better knowledge of our Messiah and Yehovah. Thank you for your program and all of your hard work. Please be encouraged to continue doing all that you do to expose the truth of the gospel; and similarly, Miriam writes, I always learn from your TV show. May Adonai Elohim bless you abundantly for bringing his word to us in such a unique and straightforward way. Thank you for making your show so interesting and fun to watch. [laughing] Well, we try. We try to make it fun. In reading this, it's really amazing that we're listening to all these gentiles use technical Hebrew words accurately. Former gentiles. >>Former gentiles, that's right. Drafted into Israel, now of the household and commonwealth of Israel, and there are so many things that, unless we know the proper Hebrew terminology, and we get back to the Hebrew roots of the faith— not the rules and regulations of Rabbinic Judaism but the very things that Yeshua taught— once we get back there, it is like a treasure opening up. Yeshua was not overstating the thing that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure that a man found in a field. And when he found it, he hid it, went and sold everything he owned, went and bought the field, and came back and started mining it. And that's what we're doing, ladies and gentlemen. We are mining the treasures from the Hebrew Scriptures, which even the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, the Revelation—these are still Hebrew Scriptures. They may come to us over in Greek and English, but it's a culture. It's the gospel of the kingdom. So is that why it feels we're always in a minefield here because we're mining the field? Everything we do here feels sort of like we're stepping around a minefield, yes. Okay, we have a question from Nick. Hi, Michael. Thank you so much for your work in "The Mystery of Iniquity." I did have a question. Revelation 8:1. The half hour of silence in heaven that you mention in your book— I thought that was referring to the time the gathering happens and all the people of the earth saw what just happened, and then after the half hour the wrath starts. Can you please help me with this? Thank you again. My brothers, Kenny and Jim, are also reading your book. We are all very grateful for your stand. Well, some people believe—and actually this is taught in theological seminary— that it's impossible that the rapture happened at this point because if there's a half hour of silence in heaven, that means there would be no women there. [Chaim] Sha-bump-bump. Do you have a rim shot? Where's the rim shot? However, that is not the way we handle that verse, and in From Here to Eternity, we are going to be dealing with that very thing. We're going to go right down the line in order and see exactly what is revealed by the Messiah to John to give to his servants the things which must come to pass. So we'll be there, but no, it's not the rapture. Okay, Richard writes, I get the impression that TV ministry is expensive; I also get the impression that your ministry has grown rapidly and that would imply that you've had massive costs to cover. I personally would have stuck to airing your broadcasts via YouTube, which reaches out globally as it is. TV and the media are yesterday's technology. Everything is going Internet these days. Why pay for TV time? Michael, why should we be paying for TV time? Chaim, maybe you better answer this because just that this has been your life. We have the vice-president of a former worldwide— of the biggest Christian ministries on the planet, and this is our life to know media and what reaches people. This person has not yet gotten his television program on the air. Right, but I totally understand it because with the Internet, when you distribute, it's free and when you go on TV you pay, and I understand why someone would say that. A couple things, though, that people need to understand. One, most of the cost of television is not the distribution unless you're buying a Super Bowl ad, which we're not. It's the production, and so the cost of having the equipment and especially the people— that cost hasn't gone down. That actually goes up as things become more expensive. You have to pay people more, so the production is mostly the people. Now once you get the production done, you want to distribute it everywhere, so we're on YouTube. In fact, we have a million-and-a-half minutes of— That's right. We just hit it. Ladies and gentlemen, this month a milestone in May. In the last 30 days, one-and-a-half million minutes of viewing, which is 46,000 minutes per minute for 30 days, 24 hours a day for 30 days straight. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a major breakthrough for this ministry or for anything worldwide. So YouTube is great, and the Internet is great. But there's a couple of things people need to understand. Okay, how many people do we have—full-time paid employees with children— are actually putting this stuff up free? Yeah, free on the Internet. >>Free. >>Right. >>Yeah. We've got 6 people. Their full-time job is to put free stuff on the Internet. Plus the entire staff tonight. This is incredible. Right, so the production is still there. But why pay to go out? Well, one, we can't forget that most people in the world don't have Internet, and they don't have broadband Internet; because to get the video, they have to get broadband Internet, and even a lot of people in the States— they just can't afford Internet, but they do have TV or they are paying for cable. Also, in the prisons—they're not getting to go—they don't have broadband with computers. I don't think yet—maybe in some upper-level, white-collar prisons. But most prisons do not have Internet in theirs, but they are getting the Church Channel, and they are watching the Church Channel. Also, a lot of countries—there's no way we can get to them. We're going up on the Inspiration Network. That's all international. >>That's 156 countries all over the world. And different cable networks pull this stuff down, re-broadcast it to their local people, so television is the best bang for the buck without a doubt. Once the program is done and you do it of a quality where you can get it on broadcast TV— and that's why we need to produce it well— the number of people who see it per dollar is amazing once you can get on; so people question why pay for it when it's already on the Internet— because we're trying to reach people, and we're going to segue into something that's based on what we talked about earlier. We have a very small window to reach people. We can't wait; once we have the production done, we have to get it out there in as many ways as we possibly can. Why don't you comment about that? Well, Chaim, I'd like to read this because this window of opportunity that we have, we see that other countries are breaking news about the freedoms in America being eroded away, and it was out of England that they dropped the whole net open for us to understand what was going on with Verizon. >>In the Guardian newspaper, right. Right. Now I'm going to read this. This is from John Swinton. He was the former chief of staff of the New York Times. He was toasting, and this was his toast to the New York Press Club, and I'm going to read. Listen. Very important, the timeliness of this. "There's no such thing, at this date in the world's history, in America "as an independent press. "You know it and I know it. "There's not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, "and even if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. "I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions "out of the paper I am connected with. "Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, "and any of you who'd be so foolish as to write honest opinions "would be out on the streets looking for another job. "If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before 24 hours, my occupation would be gone." I think he meant job. His occupation would still be there. Someone else would be filling it. "The business of the journalist," he says—now former chief of staff of the New York Times—"The business of the journalist "is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, "and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. "You know it and I know it. And what folly is this toasting an independent press? "We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. "We are the jumping jacks. They pull the strings and we dance. "Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." >>Wow! Things have really sunk low. When was this written? >>This was in 1953. In 1953, ladies and gentlemen. So for 60 years, the game was already up 60 years ago. That's right, so we have a window of opportunity, Chaim, right now because the Internet has opened things up. We can get the truth of the gospel out around the world like we've never been able to do. As citizens, not having to be the mainstream media, we can get it out. And they can help us get it out. >>They can help us get it out. We've got a short window, and we can see that they are going to be shutting this thing down. They're collecting the information. I said we've got a short window of opportunity. If we squander this, if we just sit on our hands and do nothing during this time, then on the sea of fire and glass—if we don't get any rewards, then it's not going to be the fault of the Almighty. Because there's a lot of people—a lot of people have jumped on this technology. There are a lot of people getting Biblical Health TV. We're getting a health message out. >>That's right. There's people that are getting the gospel out, people that are getting all kinds of really amazing information out, and the mainstream media, which is controlled by the government and the wealthy, doesn't like this. The government doesn't like this. They've been controlling the media, and only for about the past 5 years have we had this freedom, and by what we see of them going into Google's database and servers and Apple, they're circling the wagons around this freedom, and who knows how much longer— as a citizen press—to be able to go around the world with this information before they end the technology, control it, and then bring back their paid media. They're still dominant, but at least we're getting the voice out to those who will listen. That's right, so those who have admitted that they are intellectual prostitutes— they may be running the mass media, but we have an opportunity right now to reach out to the world, and that's why we invite you to join us and to bring it to the world. [applause] [Shabbat Night Live] [Shabbat Night Live] [From Charlotte] [male narrator] Around the world today, people are hungry for answers. They're asking, who am I? Is this all that I am? They're praying to gods of wood and stone who cannot hear and will not answer. Who will help them understand? As followers of the Messiah, we know the truth— the truth that sets men free, the truth about the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who sent his son, Yeshua, so that we might have eternal life with him. "And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations..." Matthew 24:14 On November 2, 2012, A Rood Awakening! International began to take the word of the Messiah to over 150 countries around the world on Inspiration TV and The Church Channel. But we need your help. Now you can partner with Michael and Judith Rood to sponsor one of these countries as together we bring it to the world. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of staying on the air in the country of your choice. Today, you can join the Ambassador's Club by sponsoring a country for as little as $100 per month or a one-time gift of $1200. As a thank you, Michael would like for you to receive our Bring It to the World Ambassador's Club package. I am sponsoring Sweden. I am sponsoring Germany. This package includes this beautiful prayer journal and pen to write your daily reflections of prayer and praises. You will also receive A Rood Awakening! coffee mug that will remind you daily of your partnership with Michael and Judith and a car decal that you can proudly display as a sign of your commitment to bring it to the world. Additionally, each month you will receive an exclusive teaching from Michael Rood on DVD that is only available to Ambassador Club members. These teachings are powerful lessons that will inspire you and enhance your walk with Yeshua. We can go back because we have the ancient text of the gospel of John. I am sponsoring Ireland. I'm supporting Iraq. What are the souls of your brethren worth to you? Call today with your monthly gift of $100 or a one-time gift of $1200 and partner with Michael and Judith as a member of the Ambassador's Club. Together we can bring it to the world. [♪ lively music ♪] [applause] [Shabbat Night Live] [Shabbat Night Live] [From Charlotte] Welcome back to Shabbat Night Live. Ladies and gentlemen, I can't wait to get inside Israel and so we are with our Israel Update with Ariela Steagall. Take it away, Ariela. [♪ lively music ♪] [Inside Israel] Thank you, Michael. Welcome back to another edition of Inside Israel for Shabbat Night Live. I'm Ariela Steagall. This year in Jerusalem, some 600 publishers and authors from over 30 different countries gathered for the 26th Biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair. This wasn't a small event. Many department heads from publishing houses, agents, sales personnel, foreign rights representatives, editors, authors, and of course lots of buyers graced their presence in Jerusalem in pursuit of hundreds of thousands of books in a variety of languages from all over the world. Some gather to Jerusalem for book fairs while others are drawn to the rich history within her streets. The Nation of Israel is situated in a key location of the world. Jerusalem, Israel's precious capital, is a mosaic of people and sights. Jerusalem houses the holy and the secular, the ancient and the modern. Since the times of King David, there has been a Jewish presence within this chosen city, with the exception of 19 years between 1948 and 1967. During the 1948 War of Independence, Jerusalem was divided, later to be reunited June of 1967. It's not a surprise why this mystic city, Jerusalem, is a cultural melting pot, and those from all over the world desire to visit her. I'm Ariela Steagall. Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Inside Israel. [♪ lively music ♪] [Inside Israel] Ah, thank you, Ariela, that was excellent. The great book fair and I'll tell you, the Nobel Prize winners in Israel, which is a disproportionate number of people on planet Earth, and I'll guarantee you none of them got their Nobel Prizes out of a box of Crackerjacks or for just getting elected to some local position. But it's good to hear right straight from Israel on that. Well, speaking of Israel, we have coming from Israel—just arrived off the plane— Kenny Russell, Gottalife Ministries International— it's good to have Kenny Russell back on the show. Welcome, everyone, Kenny Russell! Good to see you, Michael. >>Good to have you here, brother. Welcome, welcome. Hi, Chaim. Good to see you. Well, Kenny just got off the plane from across the pond. What is going on in Israel today? Well, things are tense. The pressure is rising in Syria and in the north with Lebanon Hezbollah. Lots of low-flying planes and action happening in preparation, but we had an interesting event happen last week. We actually had a day where we had preparation for chemical warfare. Preparation for chemical warfare, so how did they go— now as I left, the houses were shaking—we live on the same street— literally the houses were shaking as the Israelis were pounding these missile placements over there across the Golan Heights, and things continued on, so what is this preparation? What did they do? Well, from time to time, they have these preparation days, but one thing that really stood out for me this time was I had actually been told was going to happen ahead of time. The first time it happened, I was out walking the dog, and you're halfway down the hill, and you hear this strange sound. Do we have the sound anywhere? The sound—do we have it? [air raid siren sounding] [Michael] There it is. >>Here it comes. So you're walking down the hill, and all you hear is the air raid siren going off, and you think, okay, is this real? Is this a drill? What are we meant to do here? But this time, I actually knew that a test was coming, so your preparation was very different. They did a test on the day which was for the businesses, the schools, the colleges, and those in the workplace; and then the evening at 7:00, it was for the families, so the families could go through with their children the preparation of any threat. >>Okay, so both in one day and that's to make sure everyone's prepared during the regular workday and then when you're home with your family— >>That's right. —there's a different drill to protect your families at home then. >>Yeah. Yeah, and one thing I noticed, Michael, that I really think is important spiritually when we look at the climate of what is happening today, and I noticed that people were just driving along acting normal, and all these sirens are going off everywhere, and it's just like, you know, this mentality— yes, some people were in their bomb shelters just going through making sure everything's there and all types of preparation because you only have so many minutes if the real thing was to happen. In some parts of the country you've got 45 seconds. In the north— >>That's right. In Sderot you've got about 15 seconds. >>You have. That's right. So it's preparation. I was standing on the balcony towards the end of the sirens going off, and everyone's just going about his business as usual, and one of the key elements of the reason of being in the country at this time is to bring a prophetic message. It's time for heaven to speak. One thing I've noticed—that people don't want to hear what heaven has to say, and even in the nation when the sirens are going off and the nation is saying, this is time for preparation. The response of the people is, it's just a test. So we'll just live like normal, and hopefully these things will never happen, and we'll never need to take any action. [Michael] It sounds like the party's going on the rooftops while Nebuchadnezzar's siege wall is being built, and they're launching their missiles into Jerusalem back 600 years before the common error. >>Yeah. And I think spiritually what we've got to realize— we've got to realize that there is a shout going out. There is a trumpet call going out to the generations of this day. We have to rise from slumber. We have to wake up and realize what day that we are living in. And for you to be doing this series on Revelation right now is so powerful because through our lifetimes serving Yeshua we can recognize different times and seasons where people were talking about Revelation and then it all sort of died down after the year 2000, and it's like when do you ever hear anything about the end times? It's just not out there as much as it used to be out there, apart from things like the Left Behind series and things like that. But the key is this: we are gearing ourselves for the wrong event. We're not gearing ourselves in line with the scripture. That's right, and so basically, the Christian world is gearing themselves to— in the next breath, the next twinkling of an eye—that they're going to be changed, and they're going to be raptured out of here before anything bad happens. And that is just not what's gone on in the history of planet Earth. Yeah, but you've got to understand. Before I moved to Israel 2 years ago, I had studied Revelation for years. I'd gone through this. I genuinely believed in pre-tribulation because— [Michael] And the rapture before the tribulation. Yes, because I'd gone through so much material, and that just made sense because didn't Moses—not Moses. Didn't Noah get taken out? And the wicked all died, and oh, this is a sign of what it's going to be like before the trouble comes, but we don't understand about when the wrath of Yehovah is poured out, and this is so key—when we go back and start realizing what the scripture is saying in Isaiah 57 when it says that he's going to wipe out the righteous. You think, wait a second! Haven't we been taught in Christianity for years? If you're righteous, you're protected. You're going to be safe. Everything's going to be fine. Stuff can be happening all around you— and here's a prophetic scripture that says God's going to take the righteous out and shorten their days. For what purpose? So they don't have to go through this wicked. But that isn't the foundation to say, well, we're not going to go through the tribulation, which just means trials, and it says consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds. Now we don't consider it pure joy when we face small trials, and we aren't even in the many-kinds-of-trials days yet, but we really have to wake up and get to a place of understanding that this is time to be switched on to the truth and not listen to what the hearsay-ers are saying. As the siren was playing—the little clip you played just now— as it started to play, you would hear dogs starting to bark in the background. The dogs were barking. Well, it says in Isaiah—I think it's—Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah— wherever it is in there. >>Right after Exodus. Yeah, it says in Isaiah 56, "Come all you beasts of the fields. "Come and devour all the beasts of the forest. "Israel's watchmen are blind. "They all lack knowledge and are all mute dogs. They cannot bark." This is the problem we're facing today. We're looking to the prophetic world and saying it's okay. We have all these prophets, and they're declaring, "Thus sayeth the Lord!" and they're right in your face with this, "Whoa, did you feel the anointing?" And this whole pressure of what they are trying to deliver to the people— is it for giving money? Is it for manipulation? And all the different reasons, but their agenda is not the agenda of heaven. But we've got to get back to the place where we identify what is going on in this time. What's the preparation of heaven? Why? Because we are part of the body of Yeshua. So we are to be about his agenda, and the church today is not about the agenda of Yehovah. It's about its own agenda. It's about living in the realm of logic and reason. And that spirit has to be broken. And the reason it has to be broken is because we are called to be born of the Spirit. You were not born of the flesh again. You're born of the Spirit because we have to live this life by the Spirit. We have to be in touch with what the Father is saying, and this is where we're at, Michael. And this is a very dangerous day because people are—they say, "Okay, I'll rise from slumber. What's next?" What's next? I'm awake. Hello. We need to have an ear to hear. We need to have an eye to see. Well, that's it—you've got the prophetic voice that you're going out is not of future fortunes and soothing sayings for everyone. That's the message of the false prophet. They want you to feel the anointing and start shaking uncontrollably and all sorts of nonsense that's going on out there. While the world is going to hell in a handbasket, people are playing warm fuzzies or wakey-quakey-shakies instead of speaking the word of truth. And where this whole thing started was at the Galilee Hebrew Roots Center— at your place—and we got together and I said, "This is what's on my heart— the book of Revelation." So we got into it, and we had a great time there. That was the inspiration for what we're doing right now because now is the time. Things are shaking in the land of Israel. That is where we have our eyes—what the Almighty is doing, prophesies are being fulfilled. Now Kenny, very quickly, we're going to be going to a break in just a moment, but you're here in America to deliver a message. What's going on with that? Well, we're going to be traveling—or I'm going to be traveling. From here in Charlotte, we go to Columbia, South Carolina, tomorrow. Then we head down to Jacksonville, Florida—a couple of stops in Florida. Then we start heading up Charleston direction, Fredericksburg, and then into Pennsylvania, across to Ohio, Missouri— How can people find your schedule and find out where you're going to be? You need to go to and click on the tab, US Tour. You can see the map, email us, and just connect with the people that are on that list. Okay, well we're going to be back, right after this word for our sponsors, with Kenny Russell on his "Get a Life, America" tour. See you in a minute. [♪ dramatic orchestral music ♪] [A Rood Awakening presents The Rood Crew] [Live From Charlotte, NC] [A Rood Awakening Presents Rood Review—A Rood Update] Hi, I'm Anny. >>And I'm Laura. And you're here in time for the Rood Review. In the last 30 days, we were amazed to find out that there were over 1.4 million minutes watched on our YouTube channel. That means over 46,000 minutes a day— more than 970 minutes a minute. Should I go on? No, we get it, but what does that mean exactly? That means in the last 30 days, 970 people heard the truth every minute. That's incredible! And leads up to our next point of news— >>Messianic. >> Potato. >>Po-tah-to. Tomato. >>To-mah-to. >>Messianic. >>Messianic, Regardless, it has been a huge success. We always have wanted to offer teachings for the entire family to sit down on Shabbat, and the response has been incredibly encouraging. If you ask me, is the place to be on Shabbat. I love that my family can sit down together and watch teachings from so many trusted sources including— Michael Rood. Join us every Shabbat at 8:00 for A Rood Awakening! Or at 7:30 if you want to make sure that you don't miss the Rood Review. Anny, it's time for big news. Are you ready? I'm ready. Are you ready? Come on, Anny. The calendars are in! Yay! We're a little bit excited. You've been asking for it. And we've been waiting on them. >>Not a broken printing machine could stop it. The 2013-2014 astronomically and agriculturally corrected Biblical calendars are in, and you can get your copy at We also have this month's calendar and a list of this year's feast dates on the website as well for you to see at any time. Anny, do you have a Bring It To The World update for us? >>I certainly do. Did you know that Argentina has the largest population of Jews in Latin America? Latin American Jews. Is that a real thing, Anny? Are you making that up? You do know that everything you read on the Internet is not necessarily true. But it's true! Argentina has over 400,000 Jews. That is more than double some countries' population. >>Wow! That's a lot of people who need to hear the truth. So tell us, how many Bring It To The World ambassadors do we have in Argentina? Zero. As in none? Nada. Zip. No. [sound of crickets chirping] So what now? The only way to fix this is for you to become a member of Bring It To The World—an Ambassador of Bring It To The World. We need your support today, and to learn more information, please visit >>Whew! That got awkward fast. But there's always a solution to everything. You said it, Anny! Well, that's all for today. Be sure to join us next week as we bring you the Rood Review. [♪ dramatic orchestral music ♪] [A Rood Awakening presents The Rood Crew] [Live From Charlotte, NC] [Rood Review—A Rood Update] Oh, there it is. They surprise me every week with something. I love the crickets. I think a lot of the world is asleep, but Kenny, you're not asleep over in Israel. You were sent by the hand of the Almighty to Israel. >>Yeah. Why were you sent there and what are you doing? Why have I been sent? Well, I think when I got married—when Haley and I got married— Haley is Jewish, and I knew that there would be an appointed time when we were called to go to Israel, and we took that very seriously from our wedding, and I want to say hi to Haley and Hannah back in—hello, over there in Israel. We took it very seriously for the call, but some people were concerned about how long it took us to actually get there because it was 20 years. But we had to listen to what the Father was saying, and the journey he has taken us on has been— the plans of preparation through all of it, and it's been incredible, Michael. From working in the marketplace, having businesses as well as being in the ministry and seeing what it truly means to know the voice of Yehovah— to walk in his ways and see signs, wonders, and miracles through all the steps we take. We've always lived by faith, and we've always chosen to live by the Spirit, even when it looked like it was impossibilities that we faced before us. We would jump on planes and uproot ourselves from one nation to another nation for the purpose of the Kingdom. As I look back now at the revelation he has given me since coming to the land— because I didn't come with an agenda other than I come to lay my life down before you, and this is the key that we all have to understand. We serve the Father. We can get puffed up with knowledge and information and think we know everything, and that's a very dangerous place. But we have to be at a place where we continually humble ourselves before the Father. And when he took us to Israel, we took a lot of time seeking. Why are we here? And that took over a year of prayer and preparation and walking the land because when you are a Kingdom-mindset person, you don't walk in and bring your thing but you walk in and seek to identify, what is the Father doing here? And how do I play a part in what he is doing? And as I started to study the scriptures and go through the word, I started to realize that so much of what I'd been told about Hebrew roots and a Hebrew mindset was incorrect information. I went through this whole process, and I'm still going through this process. It's been 2 years of unraveling all these things that— of how I've been told to interpret scripture— the Galilee of the gentiles, and who are the lost sheep of the tribe of Israel, and Romans 11—how we identify ourselves as the house of Israel— after 20 years preaching against replacement theology and thinking I was doing Yehovah good deeds and Israel a good deed by stopping all the people saying the church is Israel when replacing Israel in the land has no relevance today. Yes, there was elements of that that were good, but now I start to realize, yes, we are second. We are Israel. Ezekiel 37. And it started to transform my world, and as I've been—in Israel as we've been studying in the land and ministering in the land, every day I come to the scripture. I see new things come alive to me. I start to realize what the Father is saying. And his agenda is not just about Israel. It's to the ends of the earth, because his people are scattered throughout the nations, and our job is to blow the trumpet, to speak his words, and to call his people into alignment. The Torah is for today. Many think it's done away with, and they think, ah, it's all fulfilled in Yeshua. But did Yeshua come to say, "Don't bother listening to my father. "He got it all wrong. We're just going to wipe away everything he told you. "It doesn't really matter about what he says. "I'm the son, and I've now taken over the new LLC of heaven. "And here comes my CEO approach to running the universe. We'll just have all that fulfilled, and this is how it's going to be." But that's not true. We're still in a place where we are seeing scripture fulfilled. There's prophecy still to be fulfilled, and people are asleep. They're asleep. >>That's right. Well, there's a big difference, as you've found, between replacement theology and replacing Israel and being grafted into Israel. And now up there in the galley—I know your house is getting crowded every week. You've got people that not only drive all the way from Jerusalem— a two, two-and-a-half hour drive— from the south to get up there for Shabbat, but people are coming in from other parts of the world as well. So there's a real connection that's taking place, and we bless you. We thank you for doing that. >>Thank you. Chaim and I are not there as much now. You've taken things up there in the north to a new level, and we're really looking forward to you establishing a production facility there to help get things out, and that way I get to be home a little bit more often. I'll get to come on your program for a change, instead of you having to travel all the way over here. We appreciate your being with us, Kenny, and of course, at you can get up on exactly what his schedule is, and Kenny is going to be out there giving a clean, fresh prophetic word here in America. This is a short window of opportunity for him to be here now. And so we invite you to join Kenny out on the road. So please join me now in the tent of Abraham for the kiddush and then back on the post-apocalyptic America set for tonight's teaching, "From Here to Eternity: The Gospel of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order." Thank you, gentlemen, for being with us. >>Thank you. >>Shabbat Shalom, Michael. Shabbat Shalom. The composite of the gospel records tell us that before the Passover lamb was sacrificed the following morning, Yeshua had his last supper with his disciples, in which he took bread—leavened bread—and he took wine and he said, "This represents my body, which will be broken for you. This cup represents my shed blood, which will pay for the iniquity." It is this very thing that the Melchizedek shared with Abraham. As Yeshua said, "Abraham saw my day and rejoiced, and when the Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine, he shared with them about the coming of the Messiah, about his broken body, about his shed blood, and Abraham gave a tenth of everything that he owned and laid it at the feet of the Melchizedek. He saw Yeshua's day, and he rejoiced. And so now, every time we do this—every Sabbath, every meal in which there's bread and wine—in which we take this and we bless the Most High. Barukh atah Jehovah Eloheinu melekh ha'olam, ha'motzi lehem min ha‑aretz. Blessed are you, Yehovah, our Elohim, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. Yeshua said, "This is my body, which is broken for you. As often as you do it, do it in remembrance of me." And then Yeshua took the cup, and he said, "Blessed are you Yehovah, our Elohim, King of the universe, who brings forth the fruit of the vine." The creator of the fruit of the vine. And every time we do this, we do remember his death and what he did for us until he comes. One day at the marriage supper of the lamb, Yeshua will lift his cup and say, "I have not had a drop of this, as I promised at the last supper. I've been waiting for you. Now L'Chayim—to life everlasting." [♪ America, where are you now? ♪] [♪ Don't you care about your sons and daughters? ♪] [♪ Don't you know we need you now? ♪] [♪ We can't fight alone against the monsters. ♪] Shalom, Torah fans. Welcome to "From Here to Eternity: The Gospel of the Apocalypse and the Demise of the New World Order." If you'll please take your Bibles and turn to the last book, the book of Revelations. No, it is not the book of Revelations. Read it right here at the top of your King James version of your Bible in your Oxford quadruple-wide margin, and it says the Revelation of Saint John the Divine. That is even a worse title for it. This has nothing to do—it's not the revelation of Saint John the Divine. We read the very first sentence in the King James Version and it says, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him to show unto His servants— "the things which must shortly come to pass. And He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John." This is the revelation of Yeshua, Messiah. It's not the revelation of Saint John the Divine. Leave it to the English. They're always going to make it sound religious and a little corny sometimes, but we need to get past it because, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most important books that you will ever read in your life. Most people will read all of the other books, but when we come to the book of the Revelation of the Messiah, they don't understand it. They leave it alone mainly because it wasn't addressed to them. And that's why it's not understood. Well, we are going to dig into this and start out. We're going to see what this has to say. Because the Revelation of Jesus Christ—this is, first of all, the revelation. The word 'revelation' is the word 'apokalupsis' from the word 'apokaluptoh.' Now apocalypse has developed this negative connotation because of what the Christian church has done to this and how they have been the representatives of the Messiah and the representatives of the written word, and they haven't even known what this is about. Because apokaluptoh is apo-, which is 'away from,' and then -kaluptoh, which is 'to hide' or 'to hinder the knowledge of a thing.' And so apo- means from; it's a Greek preposition which means from, but it has the connotation of separation, or it's used after a verb of motion— that is, moving from one place to another. And where is it moving from? It's moving from -kaluptoh, which is a place of being hidden, and so it is from a place of being hidden—not fully discovered, not fully understanding. Now we are going to bring the ministry and the life of Yeshua into the full light. It is the revealing—another way of saying it is the revealing of Yeshua as the Messiah. Now anyone who has just a cursory understanding of the scripture will note that Yeshua has not fulfilled all the Messianic prophesies. He has not. It just doesn't take much of a study to know that the wolf is not laying down with the lamb, the child is not playing by the den or the poisonous asp, and nations have not turned their swords into plowshares yet. And the Messiah is not ruling from the throne of David over all the earth. Anyone—anyone can easily see that. But this is the full revealing of Yeshua as the Messiah, but today he is the prophet. This word apokaluptoh is really acquainted with the word 'mustérion,' which is the mystery of iniquity. It's the mustérion. It's something that is hidden and cannot be known until it is revealed, or that which cannot be revealed to the novices or to the uninitiated. And this is why the Book of the Revelation is not understood— as I said—because it is not written to most people. It's not written to your casual Christian. It's not written to pew warmers or innocent bystanders. This is written to the servants of the Messiah, and until we understand that and until we fit in that category, the Book of the Revelation will not open to us. It cannot open to us because it wasn't written to those who are the innocent bystanders. Last week, we started in the introduction of "From Here to Eternity," but last week wasn't episode one. Last week was to, hopefully, get rid of most of the innocent bystanders so that the servants of the Messiah can then dig deep to find out what the Messiah has to say to us right now in this day and time. Now I say that Yeshua has not fulfilled his role as the Messiah, but Yeshua is the prophet. That is the role that he came to fulfill. And I'm going to read this. Go to John, chapter 1. John, chapter 1, verse 19. It tells us that priests and Levites sent from Jerusalem by the Pharisees asked Johanan, "Who are you?" And he confessed, "I am not the Messiah." Then they asked him, "What then? Are you Eliyahu (Elijah)?" And he said, "I am not." "Are you that Prophet?" And he answered, "No." Now I got a letter from someone this week that said when he said, "Are you that prophet?" he was referring to Elijah. He's there asking again, "Are you the prophet Elijah?" And he says no. Are you that prophet, meaning Elijah, and he says no. So he was chiding me on this. Well, the chiding is unnecessary because that person didn't know what he was talking about. Because when it says "that prophet," the word 'that' is the definite article in the Greek. The definite article Hey—the word Hey in Greek—the definite article can best be described by taking the finger, pointing it at an object, and saying the—that microphone—the microphone. Now there are several microphones on this set, but when I do this—when I define the—this microphone with the definite article 'the' then you know I'm speaking of that microphone and only that microphone. And so when it talks about are you the prophet, it's not a reiteration of Eliyahu. No. It is speaking of the prophet of whom Moses spoke, the prophet that we must obey. We go on to John, chapter 6, and verse 14. Then those men, which had seen the miracle that Yeshua did, said, "This is of a truth that Prophet—" Okay, King James English, break it down. It's the definite article Hey, which is translated the vast majority of the time in the scriptures as 'the.' They're the same thing. This of a truth is the Prophet that should come into the world. The Prophet. Not a prophet but the Prophet. Now we go to John, chapter 9, verse 17. And they said unto the blind man—that Yeshua healed on the Sabbath, which was the first day of Hanukkah that year— what sayest thou of Him, blind man? How did He open your eyes? What do you say of this man who did open your eyes? And he said, "He is the Prophet." The Prophet. Not just a prophet. He is the Prophet. Now we go to Luke, chapter 7, verse 14. Yeshua came and touched the dead body. This is in Nain. This is just up the road a little bit from my house. And He said, "Young man—" This is a dead body. He's speaking to the dead body. And He said, "Young man, arise." And he that was dead sat up and began to speak. And Yeshua delivered him to his mother. And there came a fear on all, and they glorified God saying, "The great Prophet is risen up among us." Not a great prophet. It is the great Prophet who has risen up among us. And Yehovah hath visited His people. This is what they're saying because they know that the Prophet— the Messiah when he comes—He will open the eyes of the blind. He will raise the dead, and they said this is the great Prophet. What one is he talking about? The very one of which Shimon Cephas in Acts 3:22 said. For Moses truly said unto the fathers, a Prophet shall Yehovah or Elohim raise up unto you from among your brethren. Like unto me, Moses said. Him you shall hear—shama`—in all things whatsoever He shall say to you. And it shall come to pass that every soul which will not hear that Prophet shall be destroyed from among the people. Now to know where Shimon Cephas coming from on this, he's not pulling this thing out of the thin blue sky. He's actually quoting the Torah, Deuteronomy 18, and we begin in verse 15. Deuteronomy 18 in verse 15—this is where it says Yehovah Elohim will raise up under thee a Prophet from the midst of thee from among thy brethren. Like unto me, Moses says. Unto him you shall hearken. The word 'hearken' is shama. Shama Israel. Adonai Eloheinu (spoken in Hebrew) It is unto Him you shall hear and obey. According to all that you desired of Yehovah your Elohim in the day of assembly when you said "Let me not hear again the voice of Yehovah Elohim. Neither let me see this great fire anymore lest I die." And Yehovah—this is Moses continuing— Yehovah said unto me, "They have well spoken that which they have spoken. "I will raise up a Prophet from among your brethren like unto thee, Moses. "I will put My words in His mouth. "He shall speak unto them all that I shall command Him. "And it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto My words, which He shall speak in My name, I will require it of Him." Shimon Cephas said that he will be destroyed from among the people. Why is this so weak in the Torah? It shall be required of Him? Because those words in Hebrew mean it will be diligently sought out, and they will be judged in accordance to their compliance with the words of the Prophet. Ladies and gentlemen, Yeshua is the Prophet. The Christian world, the Messianic world needs to come to grips with it because no one is listening to what He says! They want to come up with their little WWJD name bands and sweat shirts and T-shirts and ball caps, and then they sit around. They make up what they think that he would have done. No! He said, "It is written." He quoted where it was written, and he said do what is written. He said to do what Moses said to do! You want eternal life? Do what Moses said to do! That's what Yeshua said. He didn't say come down the aisle, do a repeat-after-me prayer, get a Gospel of John, a pat on the rear end, go your own way, and live however you want. No! That's something Billy Sunday made up. And before Billy Sunday came around, there was no altar call. There was no repeat-after-me prayer, Gospel of John, and the pat on the rear end! Wake up, people! You've got to do what Yeshua said to do! If you hear what He says and you refuse to do it, it's like the man who builds his house on sand. On sinking sand. On quicksand. Well, this is the revelation—the full exposure of Yeshua as the Messiah. Which God gave unto Him. Now as Noah Webster said, the use of unto in the King James is completely unnecessary. Take the word 'un' out in just about every case, and you've got the idea. Which God gave to Him. Now "which God gave to Him"—this is a preposition, and it can be also "of that which God gave unto him." This is the revelation of that which God gave unto—Yehovah gave unto Yeshua. And we read in Matthew 28:18 exactly what Yehovah gave to Yeshua. Yeshua said, "All power is given unto Me in heaven and earth." Who gave it to him? The one who had the power over all authority in heaven and earth, which is Yehovah, his Father. He gave it to Yeshua, and these are in his parting words. In John 17:1, it says that he was praying. He lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, "Father, You have given your son power over all flesh that he should give eternal life to as many as You have given him." See, Yeshua has the power and authority to give eternal life. In John 5:21, he said that for as the father raises up the dead and quickens them— makes them alive—even so the son quickens whomever he will. For the father doesn't judge any man but hath committed all judgment unto his son that all men should honor the son as they honor the father. He that doesn't honor the son doesn't honor the father which sent him. Verily I say unto you, he that hears my words and believes on him that sent me hath everlasting life. He said that in verse 25. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee. "The hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live." Ladies and gentlemen, this is the revelation of Yeshua, which those things which YAH—the father—has given unto him, and we are going to see as these things are now brought full fruition because we didn't see it. We saw just a tidbit in the first 4 gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, John— but the revelation is his full authority being laid out before the people. Now we'll continue on in the book of Acts. In Acts, chapter 8, verse 33, this is where the eunuch is reading, and he's down in the Gaza area here. In his humiliation, he's reading out of the book of Isaiah. In his humility, his judgment was taken away. And who shall declare his generation? For his light is taken from the earth. And the eunuch said to Phillip, "I pray you, who is the prophet speaking of? Himself or some other man?" And beginning right there, he preached unto him Yeshua. Now how could he preach unto him Yeshua? Because he, Phillip, knew the prophets. In Micah, chapter 5, verse 1—listen up, people. One of the most important prophesies in the scripture. This prophecy is so clearly Messianic that when the Chaldean astronomers got to Jerusalem to worship he who was born king of the Jews, that is when Herod called the scribes and said, "Where is the Messiah going to be born?" They showed up in Jerusalem. We don't see him here. And they said in Bethlehem. How do they know? Because of this very prophecy. In Micah 5:1—now remember, this is prophetic. This is the time after the Babylonian Empire. Now Antiochus Epiphanes is a Greek general. And then it tells us, "Now gather yourself in troops, "O daughter of troops; He has laid siege against us." Now what is the next empire that's going to come in and lay siege against Israel? And in fact, is going to carry Israel away and disperse them throughout the planet. They're going to rename the land of Israel Palaestina. Okay? After the Philistines, they are going to make Jerusalem off-limits, naming it Aelia Capitolina, and if a Jew steps foot in the city, they are to be executed. What is that nation? What is that empire? It's the Roman Empire. Oh, Roman Empire, gather yourselves in troops, and they've laid siege against us. They—the Roman troops—shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. But thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall come forth unto Me who is to be the ruler in Israel, whose goings forth have been from old to everlasting. Therefore He—the judge of Israel—will give them up. He will relinquish his authority over them as their judge until the time that she which travails hath brought forth. Then the remnant of His brethren shall return unto the children of Israel. And He shall stand and feed in the strength of Yehovah, in the majesty of the name of Yehovah Elohim. And they shall abide, for now shall He be great unto the ends of the earth. And this man shall be the peace. When? Listen to this, ladies and gentlemen, because this is the Messianic prophecy. When the Assyrian shall come into our land, when he shall tread in our places, then shall we raise up against him 7 shepherds, 8 princely men, and they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword and the land of Nimrod and the entrances thereof; thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, when he comes into our land, when he treads within our borders. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is getting ready to happen now, and who is going to put an end to this? It is the judge of Israel, who was smitten on the cheek by the Romans, who gives up—for a time period—his authority over Israel. He is not reigning now as the Messiah. He is the Prophet. He is the representative of the Most High! What he heard from the father he's delivered to us, and most people are not listening to what they say. They've got a sweet baby Jesus of their own concoction. I like a 6-pound, 14-ounce baby Jesus, and this denomination likes an 8-pound, 6-ounce baby Jesus. And somebody else wants a 12-pound, 2-ounce baby Jesus. Everybody's got their own made-up, celestial Santa Claus, but who is listening to the words of the Prophet? All power, all authority in heaven and earth has been given unto him, and he told his servants to do something. Get off their dead toches and do something! And if you don't like the way that I'm talking to you out there, this isn't for you! Change the channel! Go away! This is for the servants of the Messiah, not the limp-wristed wimps! Thank you very much. We'll continue on with our reading of the Holy Scriptures. Oh, my goodness! There is so much that we could do. We're not going to continue on because we see the whole situation with Assyria coming down before our eyes even as we speak. Now I want to go on to this—to show unto his servants—Yeshua's servants— the things which must come to pass. But before we do that, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take just a short amount of time here to ask those of you whose lives have been positively impacted by this ministry. I know there are plenty of whiners out there that want to— they—oh, I'm not speaking to them with a big toothy grin and giving them some kind of ridiculous, pious platitudes. I can't help you folks, okay? Turn the channel. There's plenty of stuff all over for you to watch, okay? I'm talking about people that are serious, that are tired—sick and dead tired of religion— who want to see the truth of the gospel go out, who want to see their lives changed, and they want to see the will of God done in their life. And I'm asking those of you whose lives have been positively impacted by this ministry. There are so many people out there that need to hear, that want to hear, and we are doing what Yeshua said. Go unto all the world and preach this gospel of the Kingdom. Not some kind of sloppy, agape, greasy grace—no. This gospel of the Kingdom that He preached. And we are doing that, and we're asking you to stand with us. The Almighty does not write checks. The Almighty inspires His people to stand together. Israel, the temple, the Levites—it was all supported by those who were ministered to by the Levites. If we're to minister to you, then we ask you now to take this time and to make your pledges and be part of this ministry to reach out to the world. We'll give you just a moment. [♪ orchestral music playing ♪] If you feel like I'm leading you on, I'm sorry, but— [♪ orchestral music playing ♪] Revelation 1:1 is divided into 6 individual parts. This is the revelation—the apokalupsis—the revealing of Yeshua as the Messiah. That which Yahweh—Yehovah—however you want to pronounce it— has given to him and this is to show unto his servants the things which must shortly come to pass. To show unto his servants—unto Yeshua's servants. The word servants in the Greek is the word doulos. A doulos—doulos is a bond slave, and to understand what a doulos is, we are going to go right back to the Torah to define this, to Exodus chapter 21. Everyone, turn to Exodus 21 in your King James version of the Bible. Now why do I say turn in your King James version of the Bible? Because there's been more research and research materials done from the King James version than any other English version, and you can go right back to the original Greek, go back to the original Hebrew, in this case, even beyond the Greek in order to discover the incredible truths here. Exodus chapter 21, verse 5. And this is speaking of a slave which has served his time and now is set free. And it says, if the servant shall plainly say, "I love my master," and my wife and my children—if the master has given him a wife and now has children by her— he says, "I will not go out free," because when he goes out, he's able to go out free after 6 years of service. But he says no, I love my master. Then his master shall bring him under the judges. He shall also bring him to the door unto the doorpost and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl and he will serve him forever. Now what is this talking about? Well, to get more detail, let's go to Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy, in the fifteenth chapter, we read a little bit more in detail on this, and this is why we've got to read all of the Torah and get all of the information on each one of these, and then I can lay this out—what a servant of the Messiah is. It says if your brother, a Hebrew man or a Hebrew woman— your sister—be sold unto thee—this is indentured servitude— and serve you 6 years, then in the seventh year, you shall let him go free from thee. In other words, he only serves 6 years and the seventh year he then goes free. So no matter what the crime is, when a person has served 6 years, he has to be then set free. And when you send him out free from you, you will not let him go away empty. You'll furnish him liberally out of your flock and out of your threshing floor and out of your winepress of all that wherewith Yehovah Elohim hath blessed thee. That is what you shall give unto him. And thou shalt remember that you are a bondman in the land of Egypt, and Yehovah redeemed you; therefore, I command you to do this this day. And it shall be if he shall say to you, I will not go away from you because he loves you, he loves your house, because he's doing well with you—then this is what you do. And I'm going to depart from the script which says you'll take an awl, thrust it through his ear onto the door, and he shall be your servant forever. This is what actually is done. The master and his servant, who is now a free man, they will go to the elders of the gate, and there the servant will say, this is my master. I love my master. I will serve him the rest of my life. I will represent him faithfully. I will not represent myself. Everything I say will be to my master and will be here for his benefit. The master, after the servant confesses his master as his lord and master, the master will then say, this is my servant. This is my servant, and I will back him up with everything. And when he speaks, he will speak for me. When he gives you his word, he is giving my word. I will back him up. He takes the signet ring from his finger, and he puts it on the servant's finger. Now when he conducts business, that servant can put the master's signet ring, and it is just as good as the master doing it. And then the master will take his ear—the servant's ear— and pin him up against the gate of the city, take an awl, drive it through his ear, and with the blood running down, confess that this is my servant, and he will serve me faithfully, and the servant confesses in that blood covenant that he will honestly and effectively honor and represent his master. A gold ring is then put through the ear of the servant, and that is when that man becomes a doulos. A bond slave. Ladies and gentlemen, this is to whom the book of the Revelation is written. And this is your opportunity. See, I have failed to be at any revival meetings where I have heard anyone have a call to come down and to have someone's ear put up against a doorpost with an awl driven through it and someone shedding blood to say, I will serve Yeshua faithfully. I will only do his will. See, ladies and gentlemen, that's what it means to be a servant. That is a decision you have to make. If you want to continue playing religion the rest of your life, go ahead! Go ahead! Do whatever you want to do. Any religion you want to believe in—Methodist, Muslim, Buddhist, Baptist, Catholic, Krishna—what's the difference? Pick a church and go to it! But if you want to serve the Messiah, he said grab an execution stick and get in line. The world hates me. It's going to kill me. They're going to come after you. They're going to kill you. But be of confidence in this one thing. I have overcome the world. You follow me and there's a treasure laid up for you that eye hasn't seen, ear hasn't heard. It's never entered into the heart of man the things that the Almighty has prepared for those that love and serve him. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to decide if this is just a fairy tale or if the King from heaven has spoken— the Prophet—and if he's really calling you into his service. If he is, you need to get down on your knees, and you need to put your ear against that doorpost and drive that awl through it, and put that gold ring in your ear, and slip that ring on your finger, and say I will always accurately represent the King. And if he didn't say it, I'm not going to say, well, the Lord told me this. Unless you hear from heaven, you keep your mouth shut! You don't make up some kind of hockey-foddy, prophetic-sounding nonsense and pass it off as the will of the Almighty. Unless He's speaking, you keep your mouth shut! You don't say, "Oh, the Lord told me this," unless He's actually told you that. And you can be sure if it is written, then you've got His word. This is what we are to deliver accurately. I'd like to take you to Matthew 25, to what the King had to say about this. Matthew 25. In verse 14. For the kingdom of heaven is as a man. The word 'as' as a conjunction is a figure of speech. It could just as well be translated 'like.' The kingdom of heaven is like this. A man traveling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered unto them all of his goods. And unto one he gave 5 talents, which is a monetary—a weight proportion— to another he gave 2, and to another he gave 1, according to every man—well, according to his ability. He judged what his servants were able to handle, and he gave them something that they could use and invest. Then he that had received the 5 talents went and traded with the same, and he made 5 more, so he had 10 talents. And likewise, the one that had 2 went out and he gained double, but one went out and dug a hole, and there he hid his master's money. After a long time, the lord of those servants came back, and he reckoned with them. So the one that had received 5 talents came back and brought him 10 talents, and he said, "Lord, you delivered 5 talents to me." "Behold, I've gained another 5." And his lord said, "Well done, good and faithful servant." "You've been faithful over a few things. I am going to make you ruler over many things." You have been responsible, and now I'm going to invite you. Come in. Enjoy everything I have. Enjoy the joy of the lord. And the one that had 2 talents came, and said, "Look, you gave me 2 and I gained 2." And his lord said, "Well done! Good job, faithful servant!" "You've been faithful over a little bit, but I'm going to make you ruler over many things." "Enter into the joy of your master." And then the one that had the 1 talent came and said, "I knew that you are a hard man, and you reap where you do not sow, and you gather where you've not put any energy." "And I was afraid to do anything with it, so I went and hid your money in the earth, and now, here, it's yours." And the master said, "You wicked, slothful, idiot! Are you stupid or something?" "You knew that I reap where I don't sow." "I gave you that responsibility. I gathered where I haven't sown." "And you should have taken my money and put it to the moneychangers so that when I came back, at least I'd get some usury." "I'd get some interest." So he said, "Take the talent from him and give it to the one that has the 10." For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance. But from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. That's a little bit cumbersome, but Yeshua said it. To those that do what I tell them to do—if they obey, then I will give them more. Those who do not obey, what I give them— even that which they have will be taken away from them. He gave them this very same parable in a manner of truth. If you obey the truth, more truth will be given to you. If you don't obey the truth that you have, even that truth which has been given to you is going to be taken away from you. These are hard words from the Master! But this is the Prophet. He is not kidding! This is the King from heaven laying down the rules of the Kingdom. This is the Gospel of Matthew, ladies and gentlemen. It is not the Gospel of Luke, of the servant. It's not the gospel—excuse me—of Mark, as the servant. It's not the Gospel of Luke as the Son of Man. It's not the Gospel of John as the Son of God. It's not the Gospel of the Revelation as the judge. It's the Gospel of Matthew, which shows the Messiah as the King from heaven laying down the rules of the Kingdom of heaven. He said he's given stuff into our hands. He's leaving, and when he comes back, there's going to be an accounting. And he said, "Cast that unprofitable servant into outer darkness." There's going to be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, he's going to sit on the throne of his glory. And before him, he shall have gathered all nations. He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from his goats. He shall set the sheep on his right hand, the goats on his left, and the King shall say unto those on his right hand, "Come ye, blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom that's been prepared for you from the foundation of the world." "Because I was hungry, and you gave me food." "I was thirsty, and you gave me drink." "I was a stranger, you took me in; naked, and you clothed me." "I was sick, you visited me. I was in prison, you came to me." Then the righteous will say, "Well Lord, when did we see you this way?" And he said, "Because you did it unto the least of these, you've done it unto me." And then he's going to say to the others who are on his left hand, "Depart from me, you cursed people, into the everlasting fire that's prepared for the devil and his angels." "Because I was hungry, and you didn't give me any food." "I was thirsty, and you didn't give me anything to drink." "I was a stranger. You didn't take me in." "You didn't come and visit me in prison." "You didn't take care of me when I was sick." And they're going to say, "When did we see you like this?" And he said, "Because you did not do it unto the least of these, you didn't do it to me." In the Torah it tells us we're to take care of the poor, the widows, the orphans. We're also supposed to take care of the Levites. But if we don't take care of them, he says you're not taking care of him, and he says that these shall go away into everlasting punishment. But the righteous into life eternal. See, pure religion undefiled before God is this— that we do what he told us to do. That we visit those in prison. It doesn't mean we just visit. It means we take on their burden. To the widows and the orphans, we do what we can do to take care and relieve the burden of them, and this is what Yeshua said to do. And then, there's just— the Messiah wants his people to know that the investment that they make for him— if they lose husbands and wives and children and lands, and they give it up for the Kingdom, they will have so much more in the age to come. And this is what he promises. The book of the Revelation is the gospel, the good news of the apocalypse, of the revealing of Yeshua as the Messiah, as the judge, as the King, and it is also the demise of the new world order. It is the demise—the good news of the demise of Babylon and the systems of this world. Love not the world, John says. Not in the Gospel of the Revelation but in 1st John. Love not the world. Neither the things that are in the world, for all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is going to pass away, and the lust thereof. But he that does the will of YAH will abide forever and forever and forever. Ladies and gentlemen, what I quoted at the beginning from James— Go too, you rich men. Weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. This is a prophecy for this day and time because the world's monetary system is smoke and mirrors. It is all going to come down. They have a prison planet that is planned for the inhabitants of this world. They have reaped all of the good things—the cosmic uroborus. Those who have conspired together against Yehovah and against his anointed who want to rule the world—they have conspired together. Yes, there is a conspiracy. We theorize about their conspiracy because a conspiracy is done behind closed doors. But they have conspired together to put together a novus ordo seclorum—a new world order, an order in which the elite will rule and reign. The guardians of Plato's republic will be the anointed ones who will rule over the world and the peons. The laity will be conquered. But Yeshua says, "Those who serve me are going to rule this earth with me." But not before the systems of this world come down. This is the end of hobby Christianity, ladies and gentlemen. This is the beginning of your adventure into the greatest epoch in the history of the human race. This is from here to eternity. This is the good news of the apocalypse and the demise of the new world order. I'd like to close in prayer. [spoken in Hebrew] Yehovah bless you and keep you. Yehovah make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Yehovah lift up his countenance upon you. Ye doulos, ye servants of Yehovah. In the name of Yeshua, the conquering reigning King, the one who has given up, relinquished his authority as judge for a season; but that season is just about up. We have now come to the end of the age, and the Messiah is coming back. Take heart! And I'll see you next week on Shabbat Night Live. Shabbat Shalom. Shavua' tov. Have a good week! And we'll see you before the smoke clears. Good night.

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From Here To Eternity: Episode 1

Last week, after fifteen years, Michael Rood brought back the series From Here To Eternity – with new information revealing just how deep we are into exactly what was foretold in the Messiah’s revelation to John. This week, one of Michael’s most shocking series continues.

Michael’s guest this week is Kenny Russell from

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