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2500 Giving an insulin injection using an insulin pen

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Before you start, wash your hands with soap and water and dry them thoroughly. You must also make sure that the injection site is clean. Remove the top from your pen and check the insulin in the pen is correct. There are cloudy and clear insulins so if the one you are using is cloudy, mix it by turning the pen upside down and back 10 times, then roll it between your hands. Peel the top off a new 4mm or 5 mm needle and screw it firmly onto the pen, but don’t over tighten. Remove the outer and inner caps. You are now ready to do a test shot to ensure everything is connected and working properly. Point the needle upright but away from you and dial two units into the pen like this. Press the dose button and a bead of insulin should appear on the needle tip. If it doesn’t, press the dose button again. If this doesn’t work or the insulin is coming out at the base of the needle you may need to tighten to needle a bit more or if there is no insulin coming out you will need to use a fresh needle. Once the dry run is successful you are now ready to give the injection. Dial your prescribed dose and hold the pen like this in your fist, with your thumb above the dose button. With the pen upright at 90°, gently push the needle into your chosen injection site. Push the dose button down fully using your thumb. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then gently remove the needle from the skin. Unscrew the used needle using the outer cap and put in straight in to your sharps box. Remember, you must use a new needle for every injection. Now, replace the top on your pen and you’re finished. If you have any problems you should contact your GP or practice nurse.

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2500 Giving an insulin injection using an insulin pen

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