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Thinking Positive? Think Again. Sadhguru

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See, the more you try to be positive the more you will become negative I think we've been looking at this from day one The nature of your mind is such If you say I don't want this Only that will happen in your mind Isn't it so Now if you say I don't want the negative Only that is happening Thats all Why are you talking about positive, negative? Why do you want to look at it that way? Why don't you just look at every situation the way it is. Accept it the way it is and see whats your best you can do about it Thats all Isn't it It is neither positive nor negative don't try to develop attitudes and philosophies Why cant you just be here without any specific attitude without any philosophy just aware Simply aware Every situation demands different kind of response Isn't it Yes? If you develop this kind of attitudes of positive thinking, this or that In one situation it works well In other situation you will do stupid things because you have a prejudiced idea that you have to be like this You enter a place where certain dangers are there you better think about what negative things can happen You better If you go on doing positive thinking in the wrong place You may get killed The worst things may happen to you Isn't it So there is no need to be positive no need to be negative Why don't you just be aware If you are aware you perceive the situation the way it is When you perceive a situation the way it is to the best of your intelligence and capability you can act Thats all Don't get into prejudiced action

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the nature of the mind and how "positive thinking" is just another dose of mind, being aware is all that is needed. (SaO29)

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