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The End of Fear with Equal Money For All

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Desteni Presents: The End of Fear with Equal Money For All By: Bernard Poolman 12-Mar-10 It's the only group in the world that is actually taking on the real issues of the world. You can go and check it. If you do the mathematical equation on every single point, you will see: we take on every point relevant to your existence, in the Here and the Here-After, so that you can be optimized, effective, and prepared for your life within eternity. And we take on... it's a real experience, that's why you react to what Desteni does. It's not a made-up thing: it's the real shit. Otherwise you would not have reacted - so much. And those that really participate, they really fucking change forever, they really become stronger, they really face the real shit within them. <b>Matti:</b> And all the reactions or other perspectives inevitably turn into insults, anyway which just proves... <b>Bernard:</b> And, obviously, you know, I mean... <b>Anna:</b> It's more like defense... <b>Matti:</b> it just proves the fear... <b>Bernard:</b> Obviously, and that, I mean... Why do we, for instance, ban somebody or insult them? Because they fear that! And it will take them to the extreme where they react and it opens up in their face. It is the best option for them to become self-honest. Which means all they have to do is to do self-forgiveness. If they study what we are doing, they'll notice: we are not harming them, we are supporting them. <b>Matti:</b> Yeah. <b>Bernard:</b> But they refuse to listen... I mean, it's not our responsibility. The system is a closed system: you're gonna be born, you're going to die - it's a closed system. You exit from Here, you're pretty fucked - because you have no idea what environment you will enter once you're dead. And you have no way to confirm its actuality. You can have belief, but your input is 'hope', which is in dreams, and hearsay. It is not you in actuality in every breath, in interaction with the Here-After. We are in fact in interaction with the Here-After in every breath - ALL TIMES - for years and years and years and years. At any given moment we are Here... interacting... in Real Time with what happens in the Universe. And the primary point in the Universe at the moment is the... it is where it's all happening. <b>Matti:</b> And no-one is participating effectively in this environment, it's all fear-based. <b>Bernard:</b> It's fear-based, and, if you are not participating in this environment, you're also going to find that you can't participate in the Here-After - you are not prepared. <b>Matti:</b> That's why it's delusional to believe that you're prepared to die, that you know what you're gonna experience. <b>Bernard:</b> Obviously! Because, I mean, your environment changed - you are the result currently of your environment. You've allowed this environment to impulse you to exist in survival, in fear, in love - love, which is, what? The result of fear! I mean, that's the point of a polarity. You go to Love and Light - what are you actually fearful of? You go to find a Savior - what are you fearful of? You only need a Savior like Jesus if you're scared of something! Scared of God actually, because that's why you need a Savior. You're scared of Satan, and then you say 'This is Satan's world!' No! This is not Satan's world! You are Satan! You are crucifying Jesus through satanic ritual abuse, by bloodletting on a cross, offering Jesus as an offering to God. That's satanic ritual abuse! That's what you're doing! In the name of fear! But, as long as it's not your ass on that cross, you're happy. What about you going to stand on that fucking cross? Let others sacrifice you! Go and sacrifice your children! You won't do that! You'll sacrifice others, exactly what Satanists do, in the Dark Arts, in the Black Magic. They will sacrifice others, they will not sacrifice their own... But, I mean, God sacrificed, according to the story, His Son - what about you doing yours? You have no fucking faith, dear ones! The political dispensation of this world is over. The politicians do not know what the fuck to do. It's all just survival now. The U.F.O.'s that is being seen, these... objects in the sky that move fast: that's research on how to control a delinquent society - because, as the system collapses, they already know: there is going to be anarchy - and therefore they have to develop machines and systems to control this anarchy, because they can't send people in because they're gonna get killed! They're advanced with this shit already. I mean, because people are completely delusional, what do they know? The whole world is a keg of fear waiting to explode! And they have no solution because those that make the decisions, they're not willing to give up what they have... That's why Equal Money... in one single sweep in the world... will bring about a correction in the system. And, for a moment, we're gonna have a problem as everybody face their fears, and run for cover, and 'What if it doesn't work?', on so on - but have a look: when everybody participate in Equal Money, very quickly... you can only hoard so much and then you've got no more fucking places to place it. Have a look: the world already has too much for Humanity. It's producing much more than what the Humans can consume. <b>Matti:</b> You'll have no reason to hoard it. <b>Bernard:</b> You'll have no reason to hoard because there's no fear because there is enough. And because there is enough... you'll start to approach Life differently, and I mean, the creative arts, expression, communication, finding ways to live effectively within a close cycle reality, the Alpha and Omega Reality like this one... will be an amazing experience. Where you start to realize that, if you live within the construct as it is here, there is that which is relevant and that which is irrelevant. What is irrelevant is what is Here-After, because you're not there! You're Here! When you get there, I mean, just like a baby being born, you'll be taken through the system and educated. That's what's happening. But the 'You' as it exists now within the system, which you can atypically equalize as a game, the 'You' that exists as a character in this game is not going to exist because the parameters of the game in the Here-After is different. And I mean, to make up stories about what you think it is is useless! Have a look: everybody has got an idea about what it is, but they don't know in fact. They haven't been there! They haven't actually left their body and can't do so in every breath. I mean, I can take Sunette, and I mean, we can do the following: in and out of the body, every minute, with a different being in the body randomly throughout the Universe. And each one will give you their direct experience, where they are in the Universe and what they're doing in that moment. And we can continue with that... for as long as it takes. Hundred, two hundred, a thousand people. There is no ways the mind can make this up.

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Posted by: destenifr on Sep 25, 2010

Bernard: Its the Only-Group in the World that is Actually taking-on the Real-Issues of the World. You can go and check-it, if you do the Mathematical-Equation on Every-Single-Point, you will See: We take-on Every-Point Relevant to your Existence in the Here and the Here-After so that you can be Optimized Effective and Prepared for Your Life within Eternity - and we take-on Its a Real-Experience thats why you React-to What Desteni does- Its not a made-up-thing, its the Real-Shit - otherwise you would Not-have Reacted so much, and those that Really-Participate, they Really Fucking-Change Forever, they Really become Stronger, they Really Face the Real-shit within-them.

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